Pair busted at Norwalk grocery store on heroin charges

Deputy takes quick action after learning the drug transaction was about to take place inside a grocery store.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 13, 2013


A quick-acting Huron County sheriff's deputy took down a pair of drug dealers at a Milan Avenue grocery store on Sunday evening.

"Deputy Josh Kaufman, who is a K-9 handler, has been getting involved more and more in drug investigations," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"At 8:35 p.m. Sunday, Deputy Kaufman received a tip about a heroin transaction that was about to take place inside the city limits of Norwalk inside a grocery store," Patrick said.

"The store owner was gracious enough to allow Deputy Kaufman to set up surveillance inside the store," Patrick added. "He observed one of the drug dealers and knew there were two warrants for her and immediately took her into custody."

The woman arrested was Holly Daniel, 22, of 2165 Dogtown Road, Monroeville.

"Heroin was found on her and also one syringe," Patrick said. "She was charged with trafficking in heroin."

Patrick said a second individual was arrested in the "getaway car" in the parking lot.

"Steve A. Patrick, 31, of Sandusky, was outside waiting in the parking lot," Ted Patrick said.

"He was approached by Corporal Jeff Kerber and arrested after he was found with 2 grams of heroin and also $4,180 in currency in his pocket," Ted Patrick said. "He was charged with possession of heroin."

Daniel and Steve Patrick were cooperative during the arrests, deputies said.

"The vehicle was towed to the sheriff's office and efforts will be taken to confiscate it," the chief deputy said.

"Four green pills and one white pill were also seized and they will be tested," Ted Patrick said. "Deputy Kaufman did a fine job with this investigation."

Daniel was already on probation through common pleas court for drug-related offenses, according to court records.



I think you nailed it! this is the story that, when I read it, the gravity of the heroin and pill epidemic struck me again. I don't know any of these people but after reading the same story with different faces, again, I just couldn't stir the pot.. I make fun of everybody when I can because I would rather laugh at problems I cant fix than complain or cry about them, even if the "humor" is a little off color.. I think you got it right about these peoples situation too.


Bull if you are talking about me, I don't know her or him.....I just work with addicts and juveniles...

the bull

I was talking about Nicky.


@the bull - I dont know him but I do know her, I grew up with her. I dont consider her scum, did she do wrong again YES, but everyone deals with situations in different ways. Some people drink, some people smoke and some turn to drugs. Its a sad road but some people feel that its the only escape.

Kottage Kat

Nicki deah ,
Never went to jail for smoking a cigarette.
Nor have I been stopped for being under the influence of nicotine.
That was a nice try, it won't fly


Here we go again with people blaming others for heroin junkies addictions and actions. Truth of the matter is she doesn't want to get clean.. if she did she wouldn't be using/dealing at all!! im sick and tired of people making up excuses for these worthless people who don't want to help themselves. Shes disgusting plain and simple I mean look at the guy she was with.. that says it all.. yep I went there I think its nasty. The best thing she could do is OD.. one less problem in society.


I know! I wish every last one of them would OD so society wouldn't have to be subjected to it.


Holly, honor your deceased child by overcoming your addiction, being a good person and support getting Heroin outa Huron your baby's memory. You known smoking crack w/ a baby present can be lethal to the baby. Not saying this happened in your case, just reminding addicted moms w/ babies.


They never said what happened to that baby... I would love to know... and to know also why she new faced charges.


judgy wudgy why don't you go back and spew on the Sandusky site where you are needed


Ok, enough of the pissing match between people, some of which obviously DO NOT KNOW what they r speaking about. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech in this country HOWEVER, do not run your mouth about people you don't know. Just bc someone chooses the wrong path in life does NOT mean their entire family is trash. So for the person who thinks they've "known" her, I resent your comments about her family. Holly grew up in a good home but SHE chose her own path. It DOES NOT mean she comes from trash. I won't speak for both sides, but My side of the family is FAR from trash and I suggest U check your facts before U run your mouth in complete ignorance. She was raised with morals, great family experiences, and many advantages that the "typical" junkie does not. Anyone is capable of going astray in life, that should not reflect on everyone who knows, or is related to her. I'll venture to safely say we're all glad more drugs are off the streets no matter how big the bust. She, like all other drug addicts needs help. Are we glad she is locked up, Most definitely, she is no different then any other thieving drug addict and wouldn't be welcome around my family.She will do more time, but that doesn't solve her problem..Hopefully she eventually changes her ways but...just like the old saying goes "u can lead a horse to water, but u can't make it drink." Thanks for "listening" to our reality and HAVE A GREAT DAY!


I would love to know what fits the description of a "typical" junkie.


i agree its crazy the drug problem nowdays. its also disgusting selling drugs in a grocery store.

With that said i laugh the white trash comments wonder if i referred to someone as black trash what happen oh thats right obama would do a speech al jesse would organize riots. calling people white trash is a bit racist


Until you have had to worry if one of your family members would still be alive the next day you will never understand what addiction does to a family. These people are some ones daughter and son, they may be a mother or a father to someone, as sister or brother, an aunt or an uncle. Addiction controls a person and it is almost impossible to escape this cult leader. You become a stranger to your self and no longer control what you do. Its like you are programed to do nothing more than live for that drug, you will lie, cheat and steal....especially from the people who love you the most. Imagine worrying 24hrs a day and wondering if you will ever get your son or daughter to help themselves. Wondering constantly what went wrong, how to fix it before its too late, and getting nothing accomplished but frustration. How would you feel to not know your own child anymore after you have lost your own grandson? Who has the correct answers to all of this devastation? It's kind of like saying you're starving when you weigh 450lbs, you will never know the correct answers unless you have been in this situation. So our family can sadly rest in peace knowing tonight that our daughter, granddaughter, sister, and aunt will be safe tonight in jail. We agree with all of you. We do not want this around our children and would never want it around any of yours because we know what its like to lose a child to this disgraceful, disgusting, and horrible addiction. What should we do to save our daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt that we no longer know? If anyone reading has actually experienced what is happening to our family please, we welcome suggestion with open arms!


I've never commented before, but wanted to reply to this woman's family - "lovepeace" - you asked what to do. Two years ago, my sister (who'd been my best friend most of my life) robbed my home and our mother's home. She stole irreplaceable things, as well as quite a bit of money. The stealing was one of many side effects of a wicked drug habit that started with pers drugs after two painful surgeries, and ended up with hard drugs and alcohol.

I knew my sister would die; and/or her life choices would kill our mother - so, with the support of my other siblings, I made sure she was convicted of a felony, and sent to jail. It was not easy - it was her first offense (my mom hadn't pressed charges the many times she'd stolen from her)and I had to work with the legal system to made sure she got treatment, some jail time, restitution ordered, and ongoing drug testing - if she tests positive or violates terms of her 5 year probation, she goes to "big girl" jail for 2 years. She's been clean for 18 months - I may never trust her again, but she's made the decision to stay clean, and I respect that. Stop making excuses (we could have made millions for her) - that doesn't and won't help. If you don't take a stand against the drugs and your family member, this will kill her, or someone else who's an innocent victim. Prayers for you and your family.


Thank you, toughdecisions, for your respectful reply. That is what my sister and I have been trying to convince our Dad....tough love!


It took about three years of bad behavior before I could do anything that would "stick"; the last time, since I was her "victim" the prosecutor worked with me. Our family couldn't afford orivate rehab (plus she'd been to court ordered rehab twice before and it hadn't worked); she had to hit bottom before she would listen. The best advice I got - don't stand in the way of her consequences. And drugs can happen to any family - find a good support system (a good church or group) and be strong.


No surprise to the girls family. Her cousin stuffed a friend with a needle years ago & he died and she got away with it and was found last year with prostitution and still at it. This family has a bad last name. Poor choices sad to say. Losers will be losers......


Is that what it takes? Someone needs to die in order for them to be forgiven? If a person dies doing drugs then they must not have wanted to do the drug themselves? If a persons life is cut short by doing drugs than it must not have been their own fault or the fault of an addiction but someone elses fault? There is no one at fault to blame beside the drug!!! Placing blame is a way people use to cope....although it is not a healthy way to cope, it is what it is.


For someone to stuff someone who wanted to do the drug your right that is the drug that kills, but when someone runs after noticing he's dead then calls cops later yea that's a Daniels fault. My family still suffers. But you people keep on with more family that's addicts. I do wish the best for u guys I do. Commonsense and hard love does the trick.


I think I can speak for my entire family when I say that I am PROUD of my last name! My grandparents and parents are highly respected in the community. My grandparents raised thirteen children and those children raised 35 children. Every one of us graduated from high school and/or college. Out of 48 TWO of my family members struggle with addiction. We never make excuses for either one of them and are not proud of the mistakes that they have made. We too struggle. We struggle for the TWO members of our family that deal with addiction. I personally lost someone very close to me and my children to an addiction. I never blame anyone for that. I found peace in my heart and forgiveness. I pray that your family finds peace as well. My last name is DANIEL and I am extremely proud of that. You should be proud of your last name too!


An American Shupp is not gone from the SO i just saw him at the fair this week and also you are forgetting other deputies who got let go Like LOGAN and MONTANA they were both one of the best deputies that the county had untill H took over i wish SUTHERLAND was still SHERIFF!!!