Pair busted at Norwalk grocery store on heroin charges

Deputy takes quick action after learning the drug transaction was about to take place inside a grocery store.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 13, 2013


A quick-acting Huron County sheriff's deputy took down a pair of drug dealers at a Milan Avenue grocery store on Sunday evening.

"Deputy Josh Kaufman, who is a K-9 handler, has been getting involved more and more in drug investigations," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"At 8:35 p.m. Sunday, Deputy Kaufman received a tip about a heroin transaction that was about to take place inside the city limits of Norwalk inside a grocery store," Patrick said.

"The store owner was gracious enough to allow Deputy Kaufman to set up surveillance inside the store," Patrick added. "He observed one of the drug dealers and knew there were two warrants for her and immediately took her into custody."

The woman arrested was Holly Daniel, 22, of 2165 Dogtown Road, Monroeville.

"Heroin was found on her and also one syringe," Patrick said. "She was charged with trafficking in heroin."

Patrick said a second individual was arrested in the "getaway car" in the parking lot.

"Steve A. Patrick, 31, of Sandusky, was outside waiting in the parking lot," Ted Patrick said.

"He was approached by Corporal Jeff Kerber and arrested after he was found with 2 grams of heroin and also $4,180 in currency in his pocket," Ted Patrick said. "He was charged with possession of heroin."

Daniel and Steve Patrick were cooperative during the arrests, deputies said.

"The vehicle was towed to the sheriff's office and efforts will be taken to confiscate it," the chief deputy said.

"Four green pills and one white pill were also seized and they will be tested," Ted Patrick said. "Deputy Kaufman did a fine job with this investigation."

Daniel was already on probation through common pleas court for drug-related offenses, according to court records.



it just never ends..


HEROIN off the streets is always a good thing.Good job Deputy Kaufman.Don't let
the comments on this forum get you down
ex-employees and convicted felons will tell you your grandstanding.Good old fashion cop work.


I agree with you. im sure not putting down law enforcement. I mean this drug epidemic.


1. Although arresting these two is appreciated, picking up a known user at a grocery store isn't incredible but rather part of the normal job as law enforcement. Should be commended but these almost daily press releases for every nickel and dime user(s) is ridiculous.

2. Can't be old fashioned cop work when most of the detectives and deputies in these press releases are barely out of diapers and are learning on the job.


Agreed here.


Part of the normal job then maybe the deputies with experience should be doing it. What is nickle and dime about 2 grams of heroin.Why are you down playing a great amount of heroin off the streets by a new cop? More dope off the streets is better for all of us.
Say what you and your little blog gang of Sheriff haters want but GOOD JOB DEPUTY KAUFMAN.And if it is so normal and trivial to bust people at a store tell all your cop friends to do it.Our kids can not be exposed to this junk it has killed and messed up too many.Way to many.I pray for healing in our towns.


Great Assist Corporal Jeff Kerber, shame your 23 years of service to this county as a deputy, does not weigh the same as the new kids on the block! Keep on doing what you do best, some day the experience will out weigh the Publicity sought just for some of the new kids!




245admend WHO WOULD KNOW HOW MANY YEARS A DEPUTY HAS WORKED FOR THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE EXCEPT ANOTHER DEPUTY? YOU PLEW ME AWAY WITH THAT COMMENT. And why is an experienced deputy playing backup instead of lead? Good job Kaufman.


The reason an experience deputy is backup instead of lead is because that is the way the bus implements it; not taking away from the good job Kaufman did, but many excellent deputies have been relegated to backend in favor of new, inexperienced relatives and friends of the bus who jump ahead of seniority and experience.

You really have no idea of what has been going on to Corbin, Plew, Shupp, and many others that are already gone.


Remember election time. Glad you noticed.


You would think that she would have changed her ways for good in remembrance of her deceased son. She was bragging on Facebook about losing 45 lbs. since getting out of jail. That is terrific when it is due to healthy eating and exercise, but not due to drug use!

Everyone is fam...

If you losers want to kill yourself with drugs go for it, but keep the transactions away from where our babies and loved ones are. A grocery store? How stupid are you idiots?


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Illegals? Im pretty sure neither of them are illegals...SMH


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Sarcasm there Nicki.The illegals are blamed for so many drug problems however it's 90% white trash that hits the papers.


Ok, well I know Holly and her family very well, maybe the other people committing crimes are what you are calling "white trash" but I know Holly isnt. Everyone can go ahead and disagree because she has been in trouble before, but everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure there is some "white trash" in everyones family. SMH

Everyone is fam...

That's hilarious!! A mistake occurs once, then you learn from it. If you repeat it, it's no longer a mistake. I'm not calling her white trash, but she's far from a pillar of society, and obviously not the brightest crayon in the box. No, I take that back. She *is* trash for selling a drug that is killing our children.


Just don't judge someone if you haven't walked in there shoes or know their story. Everyone deals with things differently. If this is re-occurring for her obviously she struggles with it.


There is no story to KNOW. She is a drug dealer. End of story. She has prior drug offenses. I would never walk in her shoes. I am not a druggie. I deal with things in my own way yes, but NOT with drugs, or dealing them. I might have a glass of wine, heck maybe a BOTTLE. But NOT WITH DRUGS or selling them.


Well Congrats to you miss judgmental. Hopefully no one in your family ever feels the need to turn to drugs as a coping mechanism, or a way out of any other issue.

Kottage Kat

Walking a mile in her shoes, only makes you a mile away in someone else's shoes and accomplishes nothing.
She is not in jail because she made a mistake,she on jail because she is an addict that got caught pushing something that was not a grocery cart.

Everyone is fam...

The problem is friends and family make excuses and enable. I'm not the ultimate judge of anyone, however I can be angry and disgusted by people who put this crap on the streets. I'm sorry, but everyone KNOWS before they ingest or shoot or snort a drug the dangers. Drugs are not a mistake, they are a choice. Some say it's an illness or a disease, but no one CHOOSES to have cancer or MS, ect.


Im not enabling or making excuses is it wrong YES most definitely, I just know how the cycle works due to family members and their addiction. Im just saying maybe people shouldnt judge others. But doesnt some cancer occur from smoking or drinking? Just asking. BUt then again I understand there are people out there who dont walk outside their perfect little bubble, just feel the need to judge others on their mistakes/addictions/life. Im pretty sure no one is perfect.

Everyone is fam...

My "perfect" little bubble is as perfect as it could possibly be because I CHOOSE to learn from my mistakes. When someone does something that destroys people's lives, like selling drugs, people will judge them. And as far as cancer, just like drugs if you choose to smoke and get cancer, that's a different story. But I'm pretty sure you know that and you are grasping at straws. I'm not perfect, but the fact that I'm not contributing to other people's addictions and death is perfect enough for me.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Well said Everyone is fam...


Oh I know her, and her "story".....she is a worthless piece of crap! She is a drug user, drug dealer, and all around nasty person! I hope and pray they throw the book at her and she spends YEARS in prison. Anyone that defends her is obviously TRASH just like her!


Ok thats cool call me trash. I am a single mother, dont use drugs nor drink, work to take care of my child and myself, and get no assistance from the government. But yes Trash I am because I have known her since I was a baby, grew up with her and her decisions recently are not the best. But everyone lives the life differently.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Nickis...being this way is not helping her. Deep down inside she may be a good person but she is an adult and knows right from wrong. She has been caught and doesn't get it that she has a problem, you babying her doesn't help her problem.

I grew up poor... I had to work for what I have... I know right from wrong... I have family members who turned out different from me... did I baby them no way... I gave them what's called tough love... did it kill me to do that..oh yeah it hurt like hell... did they finally see what they were doing ...oh yeah. But it took along time of tough love and its still going to take a life time of tough love to keep them from going back.

I'm glad Nikis that you are making it on your own its a tough world out there but be strong for her and don't stick up for her when others bash her until she is clean.