Man charged after allegedly beating pregnant girlfriend

Victim, who is expecting twins, was grabbed by the hair and thrown into a washing machine, striking her stomach, as the couple's 1-year-old daughter in a high-chair looked on, deputies say.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 14, 2013


A Clarksfield Township man was arrested Saturday night after allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend.

Mark A. Philpot, 30, of 2009 Wenz Road, was charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and aggravated menacing, a fifth-degree felony, after the incident, according to Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

"We received a 9-1-1 call at 7:07 p.m. Saturday from a female who called on behalf of the victim," Patrick said.

"The victim and friend were in the house when the boyfriend, who was allegedly drunk, got home," he added.

Patrick said the victim's and boyfriend's 1-year-old daughter was reportedly in a high-chair during the incident.

"The victim's friend suggested they were going to go outside for a walk and Philpot allegedly became hostile, told the friend to leave, grabbed his girlfriend by her hair and threw her into a washing machine where she struck her stomach," Patrick said, adding the victim is 3 1/2 months pregnant with twins.

"The man then got on top of the victim and continued beating her," Patrick said. "The victim received injuries to her head and face, her ear was swollen and she was bitten in the forehead. She was transported by ambulance to Fisher-Titus where she was treated and released."

No information was available on the condition of the unborn babies.

Patrick said the victim told deputies Philpot was "still on top of her, beating her, when deputies were at the door."

"The aggravated menacing charge was due to the fact Philpot allegedly threatened to kill her," Patrick said.

Huron County Children's Services is also assisting with the case.



To the young woman and anyone else who needs to hear it - here's what I know for sure, some of it from personal experience:

1. He is already trying to kill the twins. If you yourself don't want them either then talk to someone IMMEDIATELY about adoption or the other "A" word, which isn't my first choice suggestion. Just understand that dead is dead and he has already shown that he is WILLING to end their lives. If you stay with him and keep those babies you may one day be losing them anyway, in the worst possible way. Think about that while you still have the chance to change their future.

2. For whatever reason you've found yourself in this situation and stayed in it, you are teaching your daughter something about how her life should be - what IS it you want to teach her? If she can process the difference between cereal and ice cream, knows who will hug her and who will swat her hands - and a one year old IS capable of that - then she is learning that a man's "right" is to beat her and her only choice is to stay and let it happen. Think about that while you still have the chance to change her future.

3. I'm not asking or judging whether you're on public assistance. Right now that's not the most crucial point. Life is hard just living it, hard raising kids no matter how few or many you have, and money will probably always be short.

But don't think you have to hold on to him for "income". If he's spending it on booze and bail you're not getting enough of his "income" to make a difference.

Don't hold on to him so the kids "will have a father". THEY DON'T HAVE ONE NOW. He's just a sperm donor.

Don't hold on waiting for him to change. My guess is you've been together 2 - 3 years, and my guess is the only changes have been for the worse. Every time he attacks you and you take him back, you've "told" him it's "okay" - IS IT???

4. If you have family who will help you, mend whatever fences this relationship has damaged and take their help for the sake of your survival and that of your children.

5. If family isn't an option, find whatever options there are. Your life will NOT be easier by staying with him, it will only be a series of steps down into more beatings, less food for your children, and walking on eggs waiting for the next crises. Next time you may not have friends on site, willing to risk their own safety, to help you... AND THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.

I'm not bashing men - a man is maybe not necessary for a decent life but a man can certainly make a life wonderful. The problem is that this guy is NOT a man - he's an out of control male who will destroy your life in any one of a number of ways and has already done so; he is destroying the lives of your daughter and unborn children; and has shown he is willing to END your lives.


Everyday this newspaper reads more and more like a printed version of the Jerry Springer show.


You people bringing up her marriage status and the fact that she may or may not be receiving gov assistance has nothing to do with the fact that she was beat by this douche. You people are even more ignorant than I previously thought. All you care about is your precious tax dollars that will be spent on things we don't approve of anyway. Your part of the problem with this country and prey that your children have a totally different ideology and outlook on people and life in general. What has happened to loving your neighbor as yourself and showing people lovecand generousity. She was just beat and you want to bring up that garbage. U should be ashamed of your self... I will pray for you


THANK YOU for your post! Finally someone with a little sense. There are so many on here that are so quick to judge and sing the same song over and over about people on welfare etc. I wonder how many of them are taking care of their own business? Keep commenting!


Guys that beat on women are pathetic little "kittens" and to beat on one that is pregnant, that just takes the cake! Men like this should be caned in public by the family of the woman they beat on and then thrown in jail for a just amount of time. I love how the media makes sure to make it known that she is unwed also, that gives room for the general public to stereotype her as some lower class welfare statistic. This is common practice of the media, take a victim and make them look like they are trash or some lower form of life and the rest of the socialite puppets will follow suit. I pray those unborn twins are ok and in good health still, whether the mother is on public assistance or not. Funny how the topic goes from a pregnant woman being severely beaten by a drunken fool to how she lives or makes a living, whether she is on welfare or not that is not a concern but the well-being of those unborn twins should be the first concern from anyone who values a child's life!


what a piece of $hitt


At starreyeyes, neither did welfare and our tax dollars! Just making a point. Read before you speak!


At doc5798a I did read it and right back at ya.


some the comments on here are sick! ASSUME because a woman has a child not married must be on welfare. ALERT theres alot of good single mothers!!! kids should be taken away? punish a woman cause a man beats her you gotta be kidding. Throw this PUNK away and throw the key away its men like him give all us men a bad name!its sad that people assume a bused woman must be on welfare and should lose kid. WELFARE OR NO WELFARE NO WOMAN DESERVES TO BE ABUSED!


what happened to the friend? was the friend a male or female? what if the friend was male? did the abuser in his sick mind think there was something going on between the two? maybe the friend is the sperm donor to this girls' twins? might upset me a little.

but number one rule is never hit a woman.

funny how the other lead story is in today's reflector is how a woman avoids jail time for stabbing her boyfriend in the heart with a bbq fork. and the 'man' begged the judge for leniency.

double standard? hmmmmm.


The woman who stabbed her boyfriend avoided prison time - she got jail time!!!