HCSO has plenty of fair activities planned

2013 Huron County Fair starts Monday.
Scott Seitz
Aug 11, 2013


The Huron County Sheriff’s Office has a number of activities planned for the Huron County Fair, which begins Monday.

“We have some new programs that really focus on the kids, parents and safety,” Sheriff Dane Howard said.

“I attended a recent fair board meeting and Dick Wiles came up with a great idea,” the sheriff said.

“In the event a child would be misplaced or lost we will obviously very aggressively search for that child,” Howard said.

The sheriff said Wiles suggested parents take a picture of their child on their cell phone before they go to the fair.

If a child is separated from their parents, that photo can be forwarded from the parent’s phone to the deputies.

“We have a database of phone numbers,” Howard said. “The photo can then be sent instantly all over the grounds. I think it’s a great idea and I commend Dick Wiles for his idea.”

Howard said the K-9 demonstration will take place at 6 p.m. Friday at the Gail Pickworth Judging Pavilion.

“We’re including a mock car crash as part of the K-9 program this year,” Howard said. “We’ll have the suspects flee from the vehicle and show how the dog exits the patrol car. This will let people see what the dog can do.

“We’ve moved this event inside this year out of the weather with plenty of seating,” he added. “All the K-9 handlers will be part of the presentation, as well as agencies from Ashland and Erie counties.”

The dogs will also demonstrate how a vehicle is searched for drugs and obedience work as well.

“I think this will be an informative experience for the citizens,” the sheriff said.

The K-9 handlers who will be featured are Detective Sgt. Josh Querin, Deputies John Vogel, Josh Kaufman and Mike Lloyd, as well as Special Deputy Bob McDowell.

R.J. Beck will provide security cameras at the entrance and exit of the fairgrounds. The feed from these cameras goes directly to the sheriff’s outpost on the grounds.

“This is to ensure kids’ safety,” Howard said. “These cameras had an impact last year keeping predators away.”

Howard said before the cameras were in place, in past years, individuals were found to be lurking at the entrance of the fairgrounds who should not have been there.

The Kids Print identification program will take place again this year at the HCSO booth where children can receive an ID card.

The Kids Print program will be available from 1 to 7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Saturday.



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Love it!


The Sheriff's Department does a great job. I look forward to seeing the K9 presentations. It should be informative & fun.


guessing you won't need to attend the "Brown Nosing for Beginners" event


*eye roll* Guess what? Not everyone finds fault in everything that law enforcement does. Some of us actually appreciate all they do to keep us safe.


I'm another one who believes that the sheriff's office and other agencies in our area do a fine job. How can somebody be brown nosing when they are stating an opinion, anonymously, on a news story? That was just a moronic statement. All the stuff they're doing at the fair does sound fun and my family is looking forward to seeing the exhibition.

Now The Rest of...

Is the sheriffs department having a demo derby, or I forgot that's an everyday occurrence.


The Deputy Demo Derby takes place immediately before Sheriff Howard's guide to passing the buck


Wrong Kelly. Some in the dept. do a great job. Did your grandfather have a dairy operation?


No, I am not wrong and no my grandpa didn't run a dairy. One of my grandpas was a minister in Atlanta and the other one retired from BF Goodrich. Why?


Look at the names of the K9 handlers, Querin? Working and handling a K9 is full time effort. How does Querin find time to properly work his K9 with all other headline crime fighting he does? This has to be the biggest farce the county has seen. Money wasted on a handler and K9 who aren't working daily. Makes for good PR and print though. McDowell usually puts on an informative demo.


Howard has more dogs than The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Dept. And your right about Querin he cant have time to work his dog the way it should be worked.


To complainers: Can you do better?


It is hardly a complaint when big H is always squealing about money. K9's are expensive to upkeep and the dog is a tool. It needs to be worked daily to stay sharp, as well as the handler needs daily work outs with the K9.

There is no way Q can be as busy as he is making headlines and be a proficient handler. Not enough hours in the day or week to do all he purportedly does and be proficient at all. K9's and handlers are full time job, anything less is a mismanagement of money and resources.


I agree with all the supporters of the law enforcement. And it's our own fault (the voters) we didn't give them more money. They are spread too thin. I think pretty much the people who don't like law enforcement are the people who got in trouble or knows someone who has. If I got in trouble, I'd know I deserved it and they were only doing their jobs.


He's got more money thay any sheriff in the county had. He also has unsolved murders,unsolved B&E's More dogs than any Sheriff around and all we're getting in small time drug bust.

chicken noodle

So Whooper what were you arrested for? I too look forward to seeing the K-9 demonstration.


So you aren't from this area. Thanks for being honest. We know Mr. Corbin quite well. We support L.E. that is forthright & value the credo "Serve & protect." And yes we are ancient, we were here before there was zoning in Ohio too. Fill in the blanks.


Who are you talking about? I don't see where anybody said they weren't from here.


Your post was very confusing but were you addressing that to me because my grandparents aren't from here? They might not have been, but I am.

Game time

I am looking forward to all the sheriff's office is offering as well. For all you people that want to sit here and bash the Sheriff's office I would like to see you spend a day doing what they do. You are doing a hell of a job dane and don't let the people who can hid behind a screenname bash yo. Keep up the hard work. Sounds like some disgruntled employees and ex K9 handler doing the bashing (Scott Plew.)


Come on, he rides around in a car posing for photo's, writes self serving press releases on Facebook when the reflector won't print them. I think most of us can handle that


So the reason for hating is....,,,,,,,


Dusty and 2008HD are:
A) ex-employees
B) felon's arrested by Howard
c) political hacks
Probably ex-or current employees.They just hate and now they spread hatred to the deputies busting the dopers. Makes little sense.




Thank you for all the hard work Huron County Sheriff's department. Thank you.

Game time

Four, don't forget about I wonder I think we all know that is a current employee...


So.....just because people think(and with good cause) that the sheriff department is lacking in certain areas(not all but some) then we are automatically ex-employees, felons, or political hacks. Bulls***!

How about the fact that we are taxpaying citizens that miss the days when the sheriff did his job instead of issuing press releases, posing for pictures, and whining about how they don't have enough money to do their job properly?

Oh, and FYI @chicken noodle(aka noodle d**k)-my record is clean...how about yours?


No I am not a current nor a former employee. Go ahead Game Time, blame a current employee and see what happens. You are a current employee though. See what happens my friend. You may want to remove the innocent party name from your post, or leave it for all I care.

I just happen to be tax payer who is fed up with the obvious shameless self promotion for basic law enforcement functions. Tired of the squealing for more money and see it being wasted. The over the top praise is what a parent gives to their child during toilet training. Same thing I guess.

@Game Time-Comments bothering you? a little to close to the truth? Don't like reasonable questions that cut to the chase? Part of being a public figure. The tough question are to follow. Enjoy your day. From A tax payer and voter

Game time

Oh I_wonder you truly are something special. You obviously think that you know more than you do. I am not a current employee, however I am not afraid to admit that I am close with some of the employees at the office. How could you not be proud as a "tax payer" on what the Sheriff's Office has done in the past five years? Maybe as a "tax payer" you should use your name as a screen name or drive to 255 Shady Lane Drive and voice your concerns to the Sheriff himself. Ever think of that??