M'ville residents to pay monthly storm sewer fee

MONROEVILLE As early as January, village residents will be charged a monthly fee toward a new storm sewer utilities fund. Currently, money from the general fund, generated through the village's income tax, goes toward storm sewer related projects.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE As early as January, village residents will be charged a monthly fee toward a new storm sewer utilities fund.

Currently, money from the general fund, generated through the village's income tax, goes toward storm sewer related projects.

Village council Tuesday unanimously authorized village administrator Josh Eggleston to set up the utilities fund. The move came a week after voters defeated a one-half percent income tax increase proposal on the ballot. The measure failed 59 percent to 41 percent marking the second time in as many years voters turned down the proposal. Last year it failed 68 percent to 32 percent.

Had the measure passed, it would have raised about $240,000 annually for various village services.

The current 1-percent income tax was enacted in 1986, and has never increased.

Village officials do not yet know how much residents will pay per month.

Village Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie Beck said with the tax increase's failure, the council's finance committee is considering other ways to generate income.

"We need to get creative on how we're going to raise revenue," Eggleston told council.

Many funding agencies will not fund storm sewer-related projects unless municipalities have adopted a storm water utility fund, Eggleston said.

He said he hopes it will become a self-sufficient fund sometime in the near future.

In other business:

Eggleston suggested the village accept only cash or a money order from residents whose utilities are shut off. He said the village has had a number of problems with bad checks. Council took no action on the suggestion.

Eggleston introduced to council Lee Merrill, the village's new electric superintendent.

Council voted unanimously to make a $110,000 principal payment on an Amp-Ohio loan.

Council learned the Dam Festival committee wishes to hang a banner on U.S. 20 and Broad Street.


Mary Ann (Anonymous)

When is the village council going to do something about homes within the village that are an eyesore to every one around. I bought my house on Manchester Street and the houses around me are all in disrepair. It's like living in a slum...you have campers in back yards and no is made to maintain the outer appearance of their homes. Keep up the good work or should I say lack of work. This is something the council needs to discuss instead of raising water and sewer rates. Make Monroeville a more inviting place to live.

I agree w/Marya...

Hey I know exactly what you're talking about. I see your neighbors house looks like it is ready to fall over into yours and your yard. How do they get away with that? I wouldn't want to live next to that either. I thought that the village was supposed to make people maintain their property too. We need new members on council to get anything done.

manchester st r...

I also live on manchester, and the house your talking about needs to be torn down, also across from my home, there is a large foundation open. I'm not sure who owns that piece of property, but it is not safe. I can't imagine why someone hasn't done something about it already.

Mary Ann (Anonymous)

Sad part is we have complained to the village clerks office and got no response. Pathetic isn't it?

dizzy (Anonymous)

What does any of that have to do with this article?
If you're unhappy with how things are being handled by
the current council members, RUN FOR OFFICE!

wow (Anonymous)

Here we go again. Raising water rates, raising sewer rates, now lets add a storm sewer fee! Why can't the Village get the one percent income tax most of the residents pay to other towns since most work in other towns whos rates are higher then ours?!

big bad council...

Sounds to me like a few council members just want everyone to see how powerful they can be when they don't get their way. Mr Simon's little threat he put in the newspaper before the election did not work in getting people to pass the tax increase so now they have to back up their little threat of imposing a bunch of fees on residents. Here's an idea why don't you lay a few people off and save some money, that's what every other business does. Hence the main reason why a lot of people did not vote for your increase because they are out of job and do not have any extra money.

Monroeville Res...

Monroeville is nothing but a joke...What if anything is the council doing to bring in new business? Nothing. Instead lets raise water and sewer rates and add a storm sewer charge to area residents. The village council should be looking at trying to bring new businesses into the village instead of going to Norwalk to do everything needed. There are other ways to get a steady income into the village instead of raising rates and adding other charges to village residents. Why do you think people are moving out and so many homes are for sale? Do something to improve the village instead of angering the residents.

Re: Monroeville...

I completely agree! They need to bring more revenue into the village! All they concentrate on are our sports teams. When it comes time to pass a levy for a new school all they talk about is how it would benefit our sports, what about the other students? Seriously... utility bills are already outrageous! My family lives in town, and no kidding, the house next to them, the house next to that, the one across the street, and down the road are all for sale. Why? People are tired of going broke in Monroeville. Monroeville has nothing anymore! Heck they have a big ol' empty building where a grocery store used to be, that will probally sit there for many more years and continue to look like an eyesore. Its amazing how our complaints are never heard.. and will probally never be heard.

Monroeville Man...

My question is why does the Village provide utility services to those outside its boundaries? Why not annex and bring them in! Provide more room to build, creating more roof tops. Like the ole saying goes roof tops create retail. With very little in the way of numbers; business can't and won't survive. Make this town grow! Norwalk and Bellevue have done it. We need to grow and change, if not will seize to exist in the next 20 years.

sounds like you...

some new council members when voting time comes around again.

gas guzzler... ...

I would like to address the gasoline consumers who buy their gas in the Norwalk area.. the Norwalk dealers are overcharging us at the pumps again .. there was a short time when we were all watching the prices that we were being charged, and complaining that the Norwalk dealers were charging so much more than the surrounding area's , so the Norwalk dealers lowered their prices to a more competative range , within 3 or 4 cents.. but now they are at it again .. on friday the price of gas in Sandusky and Lorair was at $3.04 per gallon.. whereas in Norwalk the price was from $3.13 to $3.19 per gallon ... SHAME ON YOU NORWALK DEALERS.. i won't travel out of town to just buy my gas, but i do make 1 or 2 trips out of town on a weekly basis, and i will buy my gas where it is the cheapest , and i can pretty much assure you that it won't be in Norwalk ..

Lorair (Anonymous)

Hey douche guzzler, where is Lorair?? Stuck on stupid?? Oh, yes, you are! You are stuck on stupid, and stupid's stuck on you.

Hey gas guzzler...

put a large cork in it, mmmmm'k??

swiss family......

it's too bad that Monroeville can't get it together!!! it is a nice little community, with some great people, but politically, it's a real mess

swiss family......

it's too bad that i can't get it together!!! i am a nice little tool, with no friends, and politically, i'm a real mess "

resident (Anonymous)

omg .. i totally agree when will monroeville wake up!! they honestly need to get thing together soon elses there will cease to be a village. i would never vote for a tax in this vilalge if they dont do osmething about the services. they have yet to show they are conserving!! heck even look at HRJFD they spend more and more money constantly!! and are always asking for more. The police department always ahs a new cruiser. new backhoes! give me a break! why do we need three people working in the sity office -- computers save a lot of time maybe someone should learn how to use them! get wit hthe time monroeville. .. and forget building a new building i promise to lead the comittee for citizens against a new city building!! try me!

uhhhhhhhh (Anon...

Resident I agree with most of what you say but you really need to work on your typing skills. Especially if you are going to say that people in the village office need to learn how to use a computer. Your point is not well taken when you have that many mistakes in your post. However bad your typing is, you have a lot of great points. The village keeps wanting more money so they can buy more of this and add more of that. In addition they want to add more to the headcount. Why???????? They do not have enough to do as it is, so why would you add more people. Start making some cuts and then maybe people would reconsider the situation. By the way I am curious because I am not sure how it works, but does anyone actually audit where the village money goes? I mean besides the clerk? I would actually be quite interested in that if anyone has an answer.

Hey monroeville...

Want a real tax base? build 10 drug stores and pizza joints, at least people might have a reason to stop.

answer for uhhh...

The auditor of state or a private cpa firm is required to audit all governments. Villages get an audit every 2 years. Go to www.auditor.state.oh.us to look up their audit report.

Whatever. (Anon...

Our kids go to school in trailers, what do you expect from a town like ours? The problem is much bigger.

smalltowner (An...

How about having prostitutes @ the IN & OUT? Wonder how they got that name? That could help monkeyvilles bottom line

RESIDENT (Anonymous)
Its a sign (Ano...

When no illegal mexicans invade your town, especially between willard and norwalk, should give you a clue on the condition of your village.

re Its a sign (...


Angry resident ...

We already pay for a water and sewer charge. How can they double charge us for that? Is this so they can pay for storm sewers down across from Marsh field for the new development there? What a crock of sh*t.

But...but... (A...

Monroeville is famos for Mud Volleyball! Com'on! Didn't that alone put them on the map? To smalltowner, ewwwwwww! I went in there for the 1st time a few weeks ago. Ewwww! I touched the gas pump and the doorknob! EWWWWWWW! lololol

typo! (Anonymous)


uhhhhhhh (Anonymous)

Thank you for the answer.

please get goin...

For all the complainers, critics, and especially the know-it-alls in Monroeville that have posted on this site... if you just can't stand the village/school system/fire district etc., please leave now. Just move out. The rest of us will deal with it and be just fine.