Deputies take down four in drug bust

"Significant amount of crack cocaine" and money confiscated.
Scott Seitz
Aug 11, 2013


Four individuals from Lorain were arrested Tuesday afternoon by Huron County sheriff’s deputies for selling suspected crack cocaine.

Brandon R. Taylor, 24, Kenneth E. MeGill, 47, Leandra M. Kimbro, 26, and Misty R. Brock, 32, all are in custody at the Huron County Jail.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said according to information provided by Detective Eric Bardar, these four individuals were traveling to the Wakeman area to sell suspected crack cocaine.

Their vehicle was stopped on U.S. 20 by Sheriff Dane Howard, Special Deputy Dave Battles, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick, Sgt. Tod Wagner, Bardar, detectives Bill Duncan and Kayla Zander,

Deputy Rich Larson and members of the Wakeman police department.

“When the four individuals were leaving the Wakeman area, they were stopped and arrested after the alleged drug transaction took place,” Querin said.

“A significant amount of crack cocaine and about $640 was confiscated,” he added.

“We towed the vehicle from the scene and since it is paid off, we will file for forfeiture of the vehicle through the court,” Querin said. “That vehicle will then be used for unmarked, undercover investigations or sold to continue funding drug investigations.

“I’d really like to commend Detective Bardar for his work on this investigation,” Querin said.

Sheriff Dane Howard said there is suspicion that the drugs the individuals sold were counterfeit.

“We’ll let the lab results certify our suspicions,” Howard added. “It’s still the same level of charge.”



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Is this the one that had the three "8 Balls"? Thats a little more than a 1/4 of a ounce for all three. Thats hardly A significant amount of crack cocaine. The price alone would make you think the drugs were counterfeit.It's not that I'm not glad that there tring to get the drugs off the streets its just that this is something you would get off a court docket, Not front page news from a self serving Sheriff and his nephew.


Exactly, the small busts are part of the job and are even appreciated; the grandiose promotion of a select few is not.

Richard Cranium

Its a significant amount for HCSO, because they are used to the small nickel and dime weed busts. When McLaughlin was running the drug operations, he never grandstanded like they do now for every little bust, and he did major operations. Why is the sheriff in on drug busts anyway? Why is his command staff in on drug busts? Because they are trying to show they get their hands dirty too. They need to run the office and stay out of the deputies way. And by the way, look at the list of officers in the article, its the who's who of the bus riders.

Chief Dave Light, you need to switch parties and run.


Couldn't agree more with your post. As for Dave Light, I think he would do a fine job not only as admin but I feel the employees/deputies would also be treated in a much more fair and professional manner.

Holden, Conney, and Corbin would also be good choices.


Holden would not be a good choice sorry to say!


Wakeman getting jealous of Greenwich


nice job hell with the politics


hey that one dude wasn't he on different strokes




Ever wonder the connection to B. B. being arrested last week for Crack? and then released days later and seen riding his bike downtown, and then this PR photo shoot with the Bus and his office staff? How did Zander and Bardar become detectives over Deputies with 20 yearse experience? Hmm? Makes someone wonder what detecting they did? Hey B.B. give us names, set up a buy, and give us time to get photos, and the Sheriff and all his close friends and staff out here!


I think we can get this fine looking group of citizens some help. Put a little faith in our justice system.

ben castin

i hope these nice young people find jesus.


Richard Cranium and Verbalkint, I agree /w both of you a 100%. God what a joke all this PR. Nickle petty crap. Bob and Annette did a better job and was kick off the bus by the bus himself.


True verbal...Light & Corbin. Class. Howard is a ***** of no good *****.


Yea you can take these 4 down and you will have 40 more takes its place , What a waste of taz payers money and time
Its time to rethink what is being done and try different things to deter these folks from doing what they are doing .
The law enforsement arrests them and the judges just slap them on the hand lets them go , What kind of deterant is this going to be ? You can see the present systems are not much in the way of stoping the drug trade .

All thats being done , Not just here but all over the country is that taxes are going sky high and crime is going even higher . When does it ever end ?
And the ones that pay the price are not the ones that brake the law , but the law bidding citizens that get one third of there hard earned dollars taken away for a war that is not being won.Its not fair and law makers all over the country need to do something about this and fast .Honest law bidding residents that work everyday and take home less are getting a raw deal


i forgot todd corbin for sheriff


The reason for the "grandstanding" is simple, Howard only wants certain deputies' names publicized. Straight up politics and the Reflector plays along. I would assume the other deputies must not do anything or even report to work since they are never involved in any high publicity case. Since h and the boys have the county covered, lay off everyone else, that will ease the budget woes.

Guess WPD officers are not important enough to be named

Everyone is fam...

Wow, I've seen cuter road kill! Say no to drugs kids!


the man smiling got to sample the goods before the heavies showed up. the others, not so lucky.. especially the one woman. looks like somebody took away her birthday..