Norwalk police storage area overrun with bikes

More than 200 stolen or abandoned bicycles are being stored.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 21, 2013


The Norwalk Police Department storage area is being overrun -- with bicycles.

Presently, the bicycle bay located on the former Home Lumber property has close to 200 stolen or abandoned bicycles. A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector. So you don't miss stories such as this one, sign up for daily home delivery by calling (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.



When will they have a sale????


Haven't seen our police chief in awhile. Looking fit&trim! Keep up the good work. It's important in taking care of oneself, and especially in our law enforcement and medical. Seriously?? who doesn't laugh at the stereotype "boss hog"? or listens to a doctor about health, who smokes?


This county is fortunate to have Officer Light & Officer Corbin. Note those in L.E. - theses guys are the standard to which you must aspire to be.




Maybe someone should show this picture to the overweight firefighter in Norwalk -how could a man who serves our community look like this?


glad they can recover bikes. howabout doing something about the heroin in town


Funny. Our bike was stolen and an exact description was given when filing a report. Never heard another word about it. I know there are much bigger issues than locating someone's stolen bike, but if they feel the need to advertise that they're overstocked with bikes then maybe they should take the time to review the theft reports that have been filed.


Maybe you should go and check to see if your bike is there.


That was my thought...when was the last time unach ^^^went and checked up on the report?

swiss family

back when some of us were kids , we used to have to go to the firs station and pay to get a license on them.. not only was it a good introduction to the people who will help and assist in a frightening situation (a fire) but it was also a good way to track recovered bikes..especially now with some bikes costing in the area of several hundered dollars a piece..

I feel that at this time, while talking about a warehouse full of bikes.. I wonder if the city ever considered implementing a program, where they would paint some of the bikes florescent orange or something, and put some in all of the bike racks around town?? that way, instead of someone who need to travel from point A to point B can hop on these "taxi" bikes and get them to where they want to go, without actually stealing one??? I believe this has been tried and has worked well in other communities...

Good 2 B Me

How do we go about purchasing some of these bikes?


I have an idea. They can give the unclaimed bikes to the welfare. Then welfare can give out free bikes instead of Cedar Point tickets, and an added bonus is they will have a ride to WORK!

Scranton Tibbs

Oh my god thats BRILLIANT!!!! Don't forget about the free air conditioners. Gotta be comfortable after a long day riding the Gemini.


Tell Seth Fry to ride one,he is in need of it. Oh,wait he would just have one of his snitches ride it for him