Police: Norwalk girl threatens grandpa with knife

Suspect, 15, found with marijuana, police say.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 5, 2013


Police reported finding a small amount of marijuana on a teenage girl during a domestic violence investigation Friday.

The Norwalk Police Department reported responding to "a fight involving family members" on West Seminary Street at 8:38 p.m.

After a brief investigation, police arrested a 15-year-old girl on a domestic violence charge in connection with "striking her grandfather and threatening him with a knife," Capt. Dave Smith said.

"The subject, upon arrest, was also found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana," he also said in his report.

The girl was transported to the Seneca County Youth Center to be held for a Huron County Juvenile Court hearing on Monday.



kid needs somebody to bust her a$$..

Everyone is fam...

^^^Agree. "Experts" that say spankings are damaging to children either don't have children, were spoiled brats themselves, or just completely clueless. Years ago you never heard about this many children and teens exhibiting such blatant disrespect. And I believe that's because spanking an unruly child was the norm. It needs to make a comeback.



Probably would deter some criminal activity from the teen set , while they're running loose at night.


both of you are right.. this child needed some more spanks growing up


Idk why Huron county doesn't contract beds from Erie county instead of driving juveniles all the way to tiffin


I totally agree will all these comments. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SPANKING AND A BEATING. I also think they should bring it back in school. These kids now days have no respect or manners all they do is get into trouble. BRING BACK THE SPANKING !!!!!!!!!!


I agree with you rosco, a spanking, not a beating. as a child I never got a true beating, but momma used to say she was gonna beat my a$$ off and hit me over the head with it. she never did but its because I respected her enough to never have to find out..


When we have our 3 year old grand kids and they get way out of line!one good crack on the rear is all it takes.Then they turn in to angels.When there Mom picks them up they start all over with there bad habits?she don,t believe in spanking!


I remember the days when if you were at a friends house and did something that required you to get your butt whipped, their parents did it and then called your parents to tell them about it and you got it again when you went home. Remember the days of being in school, got into trouble and then had a up close and personal meeting with the teacher and their "board of education" in the hall? Remember the days of going outside and getting your own switch so you could get you butt beat or a rap on the chops if you said something you shouldn't have? Come on now, it aint just me.. Face it, taking the ability of the parents and schools to properly educate these kids on the way they should behave is why this society has become what it has!

David Deerest.

Wow. You had it pretty rough.


Parents are now SCARED of the kids, instead of the other way around. The kids are taught in school "if anyone every hits you or touches you, call the police, or tell a teacher". That INCLUDES your parents. You are not allowed to discipline your children. The whole sit down and discuss it at their level does NOT work. Kids today have NO respect, no discipline, no responsibility, NOTHING. Society is losing


Spankings are as productive for children as waterboarding is for terrorist. There is no proof showing either one of them work, tons of evidence showing they don't but yet people still want to use both. Ignorance is bliss in Huron County and in the United States. Both are in horrible condition and still the majority proudly stand by their failing beliefs. Jails are full of people that were spanked, so are churches. It's obviously how you raise them. Spankings are generally an act of anger by a parent that can't control their child. That's not setting a good example of being slow to anger or how to non violently handle a problem.


When I was a child, my Grandmother was visiting from out of state. We had ice cream bars and I wanted more when I was finished with my first. My parents said 'No' so I threw an all-out temper tantrum. I figured I'd get away with it since Grandma was there. WRONG! It was the ONE and ONLY time my dad whipped my butt. He never had to do it again, but I remember it like it was yesterday!


Remembering it like it was yesterday was because your mind considered it to be a traumatic event. It activated the amygdala in your frontal lobe and triggered production of a protein called Arc in neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in processing long-term memory. Arc protein helps store certain memories by strengthening synapses, the connections between neurons in the brain. Since more Arc protein is produced during traumatic events the event is more likely to remain in your memory bank for a longer time with more details than good or happy memories.


It's people like you who create the ill-behaved monsters that pass for kids today. I'm not saying beat your kids, but not disciplining your child because you might traumatize them or hurt their little feelings is doing them more harm than good. I am appalled at the behaviour of kids in public today...I certainly wouldn't have stood for it.


"It's people like you who create the ill-behaved monsters that pass for kids today"

I work with kids all the time and I think you would be happy to know that your comment couldn't be further from the truth. I've never yelled or spanked a kid and am also yet to have a kid backtalk me or not listen. Its all in how you approach the child.


face it, you want to beat them and that's ok..


Maybe you WORK with them, but do you PARENT them? I wouldn't expect someone who works with them to spank them...now days anyway.

David Deerest.

What the...? Shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?


Traumatic? Heck yea it was, as it should have been. Isn't that kind of the point of a spanking? Same as slapping my child's hand before he burns it on the hot stove. Hopefully he remembers the trauma of the smack to the hand before he has to endure the trauma of 3rd degree burns.


A long-term memory is not singularly dependent on Arc production. There are many instances in which Arc is produced in higher amounts and yet there is no long-term memory of the event. And the amygdala is located in the temporal lobe area, not the frontal lobe. And yes, I'm one of those terrible parents who spank. Actually, I haven't had to spank my daughter in a long time because I did it when she was in the process of learning what's acceptable and what's not. And short of some truly traumatic event which changes her (not a spanking), I can tell you that you won't be reading about her in the papers for threatening anyone with a knife...unless someone breaks into our home, in which case we have (gasp!) guns, and I'd fully support her using one on an intruder. And yes, I was spanked as a child. As a result of that type of parenting, I learned to be a productive member of society. There is zero discipline in a lot of families today, and then those parents wonder why, when their baby is 14,15,16 they are unruly and out of control. Well no thanks, I'll dole out a couple of spanks when they're younger and rear a child who is well-adjusted, respectful and not a leacherous drain on society.


I can count on one hand how many times I've spanked my 3 kids but I know when I did it they needed it and it worked! Now when I say stop or you're spanked...they stop and I don't even have to give the spanking. Of course taking away things they enjoy, grounding, time outs, talking to them (gasp! Yes, children can be reasoned with if the parent takes the time to do so) are all tactics I have used as well. Thus I have a 14 yo, an 11 yo and a 7 yo that are well behaved most of the time. I also spend time with them creating HAPPY memories and I have no doubt that the few spankings they've received are not the biggest memories they have....in fact they may not even remember them at all but at the moment they got them the behavior changed then and after. Jake you know my kids and I'm sure you've wanted to spank them before or wanted me to! lol I think the experiences you had as a child went beyond spanking and now taint your views on the subject. On the other hand, had you simply been spanked you may agree in its validity.

Everyone is fam...

I knew there would be an "expert" that disagrees with spanking posting. There will always be criminals with or without spanking. Some people are just sick in the head. But these days, now that parents are afraid of disciplining their child the good old fashioned way, criminals are younger, more rampant and more violent. You are entitled to your opinion and free to raise your children the way you see fit. As for me, my children will be spanked when they need it. My oldest just turned 18 and I've never had any issues with her. She is respectful, smart, and focused on life goals. I was spanked, and I am not scarred or resentful. I'm THANKFUL that my parents loved me enough to discipline me and raise me the way they did.


I find it interesting that everyone is ready to beat this girl without knowing anything about the situation. The police were called to a family fight with 15 family members involved. Obviously this girl has been raised in a family of violence. Who know what lead her to pick up a knife against her family member? Has she been physically abused in the past and was trying to protect herself? Has she been sexually abused by any of these family members? Has she seen at previous family fights that the one who is the strongest or most powerful dominates over weaker family members? None of us have any idea.

I just think we need to let someone who knows all the information and story to sort this out. And not be so quick to judge a 15 year old who we know nothing about.


admit it, you want to beat her too. its ok, we're all friends here, you can tell us.

Everyone is fam...

Not beat her. At 15 it's probably a moot point by now. Spanking is not beating. If used the proper way and out of LOVE and desire for your child to grow up as a productive and responsible member of society, it can be very effective. Reading the story, it sounds as if the whole family could have used proper discipline growing up. Perhaps this girl has issues, but most likely mom and dad were lazy parents and she has become a problem like too many others her age.


And maybe she is just a rotten egg. Let the courts deal with her. I have no idea - but I don't think teaching kids that it is okay to beat someone up in order to get them to do what you want is a teaching moment.

Everyone is fam...

As I said...beating and spankings are different. When I hear the word "beat", I envision brutality, blood, bruising. And as far as "beating" to get a child to do what you want...that's not what spanking is for. It's used to teach the child that there are unsavory consequences to bad choices. Every child is different. Some happen to do well with time outs and others do well with spanking. It's a personal parenting choice and parents need to quit being afraid of what other people think of their discipline choices. Others can disagree with spanking, but it's been effective with my family and that's the bottom line for me. I do what I need to do to raise happy, well behaved children that won't end up being a burden in society and taxpayers.


I grew up with a strict dad. When was in trouble I would get two choices. Either take a belt whoopin' like a man, or take a two weeks grounding. 9 times out of 10 I would take the grounding. Something about that belt that would put me right in line. Even if he didn't have to use it. Back then I thought he would go to far with it. But nowadays, I'm thankful for it. Discipline your kids folks. Spare the rod, spoil the child.


Not knowing the whole story, it's true that one cannot really say whether this kid needed some good old fashioned discipline or not; however, most kids these days certainly could.

I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed children throwing tantrums in public while their parents just stand there. I'm not talking about babies crying, but kids that are old enough to act like decent human beings, not wild animals. Quite frankly, it makes me want to smack the parents.