Davis resigns at Maplehurst

She's taking a job in Clyde.
Cary Ashby
Aug 3, 2013

A long-time elementary school principal has left Norwalk City Schools.

Maplehurst Elementary Principal Jackie Davis’ resignation was effective Thursday. The school board will hold a special meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the central office about the personnel matter.

“We’re just accepting a resignation,” Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

“She’s from Clyde,” he said about Davis, who has accepted an elementary principal position in Clyde-Green Springs Schools. “That’s where she lives.”


Really are you ...

She is from Perkins not Clyde.

run for the hills

For those that understand....Really, when was she at Maplehurst? I would like to have seen her time records.


@run for the hills. WTF u trying to say



swiss family

in my opinion, we don't need a Principal in every school building... so don't replace her and save some money... maybe make the "Vice" superintendent's job to travel from school to school, wherever she is needed, she certainly makes enough money to act as community Principal as well, and save the tax payers, who are getting tired of constantly handing out more and more money, a break..we need accountability for our money here is a good place to start

run for the hills

Swiss Family - Please spend a day in reality. Perhaps you can spend a day in a building full of children. Good Principals are needed in every school.

swiss family

@ runfor..... the problem is that I DO live inreality.. and in my real world, in a town the size of Norwalk and with mall of the school building all being within a 5 mile stretch from each other, and in the real world with not just phones, but cell phones, computers, and all of our modern technology, I believe it is not only over kill to have a highly paid Principal in each building, soaking up the bigger part of the school, budget,but it is also a clinging on to what we had yesterday before we had such useful technology

What is the use of upgrading all of the newest technological systems, at a major expense of tax dollars, so that we have the newest and most efficient systems in place, if we are NOT going to make the adjustments and cut the waste that they provide? If we really wanted to be "penny wise" we could eliminate all of the Principal positions, and have the highly paid "vice" Superintendent"s office equipped with monitors and cameras from all of the school buildings, and be in non stop communication with all of the school buildings, and eliminate the need for a Principal in every building, and, again save the money providing taxpayer with the knowledge and comfort of not only knowing that all of the students are safe and taken care of, but that they are this way at a reduced cost of what we have had to over pay for years.

Estrella Damm

Well that seemed to work out so well two years ago, they just keep one principal for two buildings, oh wait, it did not work at all since it was not feasible.


I totally disagree with you. You ARE NOT living in reality. Were you homeschooled? It would explain your logic.

A school cannot function without a strong leader (the principal) there in the building to guide it. The principal is there for the CHILDREN. He/she is the ultimate authority when unruly children are brought to the office. What would you have a teacher do if there was a child threatening the teacher or classmates, wait 10 minutes until someone could drive from another school (which could be facing the same situation at the same time)? What if there was a parent at the school being unruly? Do you want the school secretary to deal with them? Trust me, they don't get paid enough to do that.

You cannot make a statement like you made without first hand experience of what a principal does. May I suggest that when school starts you call one of your choice and ask to shadow the principal for a day. You'd be surprised at what all they do.

Following your logic, Fisher-Titus Hospital doesn't need all those doctors. One or two should be able to handle the whole thing. You are not thinking about what you're saying, or you are just a fool. Which is it?

swiss family

@ Estrella... you say it did not work at all... by who's standards??? the people running the schools, who are the same ones who insist that they can NOT make any cuts anywhere to save money???you might be too easily fooled..Of course it is NOT feasible according to them, because if they have to make any sacrifices, and have to work a little bit harder, OR they can can go to the community and say that there is no way to make any cute and we need MORE staff paid with YOUR money, it would be silly for them to admit that they should actually make some cuts, like every other American has had to do

If you don't know that you are being "Played" then you are not paying attention...watch what happens if and when the levy fails... we will be punished for not giving into them every time they want more funds.. they will threaten to cut busing, and sports... the exact 2 places that effect most families.. why not make cuts somewhere else for a change..oh that's right.. the whole point of cutting AFTER the levy fails is to make us suffer the most for standing up to them...here is some simple math for you to think about...the school year in Norwalk is 180 days.... now guess how much money it costs to run the schools for that period of time...and once you get that number in your head, ask the school board how much money they actually use to run it.. my guess would be that you are surprised... I do NOT think it is a matter of not having enough money to do it.. I feel it is lack of accountability, and the ease of asking for more money that makes them so inefficient..in my opinion


Every other American has had to make cuts? That's laughable. Like what? The wealthy not being able to afford a second yacht? Please. And it's really sad that you're more concerned with cutting sports than you are about education. That's just pathetic.

run for the hills

Swiss Family - Throughout the years , you have shared your superb knowledge with the people of Norwalk. I am utterly amazed you have not ran for political office, school board member, etc. You have an answer for pretty much everything but no one is listening. I just can't imagine why that is. Have you been in contact with the President to solve the problems of the United States and the world? I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

swiss family

run for the...... what I wasn't listening????

run for the hills

That's the problem. You're the only one listening to you!!

swiss family

please "run for" you humble me when you call my knowledge "superb"..........amazing, and wonderful, and insightful..maybe... but superb makes me seem like someone you worship... and please don't do that just like you I am flesh and blood with a brain, just like you.. I can't help it if mine is more "fine tuned" than your's.. your ideas are still important, somewhere and probably to someone....lol

run for the hills

Oh, I get it. That was sarcasm:) Excellent!!


ignore swiss.....this person has ZERO clue about running a school system.

run for the hills


swiss family

so.."arnmc" since you obvious know how to run a school... please then tell us all how to improve the school system that we have currently... and give the kids the same or better educational experience than what they have now ....WITHOUT a tax increase???? I am betting that the much "needed" new tax will be rejected by the voters, even after the teachers talk their students into talking their parents into believing that we NEED this levy... and even after having the students write on school time, a "letter top the editor" about how we as students are begging you to help us with a passing of the new levy, as well as being graded on this "letter" knowing all too well that the teachers have an agenda to "work on the kids" to help pass this even if they oppose it.. they will not be given a good grade if they write that we DO NOT need the levy.. which is actually blackmail, that WE are paying for...even with threatening that they will have to cut busing, and sports programs if the levy fails...and even after deceiving the public into thinking that they have let some staff go, only to hire them in a new position..So, please .. with all of your vast experience on how to run a school system, as you seem to be telling us...how will the schools function AFTER the levy fails?????? it obviously can't be run the same as it is now, because now they have a shortage of funds... so please enlighten us with your knowledge.... or don't you know how to run a school???so then it is YOU that should be ignored....RIGHT????