Deputy disciplined for crash

Corbin charged with Group 2 offense.
Scott Seitz
Aug 3, 2013


After an internal investigation, a Huron County sheriff’s deputy has been disciplined after crashing a cruiser June 26.

“As a result of the accident, Sgt. (Todd) Corbin has been charged with a Group 2 offense,” Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. “His negligence resulted in damage to a county vehicle or person while on county business.”

The state Highway Patrol conducted the investigation of Corbin’s cruiser crash on Ohio 162 near Mill Road about 1:55 a.m.

Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. Troopers said the cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

The deputy was transporting a Berlin Heights woman who just had been arrested by Deputy Shannon Lyons at an Ohio 99 traffic stop near Holiday Lakes.

Lyons was transferring a separate prisoner from the same traffic stop.

Corbin and the woman were treated for “bumps and bruises” at local hospitals.

Corbin, who was charged with failure to control, has returned to full duty.

The patrol currently is conducting a crash reconstruction, but results won’t be available for a week or two.

Patrick said Corbin faces other in-house sanctions.

“He (Corbin) received three days off without pay, but those are suspended if he does not have a similar violation in a 24-month period,” Patrick said.

“Sgt. Corbin must also complete a remedial driving course which will be set up in the near future,” he said. “This course is done through a certified driving instructor from AAA.

Corbin’s cruiser was totaled in the crash.

Patrick said Corbin’s discipline was a joint recommendation from himself and Maj. Mike Cooksey, which Sheriff Dane Howard then approved.



This is such bullcrap. Sheriff Howard you are trying to ruin the career of someone who has the potential of taking your job in the future. This man recieves the Nations 2nd highest award for valor in combat (Navy Cross) and you want to try and ruin his career because he swerved his crusier to keep from hitting a deer and crashed. Dane, this is how you treat your veterans? And what makes it even worse is this decorated combat veteran works FOR YOU. Whats wrong Dane? Are you afraid he has the potential of taking your job in a few years??????????? You are trying to sabotage the MARINES record is what your trying to do. This is a bunch of crap. TODD CORBIN FOR SHERIFF. TODD CORBIN FOR SHERIFF. TOD CORBIN FOR SHERIFF.


Corbin is a good man. He has my vote.


I agree, this is Bull crap to say the least. What about the other deputies that ran stop signs and totaled their vehicles and injured others? Sgt Corbine is one of the better officers this dept has. Hey Dean, remember you are an elected official. Your time is UP my friend. Todd, dont worry, KARMA has a way with things.


You bunch of weak blo-rods. You can't ever sully Corbin's reputation. You sure hurt your own though. Hey Howard ..we won't forget.


I cannot be quite about this any longer. First, taking nothing away from Corbin, but receiving the navy cross does not excuse him from breaking the rules for the rest of his life. Yes he earned the award, yes he deserved it but that does not mean it excuses him from being held responsible for mistakes he makes from now on. Defensive driving we are taught to NEVER swerve And I would question the speed given the time of night and detail he was on. He was more then likely in the hurry it up mode. This is not going to ruin his life because he is being held accountable for his actions. He is not a marine here, he is a deputy sheriff that had an accident because he did something wrong. Wake up folks. Just so glad neither was seriously hurt. Also if the Sheriff did nothing, then people would be saying the sheriff is letting him get away with stuff, just because he won an award. Double edged sword here. Corbin will take this like a man and go on. So should the rest of us.


Many other deputies have had motor vehicle accidents and we're not investigated nor charged in the same hostile, aggressive manner as Sgt. Corbin. Wake the heck up, Howard has made this personal.


I will restate my opinion on this matter in a less obscene manner. It can be summed up by a bull doing it's business in the field. Time for a new sheriff in town. Any Earps around?


The reality is Howard will do whatever he can to ensure his boy q is on the next ticket. early and unearned promo, constant publicity and destroy the competition(Corbin). It's as obvious as can be. It's also wrong and sad. Not sure what votes he thinks he's helping q with because the people that put him in office wouldn't vote for him again, let alone his anointed. Shameful.


Bingo! Detective Querin is the chosen one, and a relative if I am not mistaken? All the press releases on minor drug arrests is becoming so is apparent that Howard is grooming this young kid (who suddenly skips years of experience to make detective)to continue the Howard regime. (I don't remember ever seeing this amount of ridiculous press from the Sheriff on previous detectives and/or the McLaughlins)

yogi bear

Seems like our sheriff promtes all the young newbies to the detective spots. Must be the only one sucking up to him and the only ones that will unquestioningly follow his unethical direction and leadership.

Sitting In The ...

Ease up Sheriff...three days without pay which he can get back "if" he doesn't total another county vehicle. Amazingly no date or location could be given for this remedial training given by AAA. Considering this department totaled three cruisers in 24 months I'm just waiting for the next stupid thing.


Well as long as its the same as Kaufman and The guy that ran the stop sigh and totaled 2 vehicles and a camper got sounds fair.


Someone "misplaced" a significant item, Corbin was one of a select few that was accused. Corbin defended himself to the Sheriff and questioned his accusations. Corbin is now in the crosshairs as no one ever questions the bus. BTW, the item miraculously was found by high ranking personnel.
Funny how this missing item never made the news. It should have, believe me, it should have!


Lets not forget "The Bus" ran alone on the last election ticket. I blame the Republican Party for letting that happen leaving us with 4 more years of poor leadership and the good O'l boys


I tried to tell you people what kind of person sheriff howard was back when all of you voted for him but he snowballed an entire county. you think sgt. corbin is the only person he has gone after. this guy has been out of control since taking office. trust power and money has changed sheriff howard. almost everything he has bashed sutherland he has done himself including rehiring retiree so they can double dipped into the county funds, he plays employees against each other and is now starting to have it catch up with him. i don't political signs in my yard but you can bet i one second there would be a corbin for sheriff sign in my yard i think the county deserves a man like todd corbin to run it.


Just curious has he ever been checked for PTSD after his tour of duty


Yes, Cleared by the Goverment and County both, "The Bus" tried to make PTSD an issue when the gun came up missing.


Dusty you are exactly right. It sickens me that our elected official would stoop to this level for someone who helped get him elected!


If his disciplinary action is on par with what other deputies who have crashed cruisers recieved, no problem. If he got more than Harris or the deputy who crashed while transporting a prisoner.....definite no go.

That misplaced item is newsworthy but the local news won't touch it. Funny how it was "found" and by who. Of course had that got out it would look bad for "one of the boys". I believe it would have been a terminable offense.

Howard has surpassed Sutherland in the GOB arena. Take a look at how many of his senior staff has retired and hired back on. It's legal but it keeps the department very inbred.

Just a shame Howard lost his ethics and integrity. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as the saying goes. Used to think better of him.

Corbin's heroism under fire shouldn't give him a pass. Does it make him a leader? No. What it does say about the man is that he put his fellow Marines' lives ahead of his own. He did what was right and doing what is right scares certain people because they know they are self serving and would never compromise their safety or position for another. Corbin didn't hide behind a title or position, badge or a gun, to do the right thing risking his own life for brothers. That takes intestinal fortitude and a strong sense of right. Some people will never have that.

That scares certain types of people because they know they would never expose themselves to harm for the sake of others. It's easier to surround yourself with minions and yes men.


Ok, my curiosity is sky high. Reflector how about doing a non-bias report on the theft of the gun. I believe the current sheriff and people who are complaining deserve this and the public wants to know. I know the sheriff is politically powerful and historical the paper has shyed away from investigative reporting but maybe you should look at this one.


Doubtful they will make an unbiased full report or investigation as the two main reporters are very friendly with Howard and have been known to be called beforehand to accompany deputies on these small drug busts for the photo op. Some reporters at this paper appear to be star struck and seem to have no idea of what is really going on.


I also noticed when they switch radios the news dropped down to "Spoon Feed" info (Only what they wanted to release)I hear they dont work well but he's stuck with them now do to the cost.


This sheriff or any elected official is only as powerful as we allow. we vote, we decide. Hold people accountable. And yes, The Republicans failed on the last ticket and seeing how the county voted, Howard would probably be gone.


i said it before and i will say it again this county needs an enema; sheriff howard needs to go; russ leffler needs to go; judge conway needs to go; i feel bad for some of these officers who do their jobs and investigate cases for months and months just to have leffler plea them down to the least amount of time possible; and then conway going along with it; sheriff howard just walking around saying this is my county, i do what i want, well no sheriff howard this our county and next election you can do what you want at your own home; if you don't run again its because you know you can't win again, bail out gracefully.


Sheriff Howard I remember when you were a fledgling in the law enforcement community as a rookie cop in Plymouth Ohio. Back then those many years ago you had that holier than tho attitude thinking you were better than everyone else. This stuff your doing to Sgt. Corbin is wrong. Nothing else can be said about it. You WILL NOT be elected again to Sheriff of Huron County and neither will your little butt buddy Querin. Its time to get new blood into office. Someone who can LEAD from the front. Someone like Sgt. Corbin.


Querin is his nephew. This is why Querin is getting all the press. The Reflectors buys into though, they know.


It isn't just Corbin that is in or has been in his crosshair(s). Several other good deputies have been pushed out or are right now stepping on eggshells. Too bad we have more than three years of this bully.


I dont know that Corbin would want to be Sheriff. First of all he would have to leave the Dept. to run. "The Bus" would not let him be actively running for Sheriff while working there. How quickly he (The Bus) forget that Sutherland let Howard stay on when he was running for Sheriff. All I know is the Republican party better be prepping someone for the job. They dropped the ball in the last election.


I agree Dusty, Corbin doesn't seem interested in the Sheriff's position, he just wants to do what he's always wanted to do: help people.

The Huron County Republican party better get off their rear's and start looking now, and no, Bracken or another relative of the Sutherlands isn't the answer either.


Is probley going to have to be someone whos retired or someone from one of the Police Depts in the county. Although at this point I'll take a compleat stranger that meet's the requirment's