Deputy disciplined for crash

Corbin charged with Group 2 offense.
Scott Seitz
Aug 3, 2013


After an internal investigation, a Huron County sheriff’s deputy has been disciplined after crashing a cruiser June 26.

“As a result of the accident, Sgt. (Todd) Corbin has been charged with a Group 2 offense,” Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. “His negligence resulted in damage to a county vehicle or person while on county business.”

The state Highway Patrol conducted the investigation of Corbin’s cruiser crash on Ohio 162 near Mill Road about 1:55 a.m.

Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. Troopers said the cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

The deputy was transporting a Berlin Heights woman who just had been arrested by Deputy Shannon Lyons at an Ohio 99 traffic stop near Holiday Lakes.

Lyons was transferring a separate prisoner from the same traffic stop.

Corbin and the woman were treated for “bumps and bruises” at local hospitals.

Corbin, who was charged with failure to control, has returned to full duty.

The patrol currently is conducting a crash reconstruction, but results won’t be available for a week or two.

Patrick said Corbin faces other in-house sanctions.

“He (Corbin) received three days off without pay, but those are suspended if he does not have a similar violation in a 24-month period,” Patrick said.

“Sgt. Corbin must also complete a remedial driving course which will be set up in the near future,” he said. “This course is done through a certified driving instructor from AAA.

Corbin’s cruiser was totaled in the crash.

Patrick said Corbin’s discipline was a joint recommendation from himself and Maj. Mike Cooksey, which Sheriff Dane Howard then approved.



Two excellent choices come to mind: Chief Dave Light or Chief Mark Holden.


Civil Service Rules may prohibit them from seeking an elective office


I understand I was thinking maybe by then if they retired from their respective positions?


Uturn. Let me see u smash into a full grown buck head on. R u kidding me, that sounds like a good way to die. Regaurdless of that I feel like your natural reactions are going to make you swerve away from a 200 lb buck with antlers waiting to puncture your face. Corbin did what all of us would have done and he should not be pentalized for it. Others have had accidents w/o them being investigated, but that seems to be the M O around these parts. Investigate and pick and choose whom they want to target and arrest and let others operate there illeagal activities with immunity.


AnAmerican, what better way to help people than being Sheriff of Huron County? He could implement his own programs and policies that would be geared towards helping the citizens of this county. I see everyones point on Howard putting Querin out on point for every little knickle and dime drug bust in this county trying to get some exposure. Bunch of bullcrap. Todd, your a MARINE. Don't walk on eggshells around these chuckleheads. Do your job like you always have. Howard is scared not only of your accomplishments in the United States Marine Corps but also your ability to LEAD MEN AND WOMEN. You lead from the front. Semper Fi MARINE.




Not sure why this outstanding officer is still in the crosshairs for something so minor. Total BS.


Because he dared to stand up for himself when he was wrongfully accused (missing assault rifle). He dared to stand up for himself to the big man, and nobody does that without payback.


Let's see if the Reflector will compare the disciplinary action given to other deputies involved in crashes against what Corbin received. If it is parity then Howard and the boys acted fairly, if not then Corbin has a union grievance.

Corbin stood up for himself against false accusations and that bothers some people at the SO. A missing weapon is big thing, really it is. They thought they had him hemmed up. Odd how what he was facing was far greater than what happened to others when the truth came out, which was nothing. Pretty fair I guess, Corbin faced termination but the other just had to say "oops my bad" and nothing happened. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Things like this speak volumes to Howard and his minions' integrity and honesty. I'll vote democrat before voting for Howard.

Light and Holden may be good choices but unless local Civil Service rules change, neither can probably run while employed as police officers.

Get used to seeing Querin's name. No different than Sutherland did with Bracken. It's all part of the game as long as the voters allow it. I don't know the guy but there is no way he could ever make for the loss of the McLaughlins' 60 plus years experience in law enforcement and knowledge of the county. That would be a good ticket there, both move to Huron County and run as a Democrat and an Independent. Double threat to Howard and you'd get both back if one of them won. Hmmm, maybe we need a female sheriff. Both could run because their commissions were picked up by other agencies and being part time they are not subject to Civil Service.

Or Howard does some soul searching and reverts back to the person he was when he first got elected.

Either way, Todd, stay true to who are and keep your integrity. No one can take that away from you unless you let them.


Excellent post, especially 1) the severe consequences Corbin faced if he was guilty of the missing weapon versus the actual non-consequence to the person who "lost" the weapon.
2) The loss of the Mclaughlins and other deputies who worked their way up and would have made good detectives....but were not given the chance because Querin came out of nowhere...a few months in dispatch, road patrol and bam! Detective! Perk of being a nephew I guess?


Why would Corbin have to take a remedial driving course through AAA when OPOTA has driving course for law enforcement? Is this a shame factor also?Wouldn't it make sense that he attend a course specifically designed for defensive and evasive driving for law enforcement?


citizen4change: I agree you. TC has my vote for sheriff. For one thing, look @ the physical body characteristic of Dane (telly-a-tubby)compare to TC. Bet Dane cant even walk up the stair to the mezzanines in the pods. Guess Dane forgot when he was chasing that subject who was on a motorcycle in Greenwich and was killed when Dane was chasing him just for speeding when he(Dane) as a Greenwich PD officer. Did Dane get reprimanded for that? No!!! He decided to chase the subject and now the subject is deceased; and now, TC wrecked a cruiser and Dane is trying to crucified him. Dane don't forget about the skeletons in your closet cause they came come back and bite you in the a$$. Us old timers don't forget Dane.


I agree also, and 2008 keep posting the truth, as we know Norwalk Reflector will not post the truth, only the political crap it is fed by the Sheriff. Querin is fed the leads for the drug bust, by everyone who pleads to a lesser offense. Come on We all know how it works. you are right us Old residents of the county do not forget either.


I cannot sit back and read these ridiculous comments any longer and keep my mouth shut. How is 3 days off, that he probably hasn't taken yet pending a driving class and a citation putting Todd "in the crosshairs"? Seems like a standard punishment to me. All the other deputies who've had accidents received similar if not more punishment for their actions. What the NR failed to wait to report on was that there is still crash reconstruction going on. What if that comes back that he was driving wrecklessly at 90mph? Should he still not be punished? Todd is a good man, but just because he was awarded a silver star and is a soldier does NOT mean he's above the law or doesn't have to adhere to HCSO rules and regulations.
And to all of commentary about Deputy Quiren being in the paper all the time... Look at his arrest record on drug busts compared to all the other deputies. He's doing his job and doing it well to get drugs off our streets. I for one am ELATED that our Sheriff has worked hard on this matter. I don't want my kids growing up in a drug infested town. So to Josh and Bea, I hope to see more articles in the paper on the issue.
Just my two cents worth but if people would absorb what these poorly written articles try to convey maybe you all would stop and think about these things for a minute before bashing the "good" that ALL these deputies do.


As far as Querin he is doing a decent job at busting the users, marijuana and heroin are two worlds apart, although these small busts are appreciated I still don't see the heroin problem alleviated nor the big dealers being busted. Querin (and others) also should not have been able to jump over several others in line for detective.
As far as Corbin, you can't possibly tell me that Englund, Harris, Cooksey or any of the others who crashed vehicles were treated in the same hostile manner as Corbin. Ask around and get your head out of the clouds, there is a big force ruining the careers of some very good public servants and it should not be tolerated or condoned by any taxpayer in this county.


A citation is "hostile"? I'll remember that next time I get a speeding ticket.... I guess we'll have to wait and see what the crash reconstruction results are.


And what were the crash reconstruction results of so many others including Cooksey, Englund, and Harris?


You can order them here..


It's just the way they went after him. other deputies' have had crashes but no disciplinary action taken. Corbin gets the negative press to try to taint his name. He was facing termination after being falsely accused in regards to a "missing" item. The item was found and was the fault of someone else. That "someone" is a buddy of thee High Sheriff, nothing happened to the buddy.

That's what makes it hostile. Huge disparity in the way certain people are disciplined.

Corbin should cited like any citizen, take his discipline and be done with it. Thing is, he is being subjected to more and greater discipline than others who have had crashes. If Howard and the boys can get something to stick, they can progressively discipline for any small infraction, find grounds to terminate him, and keep him from being a political threat. Corbin may not want to run but the fear is he is "too electable" and therefore a threat. Also, any man that stands up for himself angers the sheriff and his minions. He's taken Sutherland's game to higher level.


Josh, nice touch on you comment I especially liked how you talked about yourself in third person to try to make it seem like it is not you. Your comments about the NR is somewhat amusing, they are scared to death to write anything negative about the sheriff. That was abundantly clear with Sutherland who was so crooked that "even" the reflector had to know.

If they are still waiting for the crash reconstruction to come back, why has he been disciplined at all. The Sheriff's department,being an antiquated system of law enforcement "political" by it's very design is destined to be questioned. Politics and law enforcement should never mix, unfortunately we see politics sown into the fabric of Sheriff's across the country.

Reflector, do you job and check into this. Take some time from cutting and pasting news wire stories that have nothing to do with this area and spend a little shoe leather in a real story. It might be fun, imagine your real reporters and ask a few questions.






Has Corbin decided to run for sheriff or what?


He was Charged the same as anyone would have been...I,m real cool with that. At least they didn,t try to shove it under the rug.


omg wake up...what they did hide under the rug was the "missing" assault rifle, why Corbin was falsely accused, the rifle suddenly "found", who actually "misplaced" the rifle, and so on. Outside of a simple citation this deputy is being unfairly targeted and it is WRONG.


You will never get confirmation about this. Had they been able to stick it Corbin, it would have been headline news and his termination. But alas, Corbin stood up for himself and when when the truth was known, no one disciplined and no apology to Corbin. Then again, only certain names are to be sullied and others to be praised.