Pat O’Brien buys Kasper dealership

Dealership looking to hire more employees.
Scott Seitz
Aug 3, 2013


Pat O’Brien Chevrolet is officially open for business in Norwalk.

O’Brien, who owns four other Ohio car dealerships, completed the purchase of the Kasper facility on Thursday.

O’Brien paid $2.1 million for the Kasper dealership, according to auditor’s office records. The deal was a cash transaction.

“We’ve been looking to expand,” O’Brien said Friday. “We’ve been considering Norwalk for a few months.”

Kasper employed 34 people.

“We’re retaining everybody,” O’Brien said. “In fact, we want to double that number of employees.

“We need everything,” he said about what jobs are available. “We need sales professionals, service mechanics, detailers, body shop — we’re looking to grow.”

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Lets hope they honor pre-paid services (Oil changes, etc..)that were bought at a discount under Kasper.


Congrats to the Pat O'Brien auto group. Now there will be a auto group that cares about their employees and not just how much money you make by not hiring enough people to run a dealership efficiently. It goes to show you that Kasper would run his staff thin to make sure it didn't cut into his party lifestyle. This REAL auto group wants to double the amount of employees that Kasper had. Why couldn't Kaspers do that? People need jobs in this area and they were to cheap to help. I feel bad for all other Kapser employees that work their tail off for unfair wages. Doing double the work for half the pay just so your boss can fly to Vegas whenever he feels like it with whoever he feels like taking. 2.1 million will only keep that ship from sinking for a little longer. Abandon ship Kasper employees! This is just the beginning to an end. Hopefully they sell the other locations instead of just shutting them down (Bellevue).


@I am Truth: How much of an investment do you have in Kasper businesses? How is it any of your business what the man does with his money? How many successful businesses do you own? Who are you to decide how many should be hired to work a particular business?
I can assure you that the O'Brien Auto Group won't be doubling staff tomorrow. They will see how business flows and they will add to staff as business demands. No business will acquire another and immediately double its labor expenses.
When you get the time, try to go out and buy a clue.


@ mgraham I've had a lot invested into Kaspers and still do. I own a business with multiple sites and understand how growth happens. I know what that store has done and know it capable of much more given the proper man power. I can "assure" you that the O'brien group will prove that. I have enough money to buy friends like you. You are what you call a "yes" man. You are nothing but a brain washed puppet. I've done and seen people put their heart and soul in that company for nothing. You have your right to your opinion as do I. Mine is made from experience, yours is made by someone else's wallet. Change your name to spineless " yes man".


Really? You can buy me? Ha! You don't have near enough money for that, else wise you would be using something close to your real name. The last thing I need is another person's wallet to tell me how to think. My employees would probably find it quite humorous that I could be called a "yes man" or a "brainwashed puppet" by anybody.
You may also find it convenient to turn on the spell and grammar check on your computer, it will make your commentaries more believable.


First off, this has to be a slap for the guy that lives in this town and owns another dealership close by. Second, it doesnt matter how many employees they have, almost all are on a commission base pay, so the more you have the less you make. Now with that said, Kasper needed to go!

jack langhals

I heard Phil tell Chevrolet and Carl Kenney personally, he was going to show them how to sell cars.Well you saw how long he lasted, because he was jerk.Kasper and Steve did a good job as well as Pat will,I am sure.One thing they all have in their favor is Dick's son in laws put him out of business.There is only so much market out here and you have to have,product,service,and the right advertising.Sales persons are on commission and must be paid for their time.if they don't produce,they are gone.Why do you think an investor takes the risk of the auto business?It's one of the most risky businesses out there with this government.He does it to live well and party all he wants.A Chevrolet Zone Mgr told me years ago if he has a dealer with no ego,he doesn't want him.It's like a farmer,you make hay when the sun shines.I know of a farmer made 150k in the land bank last year and never turned a wheel.


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Bruce is now a dealer consultant. Hmmmm.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Pat O'Brian is a class operation.


hey nobody. screw u. steve always treats everyone the same. you must be one of those idiots that complain even when all effort is made to shut u up


I would think he will have to attract customers from other areas the norwalk region will not sustain it.


@mgraham thanks for the grammar tip because of one mistake. Looks like you need to learn how to read. I said I can buy friends like you, not buy you. You keep trying to fight the battle with no points only questions. Do me a favor and go work for Kaspers and then put your two cents in. Why do real names matter? I guarantee you don't want to know who I am. You don't want a guy like me showing up on your front door step. I worked very very hard to build my business. I didn't get it handed to me. You have leg to stand on because you never have been involved.


Amazing, you're still commenting without the capability of comprehending. I think it's amazing that those without a clue hide behind fake names and spout off about things they cannot possibly understand.
I don't need to work for Kasper to understand that salespeople work on commission. You can quadruple the number of sales people and still sell the same number of cars without adding a net gain to the economy. The salespeople just make less.
I also understand that you can triple the number of mechanics working for you but if the number of repairs remains static, you cut the hours of those mechanics and the net gain to the economy remains the same.
I know you can double the number of janitors and get the clean up done in half the time and you now have part time janitors and the net gain to the economy is still zero.
So, please, unless there is a plan to double, triple or quadruple the sales, repairs or the building size, how do you think these aforementioned employees are going to make more money or make the economic outlook any better for the area?
It is also not incumbent upon you to comment on how the owner spent his money. You obviously are not his mother, so its none of your business. If you really own your own business, how many of your employees are permitted to control your checkbook? Get over it already.
And, lastly, the reason I live in a gated community is so that I don't have to have someone like you showing up on my door step. Of course, in the real world, you probably don't voice your opinions or your convictions this strongly, because you can't hide behind the anonymity of an internet handle.

JudgeMeNot's picture

I hear the first sale will be including Chevy Volts.


@mgraham I'm happy for you that you understand how car salesman make commission. It takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. Bravo. Now back to my point on how Kasper employees are worn thin with no compensation for it. I want you to see it through the employees eyes, you closed minded individual. Phone calls that get missed and not returned because you have service advisors doing 4 different jobs. I thought that was normal practice there until our vendors would come in and say "Kaspers is the only dealership this size that runs like this". Brought that to Kaspers attention with no results. Salesman missing calls, doing follow ups, and not responding to emails. When emails are returned, it's automated with no personal touch at all. Vendors once again say "Kaspers is the only dealership that size with no BDC". Who are they mgraham???? Those are people who work with multiple dealerships across Ohio.
I could care less how he spends his money. I care about the little guy that feel and share the same outlook I do. I make sure I go up to everyone of my employees and say good morning everyday. Something that old man Kasper would do but not the new regime.
Kasper has heard this from multiple people including myself but arrogance is to strong in that one.
One more thing. Who cares about what you think is hiding behind an Internet handle Mr. Gated community. Nobody know who mgraham is either. Gates are easily knocked down or climbed over. So what u think is protected really isn't. It's like locking a screen door. I have a couple houses in gated communities but still don't forget my roots. You snooty stuck up snob. I don't blame you for sticking up for your friend but don't speak when you have no idea what the trenches are like you yuppy.


I'm hardly close minded. And, I don't know the Kaspers. Probably don't care to know them. I'm hardly a yuppie (that's the way the word is spelled, by the way). I work every day and have since I was 14. You, however, are talking about being monied and owning businesses and multiple homes, but keep this diatribe going about Kasper's employment practices. You sound a lot more like a disingenuous, disgruntled employee than an observer of their business practices.
So, which is it?
You complained about how the Kasper's spent their money in your first post. That made it sort of obvious you do care about what happens with their income.
You've also made multiple statements about you not being the kind of person I would want to have knocking on my door and now coming over a fence. Let me make this clear to you. You do not scare me. I would suggest though that you find the time to come from behind the computer screen and visit with the rest of the world. It would really help your desperately flagging people skills.


Would you please pay attention. I don't know how I could speak slower for you through these post but I will try. What I have been getting across is that Kaspers would run his employees in the ground rather than hire them the help they need, because it will take out of his pocket his party fund. I was an unhappy employee when I worked there as well as many many others. I also said I have very close ties to people that still work there and see what they are still going through. You have no idea what it is like working for that organization, but yet you want to spout of at the mouth and pretend you know what your talking about. You stay behind your gates and look in from the outside. That gives you the right to put your two cents in??? Well take your change, because you have no important input. You even stated you don't even know the Kaspers but yet you open your mouth. You never once looked at it from that angle and immediately took to defense. You must be miserable with life in general and are one of those people that complain about everything even though they were never involved. Well sir, I have been involved and I have friends and people I consider family still involved. Close your gate and your mouth just like your mind.


And you still don't get it, either. What business of yours is his 'party fund'?
I hardly stay behind any gates. I run a business on a daily basis. I don't need an uninformed lout telling me what how my life is because you don't know me.
A job is a job in today's economy and obviously you and all of your employees are well provided for since you own multiple homes in multiple gated communities.
I am not uninformed. I could care less. But when a loud mouthed person decides to comment on what a person that owns a business does with their private money, I find it ignorant. the only thing I defended the owner's right to do with his business as he pleases.
Since you don't work there any more and you have all this animosity towards them, I would make the supposition that you are far more miserable than I. Sorry that I live in Westlake and not Norwalk to be able to help you find a good counselor to assist you with that hostility issue.


Kasper screwed everyone in the service dept, give give oil change coupons then charge them big $ for other stuff not wanted or needed


Cost over $2000 to repair the damage Kasper's service dept. did to my car. I hope O'Brien fixes this problem.