Humphress: ‘We have the room for it’

Missouri plant closing.
Joe Centers
Aug 3, 2013


RR Donnelley, Jefferson City’s (Mo.) 12th largest employer, told its employees Thursday that the Jefferson City operations will be shut down later this year, according to a story on

Donnelley has a plant in Willard, but there is no word on how this will affect the local plant.

“I haven’t heard anything officially, but when plants shut down we usually do get some work here,” Willard City Manager Brian Humphress said. “There will be some work moved here, but I don’t know how much.

“A lot or a little depends on what the other plant does. This plant is really good with text books and catalogs. If the other plant does magazines, we won’t get any of that work here.”

Donnelley is one of the biggest employers in Huron County.

“This is the biggest printing plant in the world under one roof,” Humphress said. “We have the room for it and this plant here has the reputation for getting the work done under cost.”

Donnelley, like most other businesses, has had to tighten its belt over the years to deal with the economy.

“They definitely are a lot smaller than when I came here 12 years ago, but the people I talk to there tell me they always are swamped,” Humphress said. “The new normal — everybody is working a lot harder.”

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Like Brian Humphress has a clue about how much additional business this might bring the Willard plant.Next thing you know he'll be telling us how many cookies Pepperidge Farms plans on making next year.


Confused as well as to why this paper didn't call the plant manager here in Willard and ask them for any speculations.


OK give or take. Still great news for Willard, that Humphress an the "Huron Co development whatever" will want to take credit for.
I give a lot of credit to the Employees, Dept. Mgrs., and Division Director at RRD. Willard for turning things around and making Willard a Competator in the market!

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While this might be good news for the local area, the fact still remains that 500 more working Americans have hit the unemployment line.

I thought Obama supporters were supposed to care about the 99% and the little man and all that.


With all the new jobs coming to Willard (Pepperidge, RRD, TSC).....why oh why will we still have a problem fixing our roads?