ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Jury finds Wakeman woman guilty of selling marijuana

Convicted drug dealer Susan J. Terlizzi plans to appeal a jury's decision finding her guilty of selling marijuana. "It's just wrong. I plan to appeal absolutely," the 44-year-old Wakeman resident said. "My attorney is aware of that. I'm going to prove my innocence."
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Convicted drug dealer Susan J. Terlizzi plans to appeal a jury's decision finding her guilty of selling marijuana.

"It's just wrong. I plan to appeal absolutely," the 44-year-old Wakeman resident said. "My attorney is aware of that. I'm going to prove my innocence."

On April 19, 2006, she sold "less than 100 grams" of marijuana to a female confidential informant at the Firelands Manor Mobile Home Park, Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker said. Terlizzi was one of several people accused in connection with the drug bust organized by the METRICH Drug Task Force.

After a two-day trial that started Tuesday, Terlizzi, of 5810 U.S. 20, Lot 1, is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 3. The jury determined she didn't commit the offense in the vicinity of a juvenile.

"We had made other purchases from her (involving) both adults and juveniles," said Hunker, whose department has been affiliated with METRICH since about 2002.

Terlizzi has been suspected of dealing marijuana from her mobile home since the end of 2005 or the beginning of 2006. "We received information that drugs were being sold there and some drugs were being brought to the village," the chief said.

Both Hunker and Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Bob McLaughlin testified for the state. At the end of 2005, McLaughlin said the sheriff's office started getting about 12 calls from park residents who "made complaints of drug trafficking throughout the park," specifically at Terlizzi's home.

"She was selling marijuana to young people in the Wakeman area," McLaughlin said. "The chief complaints were made through Chief Hunker."

Terlizzi called the allegations "a conspiracy thing." She wants to hire a professional to further evaluate the compact disc of the confidential informant's wire to determine "who was selling and not selling."

"A lot of it is inaudible," Terlizzi said. "I'm taking my gloves off. I'm going to be fighting."

Terlizzi was arrested on a warrant May 11, 2006 by McLaughlin and charged with trafficking in marijuana.

One of the suspects in the Terlizzi case was Keith A. Wilhelm, formerly of 3033 U.S. 250, Greenwich. In August 2006, Wilhelm, now 20, was sentenced to four months in the Huron County Jail and three years of probation for two counts of trafficking in marijuana.

Terlizzi was released Oct. 30 from the Huron County Jail after posting a $500 bond on a driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

Trooper Dan Dubelko stopped her Oct. 25 on U.S. 20 near the Lorain County line on a equipment violation. The trooper charged her with DUI after recognizing an "odor of alcohol" and Terlizzi took several sobriety tests, Lt. Jim Bryan said.


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Seeing as you're so bright, figure this out. You came to my house at 12:10am
Thursday night/Friday morning. Just to see what the 3-11 Officer was doing
here. Well, that was none of your business. The Officer that responded took
care of the situation, thank you! She wrote her report I'm sure, go read it.
As a matter of fact Amherst PD took care of the situation, the perp in
question was arrested that day! More than I could have expected from around here.
Exactly why I told my husband when you knocked on the door, "leave it alone, I really
don't want our business
blabbed about down at the local diner before it gets taken care of". Remember that?
I have heard sooo many stories about how you go to the local diner and tell everyone's
business. So any report made through the PD is public knowledge, that does not mean
it's for you to run around town blabbing it to any and everyone. God help you when
some folks that know so much on you decide to start story telling.
From what I gather, this morning you followed my husband across town, stopped him
as he gets out of his vehicle to grill him with stupid questions. Asking about this blog,
(that from what I understand, you were told NOT to bother with.)To be honest, he knew
nothing about it. Something to the fact of "why is your wife slammin' me?" That I gave
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You have been to my house, you have been in my house, have you ever seen a fireplace?
Then you have the nerve to ask him what he does with the firewood that he cuts? What
does that have to do with anything that is or is not your concern? If you go back and
read for content, that particular post gives an exact description of someone
elses place of residence. Obviously I'm a better Detective than you!
As for me 'trashing you and your name" no, not yet. In the future, feel free to
knock on my door, ask whatever you choose. My husband does not and will not
answer for me. I have never had to have someone 'take up' for me and I have
no need to start now!
As for anyone being Trailor Park Trash, listen to this my friend, from what I
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My mortgage is ZERO! Simply because my husband and I have 'real' paying jobs,
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he does not answer for me or control me. My Mother taught me better. Obviously, someone
dropped the ball raising you. Your behavior is completely unexecptable and
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