ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Jury finds Wakeman woman guilty of selling marijuana

Convicted drug dealer Susan J. Terlizzi plans to appeal a jury's decision finding her guilty of selling marijuana. "It's just wrong. I plan to appeal absolutely," the 44-year-old Wakeman resident said. "My attorney is aware of that. I'm going to prove my innocence."
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010
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Convicted drug dealer Susan J. Terlizzi plans to appeal a jury's decision finding her guilty of selling marijuana.

"It's just wrong. I plan to appeal absolutely," the 44-year-old Wakeman resident said. "My attorney is aware of that. I'm going to prove my innocence."

On April 19, 2006, she sold "less than 100 grams" of marijuana to a female confidential informant at the Firelands Manor Mobile Home Park, Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker said. Terlizzi was one of several people accused in connection with the drug bust organized by the METRICH Drug Task Force.

After a two-day trial that started Tuesday, Terlizzi, of 5810 U.S. 20, Lot 1, is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 3. The jury determined she didn't commit the offense in the vicinity of a juvenile.

"We had made other purchases from her (involving) both adults and juveniles," said Hunker, whose department has been affiliated with METRICH since about 2002.

Terlizzi has been suspected of dealing marijuana from her mobile home since the end of 2005 or the beginning of 2006. "We received information that drugs were being sold there and some drugs were being brought to the village," the chief said.

Both Hunker and Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Bob McLaughlin testified for the state. At the end of 2005, McLaughlin said the sheriff's office started getting about 12 calls from park residents who "made complaints of drug trafficking throughout the park," specifically at Terlizzi's home.

"She was selling marijuana to young people in the Wakeman area," McLaughlin said. "The chief complaints were made through Chief Hunker."

Terlizzi called the allegations "a conspiracy thing." She wants to hire a professional to further evaluate the compact disc of the confidential informant's wire to determine "who was selling and not selling."

"A lot of it is inaudible," Terlizzi said. "I'm taking my gloves off. I'm going to be fighting."

Terlizzi was arrested on a warrant May 11, 2006 by McLaughlin and charged with trafficking in marijuana.

One of the suspects in the Terlizzi case was Keith A. Wilhelm, formerly of 3033 U.S. 250, Greenwich. In August 2006, Wilhelm, now 20, was sentenced to four months in the Huron County Jail and three years of probation for two counts of trafficking in marijuana.

Terlizzi was released Oct. 30 from the Huron County Jail after posting a $500 bond on a driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

Trooper Dan Dubelko stopped her Oct. 25 on U.S. 20 near the Lorain County line on a equipment violation. The trooper charged her with DUI after recognizing an "odor of alcohol" and Terlizzi took several sobriety tests, Lt. Jim Bryan said.


Tired of the cr...

Enough is enough! the bottom line is hunkerS internet projects to catch internet predators in its self is a good project,but it getS tarnished when it used to get hunkers name in the paper. what the people in the village dont know is when theY have the info on these men they could share it with the dept. where the monsters live,letting them be arrested where they live,but instead they bring them to wakeman to get their name in the paper. i asked for what reason ,we get no money from it,it waste our officers time in court and we dont know how many dont get caught who they invited to wakeman. as far as other pet project drug dealers in the trailor park,where are the big time trafficers? all he seems to catch is the small time users that sell drugs to pay for their own,once agian waste our officers time in court.
better used of chiefs time would be supervising the officers.
where else can you be caught sleeping on film at least three times and caught by countless residents and employees, sleeping yet, you get promoted to sgt?and it cost us more tax dollars to pay for this.
if you look back at his history of employment youll find most major offences aginst the village happen during his had them take the windows out of the doors at sunco and rob the place,without any fear of being caught to where the even retURNED a second time to rob the place. it appears the only thing that stopped them was steal doors sunco installed.
another time tires were stolen off a car at bushures,and they left the car up on blocks,and another time some kids too business size magnets from the ohio lottery covered three vehicles . to where you couldnt hardly tell what colors they were.and thats just to name a few.i say another waste of my tax dollars. but the cheif write in our "wrap up" the dept had made leaps and BOUNDS but we are down one full time opfficer one part time 1 vehicles and a whole lot of training.
when newbill was chief he had numerous traing sessions and would send officers to other training classes to update the dept.since newbill left what training has there been?but then again maybe the chief is right leaps and bounds just went backwards!hopefully the new mayor elect will correct some of those problems!!

hey JIM!!! (Ano...

Ain't that the truth??? Ever wanna know what's going on in Wakeman, just sit down to the counter at Sterk's between 5 and 6 am. Josh is sittin' there tellin' all kinds of stuff. If you don't want your business put out there, don't let Josh find out about it!

Jane says (Anon...

I heard about Josh in the early mornings at Sterks. He tells everything that is going on in town. But, wehn he should be investiating, he goes to Sterk's for those answers also. Makes him look good for his boss. He's been known to knock on your door at midnight to see why an officer was at your house before his shift started. Thats uncalled for! Read the logs and wait for a report to be turned in. Duhhhhhhh!!! The LESS Josh knows, the better off YOU are! And they say women are nosey......BULL!!!

Confused (Anonymous)

Could someone please direct me to a website with instructions on how to interpret Wakemanese? If you think your PD is messed up, the English dept at Eastern Reverse has got to be much worse. The spelling and grammar(with a few exceptions-Mr. Morman I'm talking to you)is atrocious.I don't know why I wrote this, so very few of you will be able to read it.

Dear Confused (...

Grammer is the least of our problems here. Get with it or shut up!!

cool dude.........

All you have too do is......ATTEND YOUR COUNCIL MEETING'S.... Fill the place up and talk about your views......!!!! How's that sound??? (Later)...

cool dude.........

let's take it too the next level......!!!

To: cool dude (...

Until there are changes made in this town concerning mayor, police dept. and a few other things, theres no need in talking NO MORE! We've tried, got us no where. Hoping Chris Hipp as mayor can start in the way of making Wakeman better. Until then, we're not wasting our time going to council meetings. dude is soooo old!

cool dude..... ...

NO the word.....WOW.... (Later)....

Is it true... (...

that Chief was reprimanded again by the Mayor for posting on this blog because the Mayor told him not to?? He may as well be on here posting, because he sure as hell ain't doin' his job!

Marilyn.. (Anon...

My thoughts on it all?!? The Wakeman Police Chief has always had his head in his @ss! Why has it taken this long for our residents to figure this one out? Why hasn't he been ousted long before now? He's more impressed with the women on the force than what's going on in town. How about this one, what's with him and the ("oops, where's my wedding ring gone to now") reserve officer? COME ON WAKEMAN...WAKE UP!!!

To: Cool Dude.....

Will you be at the next Council Meeting?? If so, give us a

Hey JOSH... (An...

get your head off this blog and get some tasks done there at the station! Take out some trash, clean a urinal, type up some reports, don't forget the bogus visits you make after other officers have already answered calls just because you're nosey. BTW, try updating the Wakeman Website Police're wayyyyy behind!

joshy pooh (Ano...

Comment deleted for defamatory content.

yuck (Anonymous)

who would want him??
his wife is only with him for his grandpas money!!lol

Joshy POOH has ...

Dang! I didn't make it up there this morning...I'll be sure to check this one out! What gives? Who is she? Where'd he find her?

Hunker likes .....

them in all shades. Wasn't the ex-wife hispanic, now the new one isn't hispanic or caucasion. I guess they all need lovin'! GO HUNKIE HUNKER GO!!!



way to go (Anon...

losers. as if you didn't already look stupid now you look like stupid racist bigots.

to: way to go (...

sgt... get back to sleep, your losing valuable shut-eye!

hello, (Anonymous)

im not racist! just pointing out the facts!
im trying to help a "brother"out! tim needs some help!

hello, (Anonymous)


rofl! (Anonymous)

ZZZZZZ, snort, sniffle......FART! ZZZZZZZ I hear him now,
talking in his sleep! Ohhhh chief....hhhmmm!!!!LOL

cool dude.........


Here they are, ...

Wakeman's finest on here spouting off like the hill-jacks they are.
Keep digging yourselves deeper, boys. You just look more idiotic everyday.
And I'm not talking about the police force or 'Josh'.....

keep digging (A...

keep writing these great comments dorks. that is exactly how to make a change in your community.

To: keep diggin...

Theres nothing wrong with these comments! They let the people of Wakeman know exactly whats going on in Wakeman. Where our tax dollars are going! How our great police department is being ran. How our mayor lets stuff like this go on in our town. Well, see where that got him? Out of Mayors! Who should be next? Many people in this town think the whole police dept. needs a douche!

fellow officer ...

Hey Larry you lost the election, your wpd job and kicked off of offduty jobs in cleveland because of racist remarks and fighting with your wife on the cell phone. Why don't you and Emmy (also ex wpd Officer) and ma "Troll" Barker shut up already!I'm sure the village residents would love to see the video tape of you spending hour of time with the cruiser parked in your driveway while you fight with your wife! Get over it you moved on to such a great security job for key bank while you drive their vehicle from cleveland to home and back everyday I'm sure the ceo and customers would love to know they are footing the gas bill for your personel use of the vehicle. This web site has become nothing more then a blank sheet of paper for a small group to complain. shall we name names after getting the list from another wakeman resident who is fed up with you and the lies! By the way for those of you who voted for larry he must of failed to tell you about his adult criminal past! I must say the worst mistake newbill made was hiring you and covering up your past to the wolfe and council. Oh and by the way Newbill could pass thepolice and fire physical to come back to wakeman because of health problems so let him retire in peace before the criminal mistakes he made come out in the public eye.

wakeman residen...

So, let me get this stright Jim Palmer,Mona Fincham, Ma Barker,
Dana Andrews, Larry Canel, Emmy Cancel (aka half of the blog names on the list,) an officer of the wakeman police dept. can't have breakfest with some of the residents and talk about the community. Isn't that called community policing! Officers need to talk to residents to find out the needs of the community and to let them know what is going on reference events that could help the residents. Wow what a concept! I guess it if you think running an election campaign means you stick a picture up with vote for me, but I won't tell anyone what you what I stand for! Then I guess this explains your way of thinking. Get real and stop the smearcampaign of the village the rest of us are sick of you and your blogs leave if you don't like it. Oh ya since they had to talk about your trash heap of a property you live on. Heres a clue CLEAN IT UP YOU SLOBS!

wow (Anonymous)

I think we struck a nerve!