Norwalk woman upset about injured cat being shot to death

Area residents take issue with way police handled the matter.
Joe Centers
Jul 30, 2013


Sharon Bowers is an animal lover. What she saw Monday afternoon was tough to watch.

A cat was hit by a car in front of her house at 11 1/2 Norwood Ave. and crawled onto her driveway. A neighbor called the police and when Capt. Mike Conney arrived, he said there were very few options.

Conney got a shovel and picked the cat up off the cement driveway. He moved the cat to the lawn between the houses and shot it.

Bowers said something else should have been done.

"I seen the police pull into my driveway," Bowers said. "I came out and there was a cat in my driveway. Beautiful cat. The police came out of his car and shot him right in the head. I didn't call the police out here. I have a heart condition and I can't take this kind of stuff."

Bowers was still upset about an hour later.

"This is my little baby," she said, standing on the porch holding her guinea pig, Thumper.

Bowers' son, Jim, also was upset.

"If my daughter was here right now she would have been crying her eyes out," he said. "I just got pissed. I was cussing. Freedom of speech. He heard exactly what I was saying."

Ryan Keefer, who lives in the upstairs apartment over Bowers, said he was in his bedroom and "I heard a pop."

"The cat had a broken back and was going to die. But he didn't have to shoot it here.

"To my knowledge, he (Conney) was doing what he thought had to be done," Keefer said. "He wasn't being crazy or anything. But to come over between the houses and fire his gun wasn't right."

Bowers said Conney should have taken the cat to a vet or, at least, out to the country.

Conney said in that kind of situation, there was little he could do.

"The person at 8 Norwood Ave. said a cat was hit by a car," Conney said. "The cat was just laying there. I've got to move it off the driveway to put it out of its misery. It's spine obviously was broken and some of its organs were sticking out.

"I had to get it to a safe spot to put it out of its misery on the lawn. Her son was there and I'm trying to tell him 'you don't want to watch this.'

"The bottom line is, if there is an injured animal, unless the owner is there and wants to take it to the vet, we'll put it out of its misery.

"I wish there was something else we could do. But there is not. I can understand."




Thank you for putting it out of its misery! I to am an animal lover, I also think no animal should suffer.

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agree with rebba


I am very against the police killing a domestic animal, but in this case I feel he did the right thing. The officer did the humane thing.


"Domestic animal" is a very ambiguous term when it comes to cats... if it had tags or registration, call the owner... if its a stray, shoot on sight.

In my neighborhood there's a house feeding 5 free roam cats. They get into the trash and carry god knows what. God help them if I get to them before my dog does.

Its nice to care about animals, but when cats are a bigger problem than raccoons and possums combined... bate 'em and kill 'em... if they don't have tags of course.

be for real

I have problem with cats too.One thing that helps is spraying amonia inside of trash bags and outside them.


This is news?


I agree.



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She may not have been forced to watch, but the cat didn't need to be plugged on her lawn. She should have been asked for permission to shoot a gun in her yard. Thank goodness Mrs. Bowers didn't have a heart attack.

County Resident

or, at least, out to the country - WHAAAT - but people live in the country, me for one!


What is wrong with people? Let's face it, this was a no-win situation for the officer. It seems these days that anyone in a 'position of authority' just can't do anything right in the eyes of those they serve and protect. The poor suffering animal was put out of its misery, and if these people really were animals lovers, they would appreciate the fact the officer did what he did. Now hush up and go back to watching your 'stories'.


I also don't understand why such unflattering pictures of this woman were posted. Is the Reflector making a joke of these people? I can't figure this one out.


I don't think it was malicious. It's just the way she looks.


@Vicar, Cats are not the problem people are. If you get a cat and it's not going to be used for breeding purposes, get it spayed or neutered,(and this goes for dogs as well). if you can't afford to spay or neuter, don't have a cat/dog. Cat's don't know they are being a problem.The female can't say to the Tom cat, hey baby we can't do that it makes kittens and that makes people mad.As far as the cop dispatching the animal it had to be done, from the article he moved the cat between houses so not everyone could see him doing what he had to do. All I get from this article is , "your dammed if you do , and your dammed if you don't" Had the cop walked away and said it's not my problem and let that animal lay there an suffer, this comment section would have lit up with complaints, about what a cruel person he was.


I wish some people would learn to say, "Hey Baby, we can't do that it makes 'Kittens' and that makes people mad."


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Thanks Captain Mike. To the others: The founders of this county were farm people. Officer Mike followed exact customs & standards of our area. Really liked the old woman's discourse:" I seen the police pull into my driveway." NO it is I saw, you don't like our area leave.

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This whole thing could have been avoided if only the cat had read the "private property, no trespassing" sign on the porch and gone to another driveway to die. I think the sign on the porch speaks volumes about the residents and I predict a lawsuit to follow.



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The problem with humans is they don't know WHY they are upset when an animal is killed. All life is condemned to die because of our original sin, so the problem isn't that the cop killed the cat, the problem is this lady along with everyone else caused death to pass to all living things due to our sin in Eden. Read the Bible folks, it will prevent you from having screwed up visions that blame others for what took place because of us personally. Good read is Genesis 2 &3 and this link.


Mike, you did the right thing. Keep up your good work and be safe.

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"If my daughter was here right now she would have been crying her eyes out," he said. "I just got pissed. I was cussing. Freedom of speech. He heard exactly what I was saying.".......Your daughter wasn't there; so your moment of fame is making you look rather ridiculous. The officer did the right thing, and had your daughter been there, the right thing would have been for you to take her inside so she didn't witness the officer having to put the cat out of it's misery. Then you could be the parent, and he could be the officer...get it? And had you not been there, I'm pretty sure the officer would not have shot a cat in front of a little girl.

hor mone

Scooze me while I go inside and take a BOWER movement.

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How can you mock the poor man by saying this tragic event was his moment of fame? If you were in his shoes, I'd bet you might flip out too. Nobody should have the rite to walk onto someone's property and shoot a gun. If the cat was on her driveway, then he should have just left it there and let the guy deal with it on his own.


Should of pushed its guts back in and patched him up. Im sure he would of pulled through.

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And then what? Slap on some duck tape to finish the job? Your sarcasm is sickening.


Mike, you did the right thing. Keep up your good work and be safe


Slow news day? I agree with the NPD,one of my few times! Read the police reports in the NR,this happens every week on multiple occasions. " The officer destroyed the animal with a round from the animal control weapon".


And this is news why?