Norwalk woman upset about injured cat being shot to death

Area residents take issue with way police handled the matter.
Joe Centers
Jul 30, 2013


Sharon Bowers is an animal lover. What she saw Monday afternoon was tough to watch.

A cat was hit by a car in front of her house at 11 1/2 Norwood Ave. and crawled onto her driveway. A neighbor called the police and when Capt. Mike Conney arrived, he said there were very few options.

Conney got a shovel and picked the cat up off the cement driveway. He moved the cat to the lawn between the houses and shot it.

Bowers said something else should have been done.

"I seen the police pull into my driveway," Bowers said. "I came out and there was a cat in my driveway. Beautiful cat. The police came out of his car and shot him right in the head. I didn't call the police out here. I have a heart condition and I can't take this kind of stuff."

Bowers was still upset about an hour later.

"This is my little baby," she said, standing on the porch holding her guinea pig, Thumper.

Bowers' son, Jim, also was upset.

"If my daughter was here right now she would have been crying her eyes out," he said. "I just got pissed. I was cussing. Freedom of speech. He heard exactly what I was saying."

Ryan Keefer, who lives in the upstairs apartment over Bowers, said he was in his bedroom and "I heard a pop."

"The cat had a broken back and was going to die. But he didn't have to shoot it here.

"To my knowledge, he (Conney) was doing what he thought had to be done," Keefer said. "He wasn't being crazy or anything. But to come over between the houses and fire his gun wasn't right."

Bowers said Conney should have taken the cat to a vet or, at least, out to the country.

Conney said in that kind of situation, there was little he could do.

"The person at 8 Norwood Ave. said a cat was hit by a car," Conney said. "The cat was just laying there. I've got to move it off the driveway to put it out of its misery. It's spine obviously was broken and some of its organs were sticking out.

"I had to get it to a safe spot to put it out of its misery on the lawn. Her son was there and I'm trying to tell him 'you don't want to watch this.'

"The bottom line is, if there is an injured animal, unless the owner is there and wants to take it to the vet, we'll put it out of its misery.

"I wish there was something else we could do. But there is not. I can understand."




An officer withdrew and fired his weapon in a residential area simply to kill a wounded cat??


What should he have used? A brick? What a stupid comment

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Why would you suggest he use a brick when he's already got a shovel?


I agree with what officer Mike did...No animal should suffer like that period!!!! As far as children being there ..they should have been inside not to see it.

Sitting In The ...

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Sitting In The ...

My apologies....Let me try again This woman is making a big deal out of nothing, NPD does this type of thing at least once a week. Furthermore she chose to stand outside and watch as the officer put this cat out of it's misery. Both her and the other guy that was cursing out an officer and babbling on about "Freedom of Speech" are blowing this completely out of proportion.


Mike is the primary reason you can say Norwalk Police Department and not giggle. He did the only possible thing. Unfortunate the cat was crippled by a car. Story ends there.


Oh come on Fairlybadboy, this is Norwalk home of the never ending story or at least til the next dumb story is posted. ;) btw lmfao at the not giggle!


"Bowers said he should have taken the cat to the vet..." Would she or her son have paid the vet bill? If she were such an animal lover then she wouldn't want the poor cat to suffer even a minute longer than it had... Seriously, these two just wanted their 5 minutes of "fame"...

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Why don't you take a good look at the picture of Mrs. Bowers. Do you REALLY think she was enjoying 5 minutes of fame???

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Ok, normally, you pi$$ me off because you stole my name...but that's funny.


I worked with this guy, hes not all there, same goes for his mom. Most of us see the logical thing to do but when u have the mind of a child this kind of thing is beyond terrible. Its the reflector that's a moron for making this news. RIP little kitty :-)


Sounds humane to me, He could of put this cat in a plastic bag to suffocate ,or bash it w/ a rock , the officers decision was the right one, the humane one, I'm sure he did what he knew was right.


If she is sooo upset about the way the officer dispatched the animal why didn't she take care of it herself with the shovel he used to move it?


I believe what was done, was done the right way.

2. Sometimes I wonder if the people (the same ones who comment all the time) work for the paper to drum it up. Who else would talk about grammar so much. A writer..


@most wanted, yes i think she enjoyed her 5 minutes of fame...who stole your name?


Most Wanted. did.


The other most wanted with the period at the end of it see the difference? I noticed that along time ago.


What was the Officer suppose to do? Call a vet and WAIT for them to get there to euthanize it?

Grow up -- people .. He did what he HAD to do. The poor cat was suffering enough as it was.

hit the road jack

Try to imagine this:cat runs into the road,car swerves to miss it hits kid on bike and runs up into treelawn and into house,who's got the money for a lawsuit?
surely not this woman! if you like your cats,KEEP THEM AT HOME,IN THE HOUSE so they don't get hurt and neither will anyone else,if you let them run wild they are fair game.


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I don't even think this was her cat. I'm sure if she told the officer she wanted to take the cat to the vet, he would have let her. This has to be one of the most ridiculous stories in a long line of ridiculous stories.


With internal organs sticking out, the cat would have died on the way vet.


I agree it probably would have; however, if this woman felt so strongly about trying to save it, she should have told the officer she would take responsibility for the cat. I'm sure he would have rather that happened than have this story in the paper!


Choot 'Em!!!!!


There needs to be a total house cleaning at the Norwalk Rejector. It must be a slow day round Mayberry for this to be news.


The Norwalk reflector photographer needs to learn what pictures should be posted and which ones shouldn't be. Why on earth were those pictures needed? Seriously! Conney did the right thing in my opinion. People will complain about anything and everything. Heck I couldn't get the police to shoot a raccoon that was caught in a box trap. I had to call Wildlife and they said I couldn't release it or transport it, that I had to kill it because it is considered a nuisance animal. I was instructed to fill up a trash bin with water and place the caged raccoon in it until it died. Maybe that would have been more humane *rolling eyes*. If that was protocol for police to handle cats struck by vehicles then someone would complain that that was wrong or that too much water was used or their children would develop PTSD and need lifelong counceling because they saw him drowning the squashed kitty....... I am surprised the photographer didn't post a picture of the chalk outline of squashed kitty.


Sorry, but the cat needed to be put out of its misery. If there were cat laws like dog laws, the cat would not have been running wild.