Norwalk motorist charged with DUI for 2nd time in 6 years

Traffic stop takes place just after 1:30 a.m. at intersection of Whittlesey and League streets.
Aaron Krause
Jul 29, 2013


A Norwalk man was charged with driving under the influence for the second time in six years, according to a Norwalk Police Department report.

Wilber M. Barber, 38, of 103 N. Prospect St., was arrested just after 1:30 a.m. Sunday in connection with driving under the influence at the intersection of Whittlesey and League streets.

Since this would be his second offense within six years, the vehicle, a 2001 Ford F150, was seized as was its license plates.

He also was served a summons in connection with possessing an opened container of alcohol in a motor vehicle. He was later released to a sober person.



I understand 1 DUI is to many. But for the headline to say "2nd in 6 years" a little over dramatic don't you think NR. Maybe if it was 2nd in 6 hours or 6 days maybe even 6 weeks. But 6 years! Just keep shooting for those readers. LOL

Sitting In The ...

Yeah who do they think they're reporting facts like some sort of newspaper? I love how you said "1 DUI is to many" but then bashed the Reflector because it's obviously their fault.


I have had 0 dui's in 17 yrs... 2 in 6 is too many and I applaud the reflector for letting the community know about this... get em off the road before they kill someone and its too late!


I think it may the selection of "news".


Candidate for the PARTY PLATES? Whoppiee lol