Commissioners not sold on eminent domain plan by airport board

Airport authority board wants to take 2 acres of land from Norwalk.
Scott Seitz
Jul 28, 2013


Huron County Commissioner Gary Bauer sounded less than pleased Friday with the recent proceedings involving the airport.

On Thursday, the airport authority board voted to hire an appraiser to obtain a current market price on 2 acres of land owned by the city of Norwalk located at the west end of the airport runway.

Once that priced is determined, the airport board plans to go ahead with the “friendly eminent domain” court process to acquire the 2 acres from the city. The commissioners would have to pay the bill.

Stories about this subject were published in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



Looks like the city is getting a little karma


Maybe the city no longer has an interest in the parcel and will agree to the appraised price. Might not even be a big deal.


Just claim Native American status.


So, in other words the county and its taxpayers are stuck with the bill?


I believe the City bought this land form the county during the Cochran administration so the City of Norwalk could be considered a partial owner of the airport and seeks grants, etc.

Fibber Mcgee

Correct. In addition the city was also able to appoint 1 or 2 members of the airport board. Wasn't there a concern as to the 2 acres being contiguous to city property?


What do they need that for?


This is more of Essex's bull crap
Last year he was complaining when the idea of getting the land back from the city was even raised, now it is his idea to get it.
Just another in his long run scheme to defund the airport and sabotage any effort to run things right.
This whole deal about the land is a political game being played by the commissioners and Essex for public consumption (propaganda in simple terms). With the goal being to make the public see the airport as useless to them.
How many years has the city owned those two acres while the FAA has approved grants to the Airport?