Trayvon Martin’s mother: Juror comments are ‘devastating’

'George Zimmerman literally got away with murder.'
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Jul 27, 2013


Trayvon Martin’s mother said it had been devastating for her family to learn that one juror said George Zimmerman “got away with murder” and that the very jurors who decided on the not-guilty verdict felt just the opposite.

“It is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror B29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true: that George Zimmerman literally got away with murder,” said Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, shortly after a juror interview aired on ABC News.

“This new information challenges our nation once again to do everything we can to make sure that this never happens to another child,” Fulton said. Her family has launched the Trayvon Martin Foundation “to try and take something very painful and negative and turn it into something positive as a legacy to our son.”

Juror B29, the second of the six-woman panel to publicly speak, told Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” that she ached for Martin’s grieving family and that Zimmerman “got away with murder.” A portion of the interview was aired Thursday evening.

“You can’t put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty,” said the 36-year-old woman, a nursing assistant and mother of eight. “But we had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence.”

She said there wasn’t enough proof under Florida law to convict Zimmerman.

“George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can’t get away from God. And at the end of the day, he’s going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with,” the juror said. “(But) the law couldn’t prove it.”

Zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder for fatally shooting Martin once in the chest. The defense said Zimmerman feared for his life when the two got into an altercation in a gated community in Sanford, Fla. Critics said Zimmerman profiled Martin, who was black, and that his unfounded suspicion of the 17-year-old led to the confrontation. Zimmerman is of Latino ancestry.

The juror said she pushed for Zimmerman to be convicted of second-degree murder until she decided on the second day of deliberations that there wasn’t enough definitive proof.

Zimmerman’s defense team argued that he killed Martin in self-defense. The jury was also allowed to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter.


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Kottage Kat

So did OJ. no outcry on that one.


Where have you been? There was major outcry and he was totally blackballed from everything. He was also guilty!


There was outrage at that verdict too...but a child died here and the man that killed him admitted to pulling the trigger that killed a child... how do you get nothing... crazy injustice, and my heart his with the family of the victem and I hope Mr Zimmerman gets what he diserves in this life or the next.


It wasn't an injustice, it was justice.


Agreed @Kelly. People need to Let it Go.


Yep, he shot that 17yo 6'2" 172lb "child" while that "child" was pummeling that short chunky half-Cubano's head into the sidewalk.


Exactly. He shouldn't have attacked a man with a gun. Justice was served.


Totally agree!


@AEversole......while trying to make a valid point (which clearly you did not) at least try spelling words correctly.

In my opinon

@AEversole. I have posted what an injustice is has been that this child is dead because this gun toting idiot left his car and went after this child. I don't care if he was 6'2" 172 lbs, he was 17. My grandson is 14 and almost 6' but he is a child. If he did get into a scuffle he was protecting himself from a man with a gun. How did he know he was a "Neighborhood" watch person. I watch my neighborhood also but don't pack a gun. And all these people that say "let it go" I wonder what they would do if it was their child. I feel for this woman and unless you have had a child taken from you , you should not judge. Karma can hit anyone at anytime.


He was a thug and thug life caught up to him. Are you one of those people who have the media image of a 12 year old boy? That's not who he was when e tried to hit Zimmerman with a chunk of concrete.


Enough with this story. More important things happens every single day.



Cliff Cannon

@ mojorising & starryeyes83 :Ditto


“But we had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence.”
Evidence not emotion are what criminals are convicted on .
How some juror felt is just designed to stir emotion and sell papers.

Mime Bloggling

From the Left leaning website

"Did George Zimmerman Get Away With Murder?
The media are reporting that a juror says Zimmerman is guilty of murder. That’s not true."


We heard less than half of what the jury heard. if you fill in the blanks yourself you can make it come out any way you want. I just found out he lived 200 miles from where this happened. staying with his fathers girlfriend while he was suspended from school. in other words it is time to move on


Why is this story still in the media? Follow the money.

It's no longer news - it's entertainment.

Bread and circuses: Used to distract from REAL issues.


Yet here you are reading it and making comments. LOL!!


Re: "Yet here..."

And the gist of the comment obviously went over your head. :)

The NR appreciates (follow the money) your participation.


Roderick Scott. Where were the riots? Oh wait, black man built like an NFL offensive guard guns down 17 year old white kid, no story here. Sharpton says justice was done. Jury found Scott not guilty.

Martin was no child. Thug life caught up to him.

Where are the charges against people making death threats against Zimmerman? Let a white person do that against Scott and see what happens.

There is injustice, just not in these two cases.


Skittles and watermelon tea, (to be mixed with some cough syrup.) It’s highly intoxicating and the side affects are severe, (look it up) yet the media makes the "child" out to be the victim on his way home with candy in his pocket!
This YOUTUBE video is worth the 10 minutes to watch for truthful journalism and not the "wretched" display the media and the President chose to disseminate from the tragedy of a young man losing his life and the lynching of George Zimmerman! Those "canonizing" the story of this "child" should really watch this video and see the Skittles reference and everyone should be outraged how the great Martin Luther King is being used in propaganda to divide people.


Exactly what I was gonna post! He wasn't just a innocent child going to buy some skittles and tea as a bed time snack! He was using these to make "lean".....that boy got just what he deserved!!!!


George Zimmerman was guilty of neglect and it was a travesty that a young man had to die. We have to realize that many facts were not allowed to be used during the trial some for and some against both parties. I do not feel at all that this was a racial issue it was a wrong time, wrong place and some bad choices. I do feel that Trayvon did assault Zimmerman and yes, Zimmerman should not of followed Trayvon, however does that make him guilty of murder when he was threatened: NO. much of the info in the news about the innocence of Trayvon Martin was inaccurate and was out dated, they never showed an up to date picture of Trayvon and those that were circulated were called untrue, well many of the updated photos did not show the innocent Trayvon Martin they showed a youth who was possibly getting involved in some things he shouldn't. As far as George Zimmerman goes, he was an over zealous wanna be police man who wanted to be part of a security type system that gave him an opening in the block watch of his neighborhood. Both had good and bad and out of that something bad happened. Was Zimmerman guilty of murder: NO, was Trayvon guilty of a crime: NO, mistakes were made and a life was loss. I pray for their families and for them both.


Actually, Trayvon Martin was guilty of assault.

swiss family

@concerned... I agree with you.. I think this started out being an example of how dangerous the "stand your ground" law is...the law does say that if you feel threatened , you do not have to run away, you can "stand your ground" and protect yourself... the problem with that, in this instance though was that Zimmerman,am should NOT have felt threatened, he was following this teenager, Zimmerman had a gun.. he had a motor vehicle.. IF he felt threatened he had the means to leave quickly... but he did NOT he followed the teen against the dispatchers advice, and also carried a gun (which goes against the rules in place for a neighborhood watch policy) so when he got out to approach the teen, he was actually threatening the teen and according to that law, had the teen had a gun and felt threatened , like he did, he would have had every right to shoot Zimmerman dead...

To try to compare this case to OJ is absurd... they are two completely different scenarios, except that they both had a black man involved.. so if that is the connection, you might be too focused on race...I am shocked at all of the supposed Christians that say that more important things happen every day... ?? I teen was shot and killed.. was he completely innocent?? Is any teen completely innocent?? they are experimenting with drugs and trying to get "High" and trying all the different looks and wears that are part of being a teen.. that certainly does not make him a "thug" any more than most of the local teen, with all of their facebook pics of themselves in different poses and clothes to see if it makes them "cool"so in my opinion I think it was an outrage that Zimmerman was only questioned for 4 hours and then released without being charged with anything, the night of the killing... I can understand how the black community took that as a slap in the face, and I thank God that they remained so organized and civil.. I am not sure how any member of the jury can now try to make headlines by saying now that Zimmerman was guilty.. I think that when a juror does that, they should be charged with a crime as well in my opinion


Roderick Scott, black man built like and NFL linebacker, used an illegal weapon to shoot and kill white 17 year old teen age boy. Jury found him not guilty. Sharpton says justice was served.

Where is the outrage about this case? Oh wait, the media didn't spin it up because it did serve an agenda


Really.....another article. The media is the one that keeps fueling the fire.


So Juror B29 wants her 15 mins of fame. Well congrats, you got it. Speaking of new stories, what about the baby that was shot in the head in Georgia, I think it was, by two African American teenagers when the babies mother didn't have enough money to give them when they robbed her? Point blank range, bam, a baby. Where was the NAACP, Jessie Jackson and the others for this child? Why hasn't this news story been played over and over again? Where is the President promising justice and the government looking into civil rights violations?