Daughter wants father's shooting death resolved

Victim's daughter says she is expecting a baby that her father encouraged her to have.
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Jul 27, 2013


A local woman is calling on the person responsible for her father’s death earlier this year to come forward and bring a resolution to the case.

“I think it would be an ease for my family if this person was in custody, just because it was so unjust,” Tiarra Williams, 20 said on Friday.

“I just can’t let him go, I want to let him rest peacefully, but it is so hard for the family to completely let go of somebody who was just so significant and so supportive,” Tiarra Williams said of father Terence Williams.

Terence Williams, 44, was reportedly shot multiple times inside of an apartment in Miami Twp on Jan. 28 and pronounced dead later that evening at Miami Valley Hospital according to Sgt. Scott C. Fitzgerald of the Miami Township Police Department.

An update on the investigation was unavailable Friday.

Tiarra Williams of Trotwood said she is expecting a baby that her father encouraged her to have. “I can’t really completely feel the joy that I want to feel at this time because of that (the death of her father), but I am just trying to keep my faith” she said.

She said she plans to bring a picture of her father into the delivery room for the birth of her first child. Tiarra Williams said the baby is a girl, which is what her father wanted her to have. She said having a baby girl confirms that he will live in her heart always.

Terrance Williams was at the home of his fiancee and her three children at the time of the shooting in the 9300 block of Eastbrook Drive, according to initial police reports. It is unclear if the children, between 10 and 12 years old at the time, witnessed the shooting.

Another man in the apartment was shot in the arm and taken to Miami Valley Hospital.

To provide information about the case or suspects, call the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center at (937) 225-4357.


By Christina Perry - Dayton Daily News, Ohio (MCT)

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is this article for real? someone really thinks by printing some boo hoo story about a victims daughter having a baby, wishes for the one who killed her father to come forward??? really? that is what is going to make a killer sob and come forward to admit to murder? really?


He encouraged his unmarried 20 yr old to have a baby? Sure he did.


Chances are she came home pregnant, maybe contemplated having an abortion and her dad encouraged her to keep the baby rather than have an abortion. I doubt he encouraged her to go out and get pregnant, however, this article was written in a way that gives that impression.