‘I can’t imagine what these children have gone through’

Investigators determine Norwalk man who brought live-in girlfriend’s daughters to sheriff’s office to report sex abuse committed by teen and boy also had been sexually abusing the girls.
Scott Seitz
Jul 26, 2013


In what Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard is calling one of the most disturbing cases of his law-enforcement career, another Norwalk man has been implicated in the alleged sexual misconduct with at least two local girls.

Jason Wooten, 36, of 37 Jefferson St., is currently in custody at the Huron County Jail.

Earlier this week, the man brought two of his live-in girlfriend’s daughters to the sheriff’s office so they could report ongoing sex abuse committed by a teen and boy. Investigators later learned Wooten, too, had been sexually abusing the girls for years and eventually admitted to such, Howard said.

The sheriff summarized this week.

“Over the past several days, our detective bureau and deputies have investigated multiple felony sex acts against children,” the sheriff said, specifically against girls ages 13 and 10, but also including two other girls, ages 8 and 6.

Howard said Wooten’s charges relate to the 13- and 10-year-olds.

“Two days ago, Detective Kayla Zander and Deputy Rich Larson were the primary investigators of the initial arrest of Justin Collins and an 11-year-old boy,” the sheriff said.
Collins, 19, also of 37 Jefferson St., faces charges of rape and unlawful activity with a minor charge for his alleged involvement with these same girls.

The 11-year-old boy, who also has been accused of improper sexual acts with the girls, has been placed in the custody of a relative. (NOTE: To read the first story about Collins and the 11-year-old, click HERE.)

“Through the detectives follow-up investigation with the victims, it was learned another individual (Wooten) had been sexually assaulting them for quite some time,” Howard said.

Howard said these assaults allegedly occurred in Bellevue and Norwalk, and also possibly in Lakewood.

Howard said Wooten was the girls’ mother’s live-in boyfriend.

Through several hours of interviews by Howard, Zander and Larson, the sheriff said Wooten admitted to the sexual acts.

“Initially he lied, but later admitted to the crimes,” Howard said.

“One of the most sickening things is he (Wooten) brought two of the girls to this office two days ago in an apparent parental role,” he said. “All the while, he’d been hurting the children himself. I can’t imagine what these children have gone through the last several years.”

“Mr. Wooten admitted to having sexual intercourse with both the girls (13 and 10) primarily at the Bellevue address and molesting the girls at the Norwalk address,” Larson said.

Larson said this investigation is ongoing and expects more arrests and possibly more victims to come forward before it is complete.

Howard praised the work of Zander, Larson and Children’s Services.

“The detectives and deputy worked in a 20-hour section, slept four hours, and then came in and did it all again,” he said.

Zander, who has been in the detective bureau for six months, said the investigating is complicated.

“It’s always a blessing to get people like this off the streets,” she said.

Wooten had served three years in prison in the late 1990s into the early 2000s in Cuyahoga County for felonious sexual battery.

“He was registered as a sex offender for 10 years, 2001 to 2011.

He moved to Huron County in 2008, according to sheriff’s office records.

According to Norwalk Municipal Court records, Wooten’s bond was set at $100,000 on the third-degree felony charge of gross sexual imposition. He is not permitted to have contact with individuals under the age of 18.

Wooten’s preliminary hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. Aug. 1 at municipal court.

Wooten likely will be arraigned on several other charges, including rape, in Bellevue Municipal Court for the offenses in that city. Court personnel said Thursday that hearing won’t occur until Monday.



sick, sick people. i'm sure big bubba will have something for these pervs in prison.


Where in the world was the mother through all of this? No one, and I mean no one could have completely missed every red flag here. How heartbreaking these children had no one they could trust to protect them. This is one of the most sickening stories ever.


Sometimes the only red flag a victim gives out is their initial outcry. Not every victim wets the bed, acts out or otherwise gives any idication of abuse until they "tell" for the first time. Unfortunately, pedophiles do a very good job "grooming" their victims so that they don't give any indication that they have been abused. I have done pediatric sexual assault exams where this was exactly the case: The first indication is the initial "telling."


So true...


May they receive that which they gave at the hands of many angry inmates. Sick piles of trash.


So the mother of these young girls moved a registered sex offender into her home? And if this started 4 years ago with the 19 year old - he was 15 - was he molested by this pervert too? This whole situation is just horrible. And I am sure child services will leave the girls in the home with the mother who made these choices. . .


That's what I was thinking. Was the mother not aware of this person's criminal history. And if she was aware... SHE should also be charged.


I agree


A short rope and a tall tree,or 45 acp .either works for me>


Disturbing situation.......did Wooten have something to do with the 19 yr old as well? Did he bring him into this or is it totally seperate?

ben castin

An old fashion hanging should take place August 1st in front of the courthouse.

Cliff Cannon

I agree with those who would like to hang these males, ( Make's me sick to attempt to call them " men " ) with this twist.

At Nuremburg, when hanging the major Nazi party members. The hangman, turned the rope in such a fashion that Striecher & Ribbentrop actually strangled rather than having their necks snap.

Call me cruel, if you like. However, that type of 'hanging' seems fitting here.


Not to belabor a point here, however only 1 percent of hangings result in a broken neck. There is a formula used considering weight and drop. Most hangings are compression deaths. I can't speak to lynchings,but I assume the percentage of broken necks was somewhat higher. Ok...what were we talking about?

Cliff Cannon

@ dontcare: I didn't think it possible to get even a small smile from such a sickening ,terrible crime. Thankfully, you gave me as smile.

Here's hoping & praying these girls who have so been devastated, will find much happiness & many smiles in the trying times ahead for them.

Everyone is fam...

Castration by a very dull knife seems like a fitting punishment.


How did the 11 year old boy get in on this is my question, are all 3 males somehow related? was the 11 year old boy being molested too? is that how he got into molesting the the girls as well?was the mother deaf and blind? If he was a registered sex offender, why did he only have to register for 10 years? or did he just move and stop registering? Sounds like they were passing these children around, how many more are going to come out of the woodwork as molesters? another question to ask were these children being prostituted? was this Wooten making money off the kids?


I would probably say yes that you are correct in regards to the 11 year old and wouldn't surprise me with the 19 year old either. Children that are molested are more than likely to molest others. It's a vicious cycle that needs to end. It starts with a phrase I learned from the TSA. "If you see something, say something."


...lock him up with Castro and give them each lipstick and eye liner...


The sad thing is..this will affect these girls the rest of their life. The mother of these kids needs major help! Don't even say, "I didn't know it was going on," because those kids went through hell when this was happening to them.

How can any adult think about doing this to a child!

Hopefully they will be someone's b*#ch in jail :)

RR Taxi Driver

It just sickens me to acknowledge that I know 1 of these people involved in this situation, but what sickens me more is the fact that the company that I worked for, when I knew this guy, didn't do a better background check on him. SICK SICK SICK INDIVIDUALS!!!!!!!!!!!

Clark W. Griswald

I think these creepers need to be curb stomped

Sitting In The ...

You can't fix that kind of stupid.


According to Swiss-they just need to pass a certain test and they are fine...wth?

swiss family

that is NOT what I said..


Close enough. Fine enough to possibly be released, was your point, right? After passing that quiz/test?

swiss family

you might want to actually read what I said... I said that AFTER they serve their time, in stead of just being released , like we do now, they ought to have to take a quiz asking them what they would and should do in certain situations, concerning sexual abuse etc.. I know they will NEVER score high enough to be released, because most of the sexual predictors do not see any harm in what they do.. so this way they will continually flunk the test and basically keep themselves in prison where they belong... get it now??


Whatever you say,Swiss. No cures for this illness. And I still say these sickos know what answer is expected, and they will give it. My last comment on this one is this: They do not change, they just get better at the lies they tell. Have a great week!

Scranton Tibbs

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We really need to bring back the "Public Execution!" To hell with these animals! I hope to God that those poor girls get the help that they will need. This is a terrible thing that has happened. No mercy on them! If we made an example out of them, then the rest of the molesters out there may stop! Kill them! Prison is too good!