Man shoots himself after deputies tase him

Girlfriend called called 9-1-1 asking for help, telling dispatcher man had gun.
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Jul 25, 2013


A reported domestic dispute ended with a Mad River Twp. man taking his own life seconds after he was shot by a Taser by Clark County Sheriff’s deputies.

Authorities responded to a home in the 3000 block of Arthur Road about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday after a woman called 911 asking for help, telling the dispatcher her boyfriend had a gun. Minutes later, another 911 call on Arthur Road indicated a neighbor heard a gunshot.

Deputies found Chad Haulman, 35, reportedly sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck parked behind the home “with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other” and a woman standing in front of him, said Sheriff Gene Kelly.

After telling the woman to move to cover, two deputies ordered Haulman to drop the gun while another walked behind him and deployed his Taser in an attempt to incapacitate him, Kelly said.

“He fell back and after the deployment, he (sat) back up and then took the handgun, put it to his head and took his own life,” Kelly said.

An ambulance from Mad River Twp. responded and Haulman was pronounced dead at the scene. Due to the nature of the incident, investigators from the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation were called to help collect evidence. Authorities remained at the home for five hours, photographing the area and questioning family members.

Haulman, a 1996 Greenon High School graduate, was described by neighbors as friendly. He had no criminal history beyond a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence, and Kelly said they had no prior calls to the residence. Karen Shockey, who lives across the street, said her son heard at least one gunshot, but she never expected to learn her neighbor had taken his own life.

“I mean, right across the street I wouldn’t expect it,” she said.

Kelly said he believes his deputies “showed great restraint” in their actions, and that the incident was a “tragedy.”

“We were taking every precaution in an attempt to de-escalate, to bring this to a peaceful conclusion and get the necessary help everyone needed but we were unable to do that,” he said.

The Clark County coroner is performing an autopsy and Kelly said the case is still under investigation.


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tragic probably shook up from tazer that cop should blame himself


So what in your highly trained professional opinion should they have done? just pulled up a chair and had a drink with him? waited for him to have turned the gun on THEM? Your comment is completely off base. They were trying to DISarm him. MOST people do not get up after being tazed. The man had a death wish and this sounds like nothing more than "suicide by cop"


so who said I was trained jw if he had a death wish he would have shot at the police not killed himself how can it be death by police when he shot himself WOW


Ddog89.....Come on are you that stupid?!?! The cops were called for a reason. He had the gun out and it's pretty clear he was going to use it. You are an idiot to say something like that.


simply stating they shouldn't have shocked a guy that is obviously in emotional agony. the mindset to take his own life in the first place, is reason enough to try and help the man instead of treating him like a suspect...and just because its my opinion does not make me stupid or and idiot. and htf is it clear he was going to use it, until the cops shocked him.


...tragic anyway you look at it


Ddog must have been there. The guy had a gun. I'm sure the cops told him to put it down. If I was one of the cops I probably would have had my gun pointed at him, not a taser. Some people really should just refrain from commenting on subjects they know nothing about.


I love the fence jumpers on here. If the cops would of shot him with their gun, people like Ddog would be screaming "why didn't they use a taser"? Now they use a taser and the guy takes his own life.

Sad, yes, but the cops didn't pull the gun.


people like me yep you are right I was there twice lol you people give me laughter in my day all I say is my opinion about something tragic and you idiots get on here and start bashing and stuff how hilarious is it that you loser have nothing better with your life other then comment on reflector posts get a life other then this love how its always the same people saying meaningless crap on this page blaze,ladydye5,arnmcrmn


wow...can someone interpret this please?


There is a lot left to be told in this article. No one can say who is at fault until many questions can be answered........."“He fell back and after the deployment, he (sat) back up and then took the handgun, put it to his head and took his own life, Kelly said."How much time after the deployment of the taser before he sat up. right away? if so does the taser have the wires that attach so he can be tased again? is this taser one size fits all? Or does it have setting you can adjust for more or less shock? (like a shock collar for a dog). I have seen people on the news get tased and they go flat out stiff and fall and are down long enough to get a gun from them , or cuff them.My next question is were they using a taser or a taser gun,I'm going to assume a gun cuz it said they deployed it, so with that in mind how did the guy get up if...... "a taser gun results in an immediate loss of the target's neuromuscular control, as well as any ability to take coordinated action, Once the initial shock is delivered to the target via the taser's probes, that doesn't end the incident. Tasers have an automatic timing mechanism that continually delivers the debilitating, but ultimately non-lethal, shock. Various models of tasers use different timing mechanisms, from delivering further shocks to the target's system (which are usually in the range of 50,000 volts) every 5 seconds, to every 30 seconds. The purpose of this is so that the targets' nervous systems can't simply recover from the initial shocks," Amazing what you can find out on the internet. So again I say to many question left from this article to make any kind of a judgment call