Norwalk man accused of raping 4 girls

11-year-old boy also could face charges after both admitted to having sexual intercourse with girls ages 13, 10, 8 and 6
Scott Seitz
Jul 25, 2013


A Norwalk man was arrested on a rape charge late Tuesday night in connection with having sexual contact with four young girls for at least the past four years.

“We received a report that improper sexual contact or conduct had taken place,” Huron County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said Wednesday.

“Detective Kayla Zander and Deputy Rich Larson were assigned the case and worked 24 straight hours on it,” Querin said. “Kayla and Rich worked on this case non-stop.”

Arrested was Justin Collins, 19, of 37 Jefferson St.

Collins currently is being held at the Huron County Jail, where he was originally interviewed.

His bond on the rape charge was set at $100,000 Wednesday in Norwalk Municipal Court. The rape charge is a first-degree felony, punishable by three to 11 years in prison.

Collins also faces six to 18 months behind bars on one count of unlawful conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony. The bond was set at $25,000 on that charge. The defendant is prohibited from having any association with anyone under the age of 18.

Preliminary hearings for both these charges have been set for 1:30 p.m. Aug. 1 in municipal court.

“The original complaint came to us from a Gibbs Road location,” Querin said. “That’s where the investigation started.”

Querin said an 11-year-old Medusa Road boy also made admissions to having improper sexual contact with the four potential victims during the past four years.

The boy hasn’t been charged, but his case has been forwarded to Huron County Juvenile Court and the Huron County Prosecutor’s Office for the review of charges. He was released to a family member.

“Children’s Services is also assisting on the case,” Querin said.

The victims’ ages are 13, 10, 8 and 6, the detective said.

“Both individuals made admissions they’ve had sexual intercourse with three of the four girls,” Querin said. “These acts occurred at various locations around Huron County. It was not always at one place.”

Sheriff Dane Howard and Querin gave credit to Zander and Larson for their work on the case.

“I’m very proud of the work Kayla Zander and Rich Larson did on this investigation,” Howard said.



This is one sick dude.. He needs alot of help and alot of time allotted for it as well. As for the younger male, I certainly hope he gets some help as well.


Yes he is sick, and yes he does need a lot of time and help. He has been a troubled kid for a long time but his family never did anything to help him. But I guarantee that his grandparents will dish out a substantial amount of money for his attorney, the same way they did for their woman beating son who is now in prison. In their eyes their family member is never in the wrong in situations such as these!


Looks like anyone, rich or poor can be a bad parent!


i doubt that living on jefferson street that they are 'rich' lol


His grandparents do not live there. They live in Sandusky and have spent at least $20,000 on attorney fees for their son beating on women.


Wow, 11 years old.. perverts start early , I guess.


sick, and sad.


My problem with sexual offenses is the amount of time they serve. and do they get help while away in prison, and who determines if they are safe to be let out.....The rape charge is a first-degree felony, punishable by three to 11 years in prison. Are children only safe for 3 to 11 years? then what?

swiss family

@ make some very valid points.. BUT I think you are heading into the direction of saying that it is up to "US" to make sure that these sex offenders are rehabilitated back before they are released if that is where you are heading, I have to disagree..

I too feel that the amount of punishment time for sex criminal especially is sadly too low, but I think that it should be up to the criminal as to when he is released. I think that they should have available to them, a library with good self help books, including books to help them to identify the root of their problems and the help and work they need to do to be functioning in a free society.Then when they are done with the time they have been sentenced with, they need to be quizzed, like in school, and on the test should be examples of situations that they can relate to, because it is very similar to their crime, and then let them give their answers, and if they pass the test, and are rehabilitated back to a "normal" thought process, then they might be able to be freed.. If they fail, they go back in and again the options are made available to them, and they will be tested in another year, and so on until they pass.

I also believe that the family of the victims that they created need to be notified when and if the criminal passes the test, and at that time the criminal has to face the victims and their friends and families to see if he is remorseful, or not.. and he must make a statement to them to show his change in thinking in my opinion


Please tell me you're being sarcastic! Really,this has been going on for 4 years-look at the ages of the victims- it should be classified as pedophilia and statistically speaking, a high percentage are not able to be rehabilitated.


@Swiss, Actually I was thinking more along the lines of life in prison without parole. IMO that is the only way to keep the children safe. I have never researched it an maybe I should, what is the percentage of child molesters who actually get cured? is it curable? is it like what they say about alcoholics never cured , but always recovering, and if it is just and always recovering molester, then there is a chance a child will be hurt again. Just my Opinion and thoughts

swiss family

life in prison is fine by me... when I said they they should serve their "time" which is disgustingly, short, they need to be tested before they are released to see if their morals and ethics are up to the "normal standard" I believe that they will Never be cured and will continue to fail the questionnaire, so they will be in prison for a very long time, by their own unacceptable logic, and not so much as being the "systems" fault... that way no highly paid, fast talking lawyer can be hired on their behalf and cry that it is "cruel and unusual" punishment.. they determine when they leave ( never) but it is their own fault..OR I also feel that we should offer the criminals that are going in for "life" a suicide pill, but they would have to take it in front of the person giving it out, and they can choose to end their life then and there, and save us a bunch of money, and put a quick and final end to their evil life


The only rehab that will cure this is death, pure and simple. Just my opinion...they will pass this test, they KNOW what answers are expected. Never thought you were that gullible, Swiss.




This is a sad sad case and my heart goes out to the victem and they re family. What would possess a 19 year old boy to think it is ok or cool to touch w lil kid....c'mon man

unknown user

one sick person right there that is grose let me catch him do that to my kids he wont beliving and where is the parents what do they do have they taught him anything lack of supervision and learning right there


His mother lives in Michigan with her new husband, and I am not sure of where his father is, but I believe Justin lived with his him.


Double post sorry


"Sight alignment/sight picture."


Was he involved with that older Wooten guy? I was sure if that was the same girls but a different offence or were they doing this together.....? How about the 11 year old? This is a tragedy and someone needs to casterate these bastards. This has got me outraged that people do this to innocent kids that trust you and this is how you treat them. These girls r never going to trust anyone b/c of these losers. It is super sad


The article is a little confusing; how are the two offenders related other than their common crime? Seems like both stories were simply grouped together.


Ok lets do the math a 11yr boy and a 13yr old girl hmmm The girl should be arrested also for having sex with a 11yr old boy!!!! AGAIN people where the parents at in all this?? There should be no excuse for this to be going on this long..The 19yr no excuse sorry bubba your going to jail and have to file the sex offender for how many yrs is it now?


Wow capcap, you are quite the idiot. Do you seriously think the 13 year old had consensual sex with the 11 year old? You should go to jail just for making such a stupid comment.


LOL goingtoh**lgirl your so the it again...

swiss family

my heart bleeds for these girls... and the boy... what is not being said is that something very inappropriate and sexual had to have happened to the boy, for him to be acting out in such a sexual way.I am NOT making excuses for him, because even he had to know and be very aware of how this inappropriate sexual activity has ruined his life, and for him to CHOOSE to continue that destructive trend on to others is inexcusable.

I would like to also clear up a misconception... first Castration, although it might be embarrassing for these guys, it will not stop their problem.. rape is NOT about sex it is about just because they are missing their "God given equipment" they will find many other ways to control and shame their victims.. also it is shallow to think that just because it happened to some other kids, that "It hasn't happened to your kids" Your kids do NOT live in a bubble, so these girls are probably connected to your own kids in places that you are not aware of ( Baseball, soccer, scouting, neighborhood clubs etc) and just as , I am assuming, that this boy felt the need to further explore the travesty that was done to him, these girls might do as well..they are NOT trying to hurt other kids, because no one told them that this act was wrong for their ages, so , if it is happening somewhere in a community, it is happening many places in a community..Please talk to your kids..


@capcap... I read your pathetic comment a few times before I even commented trying to find maybe even the slightest bit of sarcasm in it but there wasn't any, just dumbassery. Maybe you have a hard time comprehending the content of the article, "the 11 year old boy also admitted to having IMPROPER sexual contact with the four potential VICTIMS"... Maybe you missed the fact that the 13 year old girl is one of the victims. So please explain why you'd even say that she should go to jail for having sex with the 11 year old?