Three boys, 13, admit to vandalizing principal's property

MILAN - Three 13-year-old Milan boys admitted to police they vandalized the Berlin-Milan Middle School principal's front yard early Saturday morning. Milan Police Officer Pat Fox found two of the boys about 3 a.m. crossing U.S. 250 while heading to Bond Street. The boys, of Bond Street and Willow Drive, "admitted to Officer Fox that they had vandalized their middle school principal's front yard" on Twin Oaks Drive, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. William Arthur wrote in his report.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


MILAN - Three 13-year-old Milan boys admitted to police they vandalized the Berlin-Milan Middle School principal's front yard early Saturday morning.

Milan Police Officer Pat Fox found two of the boys about 3 a.m. crossing U.S. 250 while heading to Bond Street. The boys, of Bond Street and Willow Drive, "admitted to Officer Fox that they had vandalized their middle school principal's front yard" on Twin Oaks Drive, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. William Arthur wrote in his report.

Fox contacted Principal Doug Crooks, who discovered his yard had been toilet-papered. There also was a broken pumpkin in his driveway, disposable utensils stuck in his yard and Hershey's strawberry syrup on the front of Crooks' truck and in the driveway.

The officers and the boys, after the police station interview, went to the Bond Street boy's home where the third suspect was staying in the basement. Arthur said the boys, after being advised of their Miranda rights, wrote an apology letter to their principal and cleaned up the mess.

"The juveniles told me that they were all supposed to be staying the night at (the Bond Street boy's) house, but snuck outside and had intended to toilet paper (a) girlfriend's house. They decided against it, thinking she would get mad," Arthur wrote.

"They then decided that since Principal Crooks had disciplined their friend at a school dance late on Friday night, they would go toilet paper his house instead," the officer continued.

The boys were charged with criminal trespassing and criminal mischief and released to their parents.


Parent (Anonymous)

Parents beware! Berlin-Milan middle school has no spelled out disciplinary action for when your Jr. High student screws up. And guess what - they all screw up. Call around to the other local schools. Most have a spelled out list of infractions a student might do and the disciplinary action the student will recieve if they do the infraction. Most are spelled out to the letter even so far as first time it happens, second time it happens, etc. Berlin-Milan Middle School disciplinary decisions are left entirely to the discretion of the principal. So beware if he's in a bad mood! And beware if your kid isn't perfect. I don't think 5 day suspensions should be at the discretion of one person. I think their should be listed guidelines. This is not the first time this type of incident has happened at this school. 5 day suspensions are every day happenings at this school! Does Berlin-Milan have that many discipline problems or do they have a principal who's overstepping his bounds? Wait a minute, he's not overstepping his bounds - he has no guidelines to go by so he can do what ever the heck he wants!!! I am not condoning what these boys did. Unfortunately at age 14 they lack the common sense to think things through. There is a big difference in toilet paper and soaping windows at your buddies house because the football team won a big game and going onto the personal property of your principal and toilet papering, smashing pumpkins, and squirting syrup on his vehicle and sidewalks because he made you mad. One is good clean fun, the other is vandalism. Unfortunately, the punishment needs to be a tough one for this incident. If we just got grounded for two weeks by mom and dad for vandalizing the principals house we'd all do it! But the parents at Berlin-Milan Middle School need a disciplinary guideline set up because this is not the first time 5 day suspensions were handed out willy nilly to kids who had no previous infractions and got in trouble because of bad decision making. Again, I'm not saying vandalism is ok, I'm saying get a game plan and don't let the discipline in your school be decided by one person! And parents, insist on being involved with the creation of discipline guidelines. Get copies from other schools, they have great ones, spelled out to the letter. You will continue to have this problem in that building for as long as you allow one person to make the disciplinary decisions that effect your children. And you kids writing in on this forum - As parents and adults, we realize you have opinions and try to respect your views. Writing to the general public in a newspaper forum is a great way to be able to express yourself. However, the 14 year olds reading this probably can't help your sitution very much and they are the only ones who know what the heck you are writing. The age group who can lend you a hand doesn't have a clue what your writing, and to be perfectly honest, most of us don't have the time to figure it out. We type our words out completely. We think you really can't spell. We think your grammer is pre-school level. If you want our help in this, make sure we can read your concerns. You are writing in this forum to express yourself to many different age groups. You can do better.

Re: Parent (Ano...

I am glad there are other people that see these issues at Berlin-Milan. The two elementaries are ran COMPLETELY different (Berlin is ran ten times better). The middle school and high school are ran by guys that are puppets for Bill Lally and Dan McCarthy. Did you know that the high school is taking a shed that the BMYSL paid for and built and are no longer going to let the BMYSL use it for storage. This district needs an awakening.

Edison Grad (An...

I took my kids out of Berlin-Milan schools for a lot of the reasons mentioned above. They now attend a neighboring district and are really starting to excel. Additionally, there isn't the dread of going to school everyday. They are actually enjoying themselves at school, which goes a long way in learning. All of the schools in the district have their advantages and their faults. I agree that they seem to "teach to the test" for the state tests. while that shows the teachers ABILITY to teach, it isn't always in the best interest of the students. We need to stop teaching down to the weakest link in a class and start allowing the upper level kids to soar. There are so many kids that are completely bored out of their minds while they wait for the lower level kids to understand the concepts being taught. We need to teach kids to think and problem solve, not just memorize so they pass a State test.

Edison Grad (co...

Here's a quick analogy. In business you don't keep trying to obtain the unobtainable. In other words, don't focus on the customer you have no chance of getting when you can focus on customers you have a better chance of getting. I would say the same should be happening in schools. let's stop worrying about getting the 5-10% of kids with learning disabilities to learn with regular kids. Let's start letting the average to above average kids excel and not be held back. We wonder why the US keeps falling behind in education, but we just keep doing the same things over and over.

Parent (Anonymous)

Lets not get on sports and storage sheds. There is a real issue here with the BMMS disciplinary system or lack of it. If we start pointing out every issue, we lose track of what this is about. Did the principal grab this kid up by the neck for necking? If he did, does any one see a problem with this? Did the principal ask the kid to quit necking first? Is a five day suspension a justified punishment for a first time infraction for a Jr. High student? If 5 days is justified for an out of hand prank w/ no prior infractions what do we do to the kid who gets in his first fight at school and breaks a kids nose because someone called his girlfriend a name? I could come up with 50 different scenarios. There needs to be guidelines for what is a suspendable offense. The boys were wrong. They made a bad choice. Discipline is necessary. Five days suspension seems pretty severe. Do they get their grades, or incomplete? As a parent, I think a system needs to be in place so these kids realize that if they do "this", the consequence will be "this". Because I know at 14, I never in a million years would have thought I'd get suspended for 5 days for toilet papering the principals house - granted it got out of hand - but I wouldn't have figured 5 days. My dad would have blistered my behind for getting suspended 5 days! I guess the other issue is, don't blow these kids off for stating that the principal grabbed this kid up by the neck. Just because a kid said it, doesn't mean it's not true. As a parent, I don't want my kid grabbed by the neck for kissing a girl. I have no problem with you telling him to stop - but I don't see where anyone needed to touch him. Even if he was all over the girl, first step should be telling him to stop.

Student (Anonymous)

Mr. Crooks never told the kid to stop. The kid has got in trouble at school a few times though. And yes Mr. Crooks did grab him by the neck, i was right there when it happened and i can get probably 10 other people who saw it

just a mom (Ano...

There are many more issues in the Berlin-Milan Schools than just the differences in elementary schools. As a parent, I must disagree that 'Berlin is ran ten times better'. Different does not mean one is better than the other. The test scores at both elementary schools are comparable. Not to mention the student-teacher ratio at Milan is higher than that at Berlin. My children's experiences have been wonderful at Milan. The staff is caring, compassionate and go above and beyond to help their students succeed. Berlin has a huge advantage over Milan because the principal is married to a board member. I bet her requests are rarely denied.
One reader commented that Mr. Crooks can do whatever he wants, this includes hiring his own wife for a position for which there were several qualified applicants.
As for BMYSL, it should be completely dissolved. Those parents are nuts!! They care more about winning than teaching kids how to play the game. No wonder sports at EHS is in the shadow of the band.
All those issues aside, three boys broke the law and they should be held accountable. If parents put as much effort into raising their children as they do trying to get them out of trouble, the world would be a better place.

Son of a Teache...

Being the child of a teacher, I never had the luxury of having my parents try to get me out of trouble. In fact, the only solice I have is I get to do the same to my kids. They are guilty until proven innocent in our house. That being said, I agree that there needs to be some kind of guideline for doling out punishment. 5 days for a first offense seems VERY harsh. When I went to school it was usually 1-2 days for first offense, 3 days for a 2nd or 3rd offense, and then went from a 10 day to expulsion for consistent misbehavior.

Re: Just a Mom ...

You must have daughters at Milan. Everyone I know with son's has yet to find compassionate teachers. Just ones with disdain for boys.

better watch (A...

or the boy will be daddy soon. if not already.

re: just a mom ...

My child went to both Milan and Berlin elem. I can say yes, they are ran different. My child perfers Berlin and so do I.
As for the the state tests for the Milan and Berlin schools, they do not like to compare, but I will. Berlin elem. scored higher then Milan and BMMS on all the tests.
As for your comment about the Berlin Elem. principal, she is very fair, respectful, and has compassion for everyone and everything she does. I don't belive anyone would dissagree with me about her. Her husband is also a very fair, and friendly man. Her "requests" are for what is best for the school. Didn't you read Mr. Snook's "Best bang for the buck" in the paper? Last I knew, he was only one vote out of 5 school board members.

Just common Sen...

What are kids this young doing out on the streets walking at 1am-3am or whatever the time was. I blame the parents here, remember the old saying " it's 11pm- do you know where your kids are"? Good things are not going on at
that time of night when young kids are out and about. We all remember soaping a window or too but when does this
"fun" cross that line and become vandalism. I have talked to my son who advised that this young man at the dance was doing the "dirty dancing"- bump and grinding which was getting out of hand. Crooks is paid to control these after
school events and if he allowed this type of behavior to go on, then you would be here taking him to task for that.
If you feel Crooks was out of line, my parents always taught me, two wrongs do not make a right. In this day and age where people tend to over react to things going on outide of their homes, do not think it is a good idea for kids to be out do things outside of another persons home.
I do not personally know any of these kids but this is about making bad decisions,not bad kids....we have lost sight of there has to be consequences for bad or improper actions on all fronts. What is that other saying "apples do not fall far from the trees"? Let's step back and let the blame start on that tree, common sense does not grow on that tree, parents teach it and kids must learn it.
Hopefully out of something bad will come some good not just for these kids but others who hopefully will learn from what happened in this siutation. This is not about one school being better or worse, this is about some bad decisions by some good kids.I know I have sat my kids down and explained the large dose of "common sense" in this matter. I am very happy with the Educational system that we have in Berlin-Milan Schools and so must most taxpayers as they seem to keep telling us that by passing the levies required to keep out good system running.

This is off the...

those of you who need gas need to go fill up I have a relative who's brother in law delivers gas to the gas stations and word is gas is going up to $4.00 a gallon. I just filled up at Austins at $3.16 the cheapest in norwalk today.

right (Anonymous)

but it starts with the parents first. and if they are doing drugs (as way too many parents do these days) or drinks ...and a lot of parents just don't care...this brady kid has gotten into trouble before --it won't be too long until he knocks up his gf. but that's okay cuz his mommy and daddy will still coddle him.

re:This is off ...

Life goes on. Ride a bike or deal with it, but let's not bring it up again. Nobody really cares, except you and gas guzzler family. Good Day!

re: this is off...

then go pay $4.00 a gallon tomorrow stupid why pay more when you dont have to. and I am not the one who is always commenting on the price of gas and I dont drive out of my way to find the cheapest gas but I am not paying $4.00 a gallon if I dont have to. Pull your head out of your butt.

Re: Just Common...

Great Point. I hated it that my parents had to know where I was, and held me to task. But, I have to say it made me a better person. What were these kids doing out at this time.

geez (Anonymous)

Are you people not out of comments yet? I don't think there is one more original thought to share. Move on...

swiss family......

woah !!!!!! b e very careful.. you can't start blaming these poor children for their bad behavior... that's what i did, and i wanted the children to be accountable for their actions, but everyone crucified me, and said that i hated and beat children and animals..we all know that all good parents let their kids do everything that they want to, and "no" is never in your own vocabulary when it comes to your children.. if you say "no" to your kids, they will quit being your friends !! and we wouldn't want that to happen !! would we? we want to be totally delusional, and believe that our job as a parent, is to be our kids best friend!!

re: this is off...

I am not stupid. Looks like you are the one with the head up the rear. And I believe I said Good Day. Yeah, I did. And shut up swiss. Argue with this imbecile.

To swiss family...

YOU opened your mouth, inserted foot. I knew it would be a matter of time before you came back on here trying to defend your own words. Sorry, I'm not buying it. So take your little sob story somewhere else. BTW, there's another idiot arguing the price of gas on here...better put your claws into that one and reel him in, he needs your 'guidance' and 'good parenting skills' that you claim to have. Freak.

gas guzzler... ...

thank you to "aThis is off subject but" i appreciate the fact that you are trying to save all of us intelligent people some money.. i don't like to pay more for the products that i need , then i have to! it is because of the efforts by people like you, that the price of gas that we are paying in Norwalk has been lowered by about 30 cents per gallon in excess.. i know that the price of gas has increased over the summer, and, that is something that we can't address at this time, so i accept this, but what we have accomplished is the price gouging that we were being charged by the local stations, which went from an excessive amount of about 30 cents per gallon, at the start of summer, to about 2 or 3 cents per gallon today !! thats just extra money that we are paying the Norwalk dealers for the privelige of buying their gas, sorry, but i wont pay it.. i also wont thank them for lowering their prices either.. its like getting robbed week after week , and then feeling like you owe the robber a sign of graditude for not robbing you this week .. sorry but i am furious that they thought that they could over charge me so much in the first place.. i know that 30 cents doesn't sounf like alot, but when you are buying 15 gallons, that's a big chunk of change.. so if you expect a "thank you " sorry "Dorothy" that isn't going to happen!!!

Tarded they are...

Kids will get there way now a days - the parents don't care!! Put them in juvy hall for a good time. If this happen to my property - I would say after the courts have dealth with them then I would in my own style and manner. All fun in games I bet - but get a life and learn responsibility - grow up and do this to your boss and see what the heck happens.

Move on. (Anonymous)

Why Juvy? Put them in prison. Bad parents always the parents fault. How dare those kids pull a prank, when the school programs started it, when they were in sixth grade, But that is the parents fault. Parents should goto jail too. And all those who mock this. Lol People get a life it is over they are being punished, move on. Lets dramatize this, blah blah blah. If you read the article they are being punished to the fullest extent. Duh! P.S. I know for a fact of a young man who one night went out with three friends and smashed 10 mail boxes. And this kid, in your eyes are a reflection of his parents, a bad apple, one person stated " drug and alcohol parents", This young kid is now serving in the U.S. Marines. Hmmmm, You people would hate this kid, now he is protecting and defending our country, you all would love him now. kids do goofy things, this is how they learn, trail and error. People get a life and move on to something IMPORTANT.

to gas guzzler ...

Your own chosen name convicts you as an excessive consumer of gas. That, of course, is what causes the high price of gasoline. The only status gained from driving a huge vehicle is the title of STUPID.

To the swiss ga...


To the swiss ga...

Jerk! you are no doubt, stuck on stupid. stupid stupid stupid.

Pain in the Gas...

Oh swiss/guzzler, will you just shut up already?? We've been over this WAY too much for you not to see the light. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL~TO ANYONE~IF YOU DON'T BUY YOUR GAS IN NORWALK. I'm glad you don't keep it in the community, just makes you even look more like an idiot. Hit the nail on the head with the 'stuck on stupid' remark. Right on.

smalltowner (An...

Okay lets just line up the firing squad and get it over with. COME ON PEOPLE ...Are you all so senile that your memories have completely gone. Do you not remember when you where young and did stupid things. Sometimes you got caught and sometimes you didn't but either way it was a good time and you learn from your mistakes. get over it... they are just kids and they already cleaned up the mess... end of issue ...move on....

move on (Anonymous)

Okay, now that the children have moved on, how about the adults give it a try. Just might work.