Three boys, 13, admit to vandalizing principal's property

MILAN - Three 13-year-old Milan boys admitted to police they vandalized the Berlin-Milan Middle School principal's front yard early Saturday morning. Milan Police Officer Pat Fox found two of the boys about 3 a.m. crossing U.S. 250 while heading to Bond Street. The boys, of Bond Street and Willow Drive, "admitted to Officer Fox that they had vandalized their middle school principal's front yard" on Twin Oaks Drive, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. William Arthur wrote in his report.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


MILAN - Three 13-year-old Milan boys admitted to police they vandalized the Berlin-Milan Middle School principal's front yard early Saturday morning.

Milan Police Officer Pat Fox found two of the boys about 3 a.m. crossing U.S. 250 while heading to Bond Street. The boys, of Bond Street and Willow Drive, "admitted to Officer Fox that they had vandalized their middle school principal's front yard" on Twin Oaks Drive, Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. William Arthur wrote in his report.

Fox contacted Principal Doug Crooks, who discovered his yard had been toilet-papered. There also was a broken pumpkin in his driveway, disposable utensils stuck in his yard and Hershey's strawberry syrup on the front of Crooks' truck and in the driveway.

The officers and the boys, after the police station interview, went to the Bond Street boy's home where the third suspect was staying in the basement. Arthur said the boys, after being advised of their Miranda rights, wrote an apology letter to their principal and cleaned up the mess.

"The juveniles told me that they were all supposed to be staying the night at (the Bond Street boy's) house, but snuck outside and had intended to toilet paper (a) girlfriend's house. They decided against it, thinking she would get mad," Arthur wrote.

"They then decided that since Principal Crooks had disciplined their friend at a school dance late on Friday night, they would go toilet paper his house instead," the officer continued.

The boys were charged with criminal trespassing and criminal mischief and released to their parents.


someone (Anonymous)

Haha pricipals suck

Doug Crooks (An...

Comment deleted. It was not written by Doug Crooks.

someone (Anonymous)

how does an act outside of school constitute suspension?

A annoyed stude...

I do belive what they did was wrong but lets be honest everyone is overreacting, also I belive the way Mr. Crooks dragged their friend out of the dance was unfair, he didnt do anything wrong and he had other people at the dance acting out worse than that.

re: Someone (An...

Where does it say the boys were suspended from school?

re:A annoyed st...

I dont think it did but they were suspended for 5 days, oh and by the way Mr. Crooks told them that if he saw them smile they would be suspended an extra day each time! And tell me again how this is fair.

close friend (A...

All three boys have been suspended for five days, and in addition a court hearing to be schedualed, a fine along with community service, hours to be announced. All three have offered to clean their mess. THERE WAS NO VANDALIZING ACT. NO DAMAGE DONE. The boys have been punished enough for a prank.

Seems to me... ...

Doug Crooks wasn't a normal kid who papered houses while growing up. Must have been bullied to treat those kids as such. Kids will be kids. Plain and simple.

pissed off kid ...

i bealeave that doug crooks/the pig was rong for punishing brady at the dance when he was dancing with his girl friend i saw he had his hands on her sides he wasnt doing any thing rong i say good job to the 3 boys that did it im proud of them i beleave that man had it comen he seems to pic out sertian kids all the time from the croud of kids and its only kids he doesnt like and he is tryen to give people advice on how to not get there self into trouble with girls well atleast brady didnt marry a girl like half his age if u ask me crooks is a pervert that needs to retire and mind his own damn bissniss instead of geting kids in trouble for the dumbest reasons he didnt know what brady was doen he just chose him out of the croud

close friend of...

Comment deleted for libelous content.

kid (Anonymous)

Comment deleted for libelous content.

very annoyed st...

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stupid kids, (A...

need to learn how to spell first before posting anything.

WHAT ?????? (An...

Comment deleted for containing libelous content.

the (Anonymous)

Yes, I'm the girlfriend and no, I'm not going to leave the most nastiest comment.(even though I too was thinking about it :) What is going on is that this whole thing is just being over exaggerated and not truthfully told or analyzed. What the boys did was wrong and nobody deserves what happened to Mr. Crooks. The boys made a mistake and are getting punished for it. The end, that is it! It is Mr. Crooks job to punish people the way he does. I know everyones really mad about what happened to brady but, he's a big boy and I know he'll get over it. As for the moron comment, anyone can go online and say they are Mr. Crooks.I know its a shocker! Seriously guys though, we really need to work on our spelling and constructive criticism! Nobody else is going to take us seriously if we can't even spell princible, pricipal or believe, beleave. I know I'm terribly boring but y'all should really watch what you are saying.

WHAT ????? (Ano...

The ones that can read the last comment , thank a TEACHER... The ones that knew that words were spelled WRONG... Thank a GOOD TEACHER!!!!!!!

doug crooks (An...

Hi I'm Doug Crooks on Line--wait maybe I'll be whoever I want. Don't you people realize you can be whoever you want on this comment page...........Boy it looks like the kids who got in trouble need to spend sometime in the books.. Check out the great spelling done by all the highly educated middle schoolers.... Oh by the way...your in middle school and you shouldn't be out at 3am This is the point--regardless of what Mr. Crooks(oh thats me)did. The 5 day suspension is nothing along with whatever the court hands down to what your parents should do to you!!!

just a person (...

Ok i think that what these boys did was wrong and they should get at least punished a little bit.I do not think Mr. Crooks is a bad guy for suspending these guys. If you people got syrup on your car, wouldn't you be mad too? But for heavens sake, I get Tp'd and forked (and sometimes smashed pumpkins in my drive way) all the time!!! Do I call the cops and get the people into trouble? Heck no! I think this whole thing is dumb and overrated. Just let the boys serve their time with suspention and think about what they have done ,but dont make a huge deal about it.


Comment deleted for threatening statements.

the man (Anonymous)

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the man (Anonymous)
me (Anonymous)

wow im gessen somone was talken about crooks when they put pig looken fagget

parent (Anonymous)

As a the parent of one of these children, I am dumfounded to learn from the Norwalk Reflector that my son was arrested for criminal trespassing and vandalism. When Pat Fox brought him home at 4 am, he never mentioned that fact. And they were not picked up at 3 am, it was more like 1 am. They were picked up, taken to the station where the sheriff was called(the sherrif?|)interrogated, wrote letters of apology, then transported back to Mr. Crooks house, where they cleand up what they did. |We were never notified by the police that our son was even in custody, and when the police ring your doorbell at 4 am, it sends a shiver down your spine. |Hard to believe they were picked up at 3 am and did all of these things in an hour. I am shocked that they confessed and did these things and then were read their rights. This did not take place at school and had nothing to do with school, so where does a 5 day suspension come into play? If they did this to my neighbor or someone else they wouldn't have been suspended. My son is a sraight A student wih a 4.0 gpa, and has never been in trouble. And telling a child they can't smile in school is ludacris. |He has been punished, and was devastated and remorseful over his actions, and still is. The boys were wrong, yes, and disrespecful. But this has gone a little too far. Maybe I should contact a lawyer. I am still shocked that they never even called or house

someone (Anonymous)

Remember back in the day when toilet papering was a normal way of life? Now its vandalizing. I think the chocolate syrup and pumpkin was a little too much. As for the 'parent' response.....the Reflector never gets their story right and I'm glad I only get on here to get all the gossip and don't really pay for the piece of crap. It's just a gossip newspaper!

Dear p-ed off k...

Are you mad because you didn't learn a thing about spelling in school? Just look at your spelling errors! And you are a student???? bealeave,rong,comen,pic out sertian,croud,doesnt,tryen,there self,bissniss, do know that we're not texting here, you need to learn English. Stay in school, and take another grammer class. For the love of God, please!

To Harsh!!!! (A...

Mr. Crooks lives outside of Milan town limits, that means different police department. Milan PD would of never of known what house they pranked. But the kids told the truth. So lets punish them for telling the truth. You would think they would get some slack for telling that they pranked Mr.Crooks home. I think that the 5 day suspension and there parents is punishment enough. P.S, And from what I heard this was the first time these kids have ever been in trouble of any kind. Why press charges? I am sure they never thought they would ever get in this much trouble.

I think.. (Anon...

charges and a court date or be suspended from school since it didn't happen at school is going a little overboard. I toilet papered when I was a kid. People on sports teams get toilet papered when there is a big game. Are we going to start pressing charges against the cheerleaders now too? Making them clean it up the mess the made and the apology letter and the punishment the parents give them is enough. Especially if no property was damaged. They should have been made to come back the next day and wash the whole vehicle for putting the syrup on it.

sorry let me cl...

I meant making them clean up the mess THEY made and the apology letter

Plus they were probably scared crapless when they got picked up.

proud sister (A...

One of the boys who vandalized mr. crooks house was my brother. honestly, i dont blame him at all. i probably would have done the same thing. i mean, yeah they should have expected all of this to happen, they did do something wrong and mr crooks just doesnt know how to handle anything. i never had a problem with the guy, but seriously this is just ridiculous. yeah, they deserve to be punished but you know, if they vandalized the neighbor next door to mr. crooks then they wouldn't have gotten suspended. so how is any of this school related? they're getting punished enough, let the court handle it.

swiss family......

unbelievable... once again alot of you guys are jumping to defend these "poor children".. these are not helpless little innocent children.. these are property damaging vandals who were out at either 1:00 am or 4:00am depending on which story you believe.. it's no wonder that the kids today are getting worse and worse, we keep defending their bad behavior, and we won't make them be responsible for their actions! as far as them being suspended, and you all wondering why because it didn't happen on school time.. the kids were the ones who made it a school issue, by vandalizing Mr. Crooks home..yes , i said home, not house , because a home is where you are safe with your family in a loving environment, your safe place.. and these vandals invaded that space, and should be punished.. and if you read the kids story closely, you will see that the reason that these kids tried to destroy his property, was because he(Mr. Crooks) broke up two 13 year old kids who were inappropriately touching each other at a dance// and the kids say it was none of his business...yes shame on Mr. Crooks for trying to break that up , and all that goes along with that.. he is an evil man... please!~!!! it is admirable for parents to defend their kids, but when their kids are obviously blatantly in the wrong, let them suffer the consequences for their actions