Rape case involving Edison High students closed, dismissed

Boy's mom reveals details of case, laments consequences of criminal investigation.
Cary Ashby
Jul 22, 2013


"The victim in this case has been my son."

The Milan mother is referring to her 16-year-old son, who had been accused of raping his 15-year-old Berlin Heights girlfriend. According to the Erie County Sheriff's Office, the girl in June had accused the boy of raping her multiple times at his family's Milan Township home over several months. The girl reportedly had said she didn't report the allegations because she was afraid and didn't want the suspect's friends to harass her.

"The rape charges she had filed have been closed," said the boy's mother, who said the proof is in the hundreds of "very graphic" text messages between the teens which indicate they had been planning to have sex.

The texts included the girl saying what she was going to wear, that she hoped he would like what she wore and she was looking forward to having sex with him, the mother said. Attorneys for both the boy and the girl have the texts.

"They had planned on having sex the next day. ... They didn't have sex. They were planning on it," she said. "It was an ongoing, four-month relationship and they fell in love."

Chief Deputy Jared Oliver confirmed that Erie County prosecutors won't be filing any charges against the woman's son.

"Between interviews and phone records, we were able to determine that the action between the juveniles was consensual. ... The prosecutor's office agreed," he said.

"I know we referred it to the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor's office decided no charges would be filed. That's based on the evidence we gathered during the investigation," Oliver said.

The mother talked in detail with the Reflector about the consensual nature of the relationship.

She also shared what her son reportedly told a detective about the day he and his girlfriend attempted to have sex when his parents weren't home. The mother said the two kissed on a couch downstairs for five to 10 minutes before the girl took up her son's offer to go upstairs.

The mother said the two teens took off each other's clothes and they put a condom on him. She also said they attempted to have sex, but her son eventually said they shouldn't have sex because he "was scared to death my parents were going to kill me."

"He said he never penetrated her. They never had sex," she said.

When detectives asked the boy why he and the girl didn't later attempt to have sex after the first incident, he said he "only had one condom," his mother said.

The mother said her son wouldn't have bought another one because he's too shy. She used the example of when he took his previous girlfriend out to dinner at Olive Garden that she had to go inside and ask for a table for two while her son stayed in the car.

"That's how shy my son is," the mother added.

After her son and the girl attempted to have sex, the mother said there were several incidents of oral sex by each other -- with the first time initiated by the girlfriend, who wanted him to perform oral sex on her.

"That's not someone who's been raped, obviously," she added.

Her son's accuser isn't his first girlfriend. However, his mother called this "the second serious relationship she's had."


Consequences, CPO

"I believe (my son has) been punished enough. This has ruined not just him, but his entire family," said the mother, who has lost a lot of sleep over the rape allegations and the consequences.

As part of a civil protection order (CPO), the boy wasn't allowed to contact the girl or go onto the premises of Edison High School.

His mother said as of Wednesday, the CPO had been amended so her son, an athlete since age 6, is allowed to go to the gymnasium. However, he missed two baseball games, four of five days of varsity basketball camp and "many days of open gym." The teen plays three different sports.

"The victim in this case has been my son," she said about the boy, whom she calls "a three-sport letter winner."

"He might not touch another girl until he's 30 ... and that's fine with me," said the woman, who believes the rape allegations could have a long-standing psychological impact on her son.

She also has worried about a younger son and how the girl's accusations could affect him and his reputation.

"It's affected my whole family," said the mother, who often went to work on two hours of sleep because of this case.

On the plus said, she said there have been many friends who have supported her family "100 percent."

"A lot of the families have been wonderful at Edison," the mother added.

There is an Aug. 9 hearing in Erie County Juvenile Court on the CPO.

The mother said her son's attorney has determined there's "no grounds" for the protection order while the girl's attorney wants the boy's family to sign off on court documentation that essentially says "oops -- my bad."

"They want to settle before the Aug. 9 hearing and we said no," the mother said.

The woman is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the girl and her family.



Its time that the fake calls of rape be stopped by charging the ones who cry wolf and making it hurt to send a clear message.


I would like to take a moment to thank a responsible reporter for actually publishing the end result of this. Too many times, accusations are made in the media, trial takes place by those reading it, and convictions made without all the facts. Thank-you again as false charges can often be worse than the actual event, especially if left unsolved.


I'm sure the teen boy, loves that his mother is talking to reporters about this. I am curious about the girl and why she filed charges in the first place?! If they only "attempted" to have sex... this is way bazaar.


charges need to be filed against the girl AND her parents!


This girl and her family should be prosecuted... It does serious damage to the credibility of people who are raped. Not to mention the emotional and psychological damage to the accused. And yes... Thanks for updating this story when the truth came out... The teen boy might not like that his mother came to a open foruum for discussing this but he should be glad he had someone vocal on his side! Too many people do not and end up taking the punishment for the crime they didn't commit because of embarrassment...


Bet there's a lot of moms that are going to tell their sons THAT girl is off limits.


I call BS on the boy telling the girl he couldn't do it because "he was scared to death his parents would kill him". Mommy obviously bought that one, I sure don't though!!


HERS the problem with cases like this. A young boys LIFE is ruined due to false accusations yes hes not charged now but some will always doubt him- he will have a tough time ever trusting females again. A even bigger problem is GIRLS like this yell rape to get even with someone make it bad on girls/women who are really raped its why many times women dont report rape or arent believed when really raped. ITS time to start coming down hard on females who fake rape give some serious jail time and send a message it wont be tolerated.


I hoped the girl AND her family are charged for this. to ruin a young mans life for no reason is absolutely ridiculous. mom and dad found out their little girl was having sex.. so they report it as rape. CHARGE THEM. ruin their lives, and see how they like it.


I am pleasantly surprised that the prosecutor didn't over charge with rape and accept a lesser plea, which the boy would have been totally innocent of but accepted to avoid going to prison.

Really can't believe this case went beyond the first interview. She was continually raped by the same guy multiple times, was she kidnapped and held against her will or voluntarily went with the guy time and time again knowing she was gong to be "raped" on a continuing basis. But once again, in Erie County, I'm surprised the kid wasn't charged and coerced into pleading to a lesser bogus charge.

believe it

What a terrible girl and girlfriend. I feel bad for the boy, not only because he had to be put through this but because he had to explain all those details to his mother, lol. That girl needs to be prosecuted though.


They should prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law! Make an example of the little Bit**!


This girl should be charged and put a out a letter of apology!The same thing goes on all the time!


I called this. now it's time to file charges against the girl and sue her parents.

Oh, and buy a chasity belt for her before she pulls a stunt like this again,,,, wanna place bets on how long before she gets pregnant.


Charges need to be filed against the girl...either criminal or civil. It's liars like her that make people skeptical of real rape victims. I called this when it first came out.

Now The Rest of...

What the girl did was wrong and she should be charged, but this mom made a total fool of herself and her son. Best advice, don't talk to the newspaper.


What the mom did was protect her son!!! The paper was the one who portrayed her son as a rapist, by the girl's statement. So, it was only right for them to make it right when it was clearly false. The story was to let everyone know that there are girls out there like this and to protect their sons from coming into contact with them!! Because this is one life lesson that you should never want your 16 year old son to have to learn!! I applaud this mother for investigating the truth, by looking through the text messages, which i'm sure she didn't enjoy! And clearing her sons name!!! The son, I'm sure is thanking his mother for clearing him of being called a rapist!! That is a major accusation for a 16 year old boy to be called and carry around!!! Good job Mom! The world needs more mom's like you!!

Most Wanted

This mother did not make a fool of her son. She cleared him of rape charges. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I'm glad to read for once that a follow up story was done by the Reflector and I'm glad to hear that this mother went to whatever lengths she had to go to clear her sons name, even if it caused a little temporary embarrassment. Rather that than be labeled a rapist for life. I applaud this mother, and the boy did nothing to be embarrassed about. The girl however, should be ashamed of herself for what she put this family through.