Ohio protesters join thousands nationwide to rally against Zimmerman acquittal

Rev. Al Sharpton, who is leading the call for Florida man to face federal charges in connection with Trayvon Martin’s death.
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Jul 20, 2013


With calls of “No justice, no peace!” rising above distant rumbles of thunder, dozens of protesters marched around the Ohio Statehouse this afternoon, part of coordinated nationwide protests over George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of unarmed Florida teen-ager Trayvon Martin.

The rally that began outside the federal courthouse in Downtown was one of about 100 similar protests planned for today in cities across the country. The “Justice for Trayvon” rallies announced earlier this week by Rev. Al Sharpton, who is leading the call for Zimmerman to face federal charges in connection with Martin’s death.

Sharpton's National Action Network organized rallies and vigils  from New York and Los Angeles to Wichita, Kan., and Atlanta, where people stood in the rain at the base of the federal courthouse, with traffic blocked on surrounding downtown streets.

A Florida jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges last weekend. His attorneys argued that he killed Martin in self-defense, but the case became a national flashpoint because the armed neighborhood watch volunteer had followed and shot Martin, who was carrying only a bag of Skittles candy and an iced tea.

Local demonstrator James Jones, one of several speakers in Columbus today, said he was tired of being told the Martin case was not “my business.” “He’s everybody’s business!” he shouted to the crowd of about 200.

He and other speakers issued a wider call to end all gun violence that they said claims too many young lives.

“Trayvon Martin is just one of many tragedies,” Jones said. “The shootings have got to stop.”


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Swiss actually called it right. It is about unequal justice. Pay attention. How we all want to forget he followed a kid that was MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS and shot and killed him. What would have happened if he had just let the cops handle it? He had no problem letting the cops handle it the other 46 times he called. If I saw 46 different black guys in my neighborhood, I must be in a black neighborhood. Imagine that!


Left out a few facts didn't you? Jury spoke. Get over it.


Try addressing the facts I didn't leave out!

JudgeMeNot's picture

Sharpton only cares about his bank account.


I was under the impression that Zimmerman was told to stay in his car? Had he just waited in the car for the police, things might not have ended like they did.

swiss family

@ tiredofthecrap............you say to "check on the kids past" you are obviously brain dead yourself... look at any kids facebook page, and they have pictures of their transformation and confusion into exploring their young identity. You would see that most teenagers take pictures of themselves making crazy faces, dressing "thug" maybe a couple on the edge of being "sexy" etc.. that is what kids do when they are in their teens... But if Travon really was a"Thug" as you imply. wouldn't every "thug" carry a gun?? of course , it is part of the uniform, ok so now suppose that Travon would have had a gun.... according to Florida "stand your ground" laws.. he was definitely being followed, and was aware of being followed.. so if anyone should have felt threatened it would have been Travon, and according to their law, at that point he would have been within his rights to shoot Zimmerman.. right??? if that would have happened, and then you had the scenario of a black teen shooting the neighborhood protection guy (self imposed)do you think he would have escaped prison like Zimmerman did???? I would bet the answer wouyld be a swift "NO"


@tired. I think you had 1 to many cocktails, the kid was walking down the street. Zimmerman was told NOT to pursue and he did. So many people are blowing this so out of proportion. If there was an altercation the kid was probably defending himself against a man with a GUN.


SEROUSLY.. Let it go. A jury of his peers has spoken. Unless you were there then you do not know what happened. Apparently the evidence presented spoke for itself. The judicial system has spoken so therefore it is done..


The jury looked at the facts and evidence presented. They spoke. Stop the race baiting. Zimmerman is Hispanic not white. Look at the 492 black on black murders in Chicago alone. Where is the outcry there? Where is the demand for justice?

Martin had 4 minutes to walk away. He knew what he was doing. Tragic but you want to be a thug, thug life happens.


MARTIN was not on trial. Oh wait, yes he was!

Now The Rest of...

Once again ignoring or not understanding the facts, the judge DID NOT ALLOW Martin's cell phone records or any mention of any past record introduced at the trial. You do remember his cell phone records the ones that the state did not give to the defense that included bragging about his past fights. references to drug usage and selling a gun.

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You are really confused.

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Explain, how was my statement wrong?


His actions contributed to the case. He wasn't some 12 year old kid when this happened. He was a thug living a thug life. things like this happen to thugs


@deer.. Your not going to get through to them. It's a sad day when you can't walk down the street, get shot and killed and it's your own fault.


This is my first time commenting on an article. I usually enjoy reading the various views on every news report. I had to weigh in and get this off my chest. Wasp71, you are spot on, great job. Those who think using terms such as they or them is a form of racism is ignorant. Those terms are used to classify. Just because someone classifies a group doesn’t mean they hate that group. Not all African Americans even identify with the self-entitled groups that want everything handed to them. If anything the terms they and them are another form of segregation. Those groups cry that they want equal rights and to remove segregation. They are lying. They couldn't handle losing those rights or to remove their segregation. That’s right, they are the ones who want to be segregated. If they didn’t have their segregation, there would be no special college funds, BET, NAACP, affirmative action, hate crime laws or civil right violations regarding race. THEY wouldn’t stand for that. Everyone knows this was not a crime of race. The only racist remarks were from Trayvon. He called Zimmerman a “crazy cracker”. They complain that white people look at them strange and clutch their bags on elevators. Well that may be, but at least those white people don’t attack them for walking behind them. The media shows this picture of this young 12 year old Trayvon, when in fact he is a much older street thug. I have never been suspicious of a person because of their skin color, but when they dress and act like a thug, I am very suspicious. This group wants nothing more than to re-enforce the social indebtedness that the Caucasians have to African Americans. The DOJ along with the census bureau found that whites were becoming the minority. Their solution was to remove Hispanics from the list of races and now they are referred to as Caucasian with Hispanic descent. What a crock. That is like saying that a person with a white parent and black parent is really a Caucasian with African American decent. We as a country need to stop trying to cloud issues by tip-toeing around race. We need to face issues head on regardless of race. Of course if segregation was completely gone, the race issue wouldn’t be an issue at all would it?


George Zimmerman needs to change his name to George Benghazi--he will never be mentioned by the President again


The people dragging this out can be broken down into 2 groups:
Group 1 (75%) the media. Ratings and money
Group 2 (25%) the ones that do not understand the law, nor want to accept the verdict.

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swissey what's wrong with the system, just because you don't agree with the verdict, what do you suggest with your great wisdom?

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All Zimmerman has to do is change his name to working, that will keep the critics away from him.


Zimmerman should change his name to Jobs, that way Black People won't go anywhere near him


That comment reeks of racism.


Read what Dr. King's niece says about this. (Alveda King)

Cliff Cannon

" We are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken "

President Obama

No matter, what your opinion is on the Zimmerman trial. It is impossible to out logic, the logic of the Presidents statement, isn't it ? Further, I thank him for my better understanding of the challenges the black man faces, in his speech on his being black.

As to the whole of the Martin/Zimmerman clash. I did not follow the trial. So all I know for sure is a young man is tragically dead. While another young man's life is forever ruined. Which of course,as in all tragedy's dramatically affects the lives of who knows how many family members.

Being from Detroit, my complaint here, is in Rev. Sharpton's reaction to this case. Instead, of organizing rallies protesting the jury's decision. Rallies which of course, polarize people against one another. Shouldn't he be in Detroit---- where everyday 2 black people are murdered---attempting to help rebuild this city ?.

After all this burned out shell of a once great city is about 95% black. So wouldn't a real national leader be there telling every kid he could to get an education, to stay away from hard drugs, to dream of a career, work your tail off to make that dream happen, then dedicate yourself to making your city livable again ?.

Most of all, wouldn't a real leader stay away from the horrible affects of racial polarization ? For polarization is normally the politics of hatred and suspicion. Then hatred and suspicion grows nothing but more hatred and suspicion,doesn't it ?

So why isn't Mr. Sharpton in Detroit telling those beleaguered residents of that dying city that together there is little we can not accomplish when we work together. Why isn't he telling them the truth, that it will take faith, hope, courage, strength & trust to work together ? ( Wouldn't that be a better tribute to Trayvon Martin's memory ?)

Probably because there are no cameras on the man who urges peace & commitment. Certainly, there is little or no money in that course. Most of all, if mankind were to find 'common ground'& understand WE ALL love to be loved, need to be needed, want to be wanted,then we will build greatly when inspired.Wouldn't Rev. Sharpton be out a job ?

Kottage Kat

R. I. P. 2083

swiss family

If Travon was a "thug" as so many of you insist.,.. where is his criminal history? I understand as a minor, they will not release it, but with all of this publicity,, you can bet that if he had a criminal past, it would have been mentioned.... it was not.... to imply he is a "thug" is based on pictures from his computer... please go look at the pictures that you kid has on his or her facebook file, teens experiment with all kinds of looks, and almost all of them have at least one or two where they are dressed as "thugs" does that make your kid a "thug" as well????

to those who say that the jury has spoken... remember that in the O J trial.. he was acquitted as well.. and do you really think that he didn't do it??? do, the system is corrupt and surely is NOT blind, as it was meant to be in my opinion


How many teens have pictures with handguns with the caption "U gotta gun?"? I know of not one until Martin. Poor parenting was the start with this kid. He was kicked out of school for drug use and HIS pictures depicted a "thug" life whether you want to accept that or not.

He wanted to be a gansta.


Zimmerman emerges to help family from burning car in Sanford, Fla.


swiss family

In my opinion it was a classic and clear case of "profiling" on Zimmerman's part.. he saw a tall skinny kid, a Black kid with a "hoodie" and assumed he was a trouble maker... so now is the part that sadly is ironic... now Zimmerman fears for his life, because he feels that if someone with a grudge to carry, sees him, and doesn't really know any facts on him, might just shoot him because of misleading information...??? really?? isn't that exactly the fear that every Black kid, wearing a "hoodie" now experiences??? because of HIM?????


Good God people..."Can't we all just get along?"

Any time a white person kills a black person it's going to be the "Race Game" meaning...he got let off because he's white and the boy that died is black. Get over it! If I feel my life is in jeopardy and I am able to shoot the bastard then I will, whether that person is black, white, red,or blue!

The White Race is the minority now!