Fire this morning on Peru Olena Road

House at 1074 Peru Olena Road up in flames.
Joe Centers
Jul 20, 2013


Details to follow. Photo by Wayne Breitigan.



does this house belong to Pam and Arthur Norman can anyone tell me?


I am old that Normans live on Edwards road.


yes they do but also on corner of peru just making sure was worried considering house lokked so much the same


I don't know but if you know about where they live, it might help that the scanner said less than 1/2 mile from Rt. 250


No it was not the was the house ON peru olena in front of them


is that the so called "Haunted" house that was empty for a long time but recenlty renovated?


ok thank you although don't see them at all they are still family and this house looked similar


A shame, looks like a nice old farm house. Hope no one was hurt.


I grew up in this house...this breaks my heart.


I hope no one was hurt.


The house belong to the Popa Family. No one was hurt they all made it out safe. They lost one pet in the tragic fire but everyone got out. It's my in laws house they have lived there for more than 18 years and put a lot of work into the Victorian house. They are very shook up and sad right now but ok. Thank you all for your prayers.


Eddie Blair is a drug addict thief that steals from his nieghbors and friends and anyone else. He has been in prison for drugs and theft and since he has gotten out about 6 months ago, he has stolen from his grandmas nieghbors, friends of his have tried to rob the people across the street from his grandma. Fannie Blair (grandma) lets him do as he pleases and lets him stay there and deal drugs. Her house has been raided, they just picked up someone there Friday evening and it is just a place where no one can be trusted. All the people that go there are thieves or liers or a long list of trash. They need to put Eddie back in prison and all his buddies too. A pimp would be a step up for this piece of trash. The Spring Streeters have started a "Street Watch" now because he has ruined a nice place to live. The Blairs just need to move. I don't think it's right that my friends should have to leave because of low lives such as these.


Wasp this is a article about the poor people who lost thier house not Ben Blair so try a little respect for them by not putting this crap on thier story..... Thoughts and prayers to the family


They had really fixed this house up, I haven't driven by there in a long time. So very sad. Please post if the community is going to do anything for them, I would go out and give to help them.


From what it looks like in the Picture , it looks like its a totel loss , and its a real shame


wasp.. get off this story. seriously.
this family lost everything in this tragic fire. they are a wonderfully nice family and its awful that this happened to them.