Men charged in Greenwich bar assault

Police say a 39-year-old woman was brutally beaten outside of the Hunter's Brew bar late in June as she and her husband were attempting to break up a large fight
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 21, 2013


Two Greenwich men who are accused of assaulting a woman and her husband during a bar brawl have been charged.

Jason and Bret Wilson, brothers who reside at 6 Maple St., Greenwich, are each facing a charge of assault, according to Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

The men turned themselves into Norwalk Municipal Court and posted $500 bond each in lieu of sitting in jail, Dorsey said.

Jason Wilson, 30, and Bret Wilson, 26, both weigh more than 200 pounds and stand over six-foot tall, according to court records.

They are accused of involvement where a 39-year-old woman was brutally beaten outside of the Hunter's Brew bar late in June as she and her husband were attempting to break up a large fight, police records stated.

The fight apparently erupted after one of the bar patron's familial connections was discovered and resulted in more than eight people.

The woman and a witness told police she was put in a headlock and hit several times until she fell. As the victim rose to stand up, one of the men is accused of punching her directly in the mouth.

The woman's injuries included chipped teeth, cuts on her gums and lips. Her glasses also were broken during the assault.

Her husband was held down and assaulted as he tried to rush to his wife's aid, the couple and witnesses told police.

Police records indicate the Wilson brothers have been in similar trouble before. Local court records indicate both men have been charged with a variety of traffic violations as well as being disorderly.

The most recent charge against them is a first degree misdemeanor, court records stated.

Bret Wilson is scheduled to appear for a hearing on July 22, court records stated.

Having already pleaded innocent to the charge against him, Jason Wilson's pretrial is scheduled for July 31.



Heather tell the real story. The man and wife have records too, from drugs to bar fights. Jason and the husband's buddy got into it, Jason fell down and the 170 plus pound wife jumps on his back to choke him. The husband starts punching Jason with dunk hooks. Jason moved his head , husband punches wife in face, breaking her glasses. Jason gets up and goes home. Woman grabs a bottle and hits another guy up side his head, this guy turns around and punches her in the mouth. BRUTALLY BEATEN? In the mean time Bret and the other man are done, husband is asking everyone,"Did you hit my wife?" Bret walks home. GPD's Workman made yet another story book report. Only 2 people go to court for a bar fight with how many people Heather? What is the charge for using a weapon in a fight?


How do we know it was Workman who did the report? I didn't see his name in the article, or did I miss it?


A better headline Greenwich Po Po find their ticket book.Lost for many years this relic has now been found by Dorsey.Tell Smith where you keep it.


What is in the water in Greenwich, or is it just where all the uncivilized animals choose to live and hang out?

swiss family

I am NOT going to blame the bar, which seems to be a hot bed of trouble.... all I will say , is that if "Rupps, in Norwalk had this kind of trouble, with so many violations , in such a short time, the Police in Norwalk would drive them out of business...


Rupps has had this much in such a short time. Still here.


Odd that we're not getting much news out of Rupps, Are they under new managment or something? They were in the hot seat a few years ago.


Rupps still has the same owner. I think he (Brian Rupp) finally has things pretty much under control there.....for the time being at least.


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Wow, you think its still not healed up? I wonder which one it is? Both do work for a living. And I hear dope makes your teeth weak.I'm just saying.