Road unexpectedly closed as building appears ready to collapse

Village official: "This building could fall down and kill somebody"
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 18, 2013


State Route 60 in New London was unexpectedly closed this afternoon by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) because a downtown corner building appears to be in danger of coming down.

New London Village Administrator Shawn Pickworth called ODOT and the Richland County Building Inspector regarding the decaying masonry on the corner building of north and south main streets.

"This is dangerous. This building could fall down and kill somebody," Pickworth said as he stood outside the building, waiting for assistance.

One of the New London businesses that is housed in the building is Pizza Explosion, whose owner wasn't sure if they would be opening for business later this afternoon or not.

Pickworth said whether the building would be condemned is a decision the building inspector will have to make.

Simon Yoder, who owns the building could not be immediately  reached for comment.

Look for the full story in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.



I like how they failed to mention where this even was. Which, by the way, is in New London. If you're going to do articles like this, you should probably explain a little more.. like where it is!


I says New London like 5 times. What are you talking about? The title? It says New London next to the writer's name above the pictures, in the opening sentence, next to the official's name and in front of that business. How many times do you want it to say New London?


Press 'Ctrl+F' and type in "New London".
It will highlight the four times New London is mentioned in this article...



Upon reading the comments below, I have come to the conclusion that the location of this event was not previously mentioned... My mistake.


Judging from the photos its at 60 and 162 that would be N main and E main right on the corner.


Good job Reflector! Thanks for telling us WHERE this is!


Its on the corner downtown new london.where formerly the box office was. Guy who owns the pizza business is real good guy. im shocked some the buildings downtown havent fell few 1 fell across street from this building it was also a pizza house years ago.hopefully terry can reopen at another location id hate see him lose his business


WOW, We eat there and LOVE there PIZZA. Hope they can relocate someplace else. Owner is a very nice guy.


According to some Fecebook post pizza explosion has moved all there equipment out of the building and the police chief said the building is condimed and uninhabitable.


yes, upon reading my comment some would figure out it did NOT mention where this was located, when the article was originally written. they re-wrote it and THEN it mentioned where it was.... AFTER I had already put my comment.. it really doesn't take a genius to figure that one out....


thank you DHoliday for figuring it out.... you are NOT the weakest link. lol


Lettuce awl lurn hw 2 spel rite...


So where is the building damaged? I looked at the photos and couldn't see anything.


Starry big crack white window on the left, you can see it on the picture that is sideways if looking at the gallery it will be the 3rd picture, and I'm only assuming that is what the picture is trying to show as the problem


This has a better picture that shows the area of concern. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamai...


Honestly im surprised THE BUILDING wasnt closed years ago. The buildings HASNT been IN Good shape in a long time. Not sure year the building was built but that building and 1 across the street (formerly western auto) have looked bad years you can see bricks that look part way loose etc.Just hope he can reopen somewhere problem is not many open bildings in new london ( cept the old drive thru). Those you who never ate there his brother is 1 who owned east of chicago franchises


I could only understand half of what humptydumpty just said.....


Good luck with that bro. I have been working on deciphering it for hours, and haven't gotten any of it.


OMG, "cept" is my favorite!!!

Kottage Kat

Grannamen (sp) ?


yes kottage granneman owns the business brother of the granneman who owned east of chicago
bout the earlier post to those who were rude some letters on my keyboard stoped working no need to be rude with comments


So every key that has any sort of punctuation is not working on your keyboard?


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Does anyone know if they know what is going on with this building yet? New London is such a pretty little town it'd be a same if they lost another old building....


The guy who ran the business is not sure what hes gonna do. Far as the building im guessing the owner will be forced to have it tore down. Any of you remember years ago the building across the street fell?