Appeals court sides with Norwalk in Mimi Lee lawsuit

Woman claimed police brutality, sought $2 million in damages.
Aaron Krause
Jul 18, 2013


A decision in a federal lawsuit filed against five Norwalk police officers and the city has been upheld by an appeals court.

Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara reported the news of the decision by a district court that was in favor of the city to council at its meeting Tuesday.

In the lawsuit, Norwalk resident Mimi Lee claimed she was injured by officers in connection with a May 2009 arrest. Lee sought $2 million in damages. O'Hara has said one or more of Lee's claims are banned by the statute of limitations.

About 11 p.m., a Fisher-Titus Medical Center nurse directed Officer Jim Montana (who hadn't been promoted to sergeant at that point) to Lee, who had urinated in the parking lot. In his report, Montana said he stopped Lee in her vehicle in the Burger King parking lot after she left the hospital while "peeling the tires slightly" and when she exited her vehicle, she lost her balance.

After charging Lee with driving under the influence, Montana said he and Officer Chris Hipp walked her over to Montana's cruiser, but Lee "refused to get inside." When Montana said he "tried to shift her weight and move her to the car ... she pushed back into me (and) refused to get in the car."

"I grabbed her by the handcuffs and Mimi began screaming and yelling and trying to pull away from us. While pushing back and forth with Mimi, we forced her to the ground to calm her down. Once she calmed down, she agreed to get in the car," he said.

There was another scuffle with Montana later at the station.

Montana was accused of using excessive force by over-tightening the handcuffs and forcing Lee into the cruiser. Lee said she suffered wrist injuries, but Montana has said "she was handcuffed for safety reasons."

O'Hara said technically Lee could appeal to the Supreme Court, but it's unlikely the court would agree to hear the case.



Well if this is true hope she gets it!!


comprehend what you read before you comment and you won't seem ignorant. It clearly reads that she IS NOT getting PAID Linedriver. Some people should read the articles a few times then it might just spell itself out to you. lol

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"O'Hara has said one or more of Lee's claims are banned by the statute of limitations." It does not say all of her claims had been banned. Maybe she has five or six claims. Still it is someone looking for free money. People need to be held accountable for their own actions. She had clearly brought this upon herself. Throwing the paper work and trying to walk out the door, Obviously she was not there just visiting, and is going to cry wolf. If she hadn't took a potty break in the hospital parking lot, been under the influence, resisted getting into the cruiser, thrown the paperwork on the floor, and tried not to leave that police office. Then none of this would have happened anyways.


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When this was originally filed the Relfector posted the police station video and it was very clear she was the instigator of any issues and the police acted accordingly....Sorry Mimi...No soup for you...


These people are pathetic. How hard is it to lead a normal life and stay out of trouble. Always looking to blame anyone they can and never take responsibility for being a loser.


Ha, this is one time I will side with the police...sorry Charlie


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I know officer montana and he is one of the few police officers i do like on the force is nice polite and respectful i highly doubt he would do this to her or anyone for that matter just another loser looking for some easy cash

Cliff Cannon

It is to bad, that when a person losses' a lawsuit such as this one. That, they do not have to reimburse the person or entity they sued for legal fee's. No doubt, that would cut down the number of suits such as these.

Further, being an old geezer who made his living delivering products to major cities. I liked our America much better, when ---YOU KNEW BETTER----- than to fight with cops. No doubt, the streets of our country were far safer then.

P.S. Some one cue the Bobby Fuller Four singing " I fought the law and the law won "

swiss family

I wonder if she was planning on buying up lots of "port-a-potties" with that 2 million, that way she wouldn't have to squat in the hospital parking lot to do her business... she could have one on every street corner, much like telephone booths used to be????


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