Robbery claim false

Woman charged with soliciting prostitution
Scott Seitz
Jul 17, 2013


The investigation of an alleged July 6 armed robbery at Buurma Farms has taken a new twist.

About 2:30 p.m. July 6, the Huron County Sheriff's Office received a call regarding an alleged armed robbery where a male and female reportedly broke into a migrant worker's apartment while he was eating lunch and demanded his wallet at gunpoint. The man told authorities he surrendered his wallet.

The apartment is located at 4889 Ohio 598.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said Tuesday the alleged victim was interviewed again after holes appeared in his story.

"Detective Eric Bardar and Erie County Deputy Johann Matute, who speaks Spanish and served as a translator, interviewed the victim again," Querin said.

"The victim admitted making the entire story up," Querin said. "There was no male or female who robbed him at gunpoint.

"He made the story up because he was allegedly engaged in sexual acts with a prostitute and then his wallet came up missing," Querin said.

The alleged prostitute has fled the area, he added.

The man -- who was originally the victim -- has been charged with falsification.

His name is Martin Rodriguez, 38, of 4889 Ohio 598.

"Martin Rodriguez was arrested Saturday by Sheriff Dane Howard, Special Deputy Dave Battles and Detective Kayla Zander," Querin said.

Querin said the U.S. Border Patrol has placed on holder on Rodriguez at the jail.

"I really want to thank Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth and Deputy Matute for their help in this investigation, as well as detectives Bardar, Zander and Bill Duncan."

Howard said all officers did a great job on the case.

"We spent a great deal of taxpayers' money investigating this case," Howard said. "When taking that into account, I felt it necessary to arrest him myself."

But Querin said, that wasn't the end of the story at the work camp.

"At the time of the armed robbery, there was a female at the crime scene who we interviewed as a potential suspect," he said.

"The woman, Laura K. Hunt, 27 of the Willard area, was arrested after she made admissions that in exchange for money, she made an agreement she would perform sexual acts at the camp which she never did," Querin said.

Hunt is not the same woman who fled the area, Querin confirmed. "She was charged with soliciting prostitution," he said.

Duncan, Zander and Bardar all assisted on the case.

"It's nice to be able to bring some closure to this armed-robbery investigation," Querin said.



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No illegals down on the farm, just illegal activities. Aint that right Hankster.

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Oh and she claimed she was doing so good.. she spent 18 months in teen challenge and was supposed to be a born again Christian.. what a joke. another junky loser that makes all the other junkies look bad that are actually trying to get off dope.


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So technically he was a prostitute.


She will never clean up her act.


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Laura K. Hunt:

What a great name for a prostitue, especially if you blend her middle initial with her last name!



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First of all I have read all these comments over the months about how these ppl are junkie losers, I think for one we need to start looking at this as if what if your child had this problem!!! These ppl are human and until you go through it you will never have any idea of what these people go through! Herion is a HORRIBLE drug I for one know first hand because it ruined my life from the time I was 20 until 5 years ago! I have been clean and work a full time job make good money now! I can't tell you how hard it is for me to wake up and have that demons still in my head but I choose to stay clean and show that I will not be a statistic I have not relapsed once I give my addiction to God bc he is bigger than my addiction! This woman went to teen challenge to get help and she could have been a born again Christian but that demon that carries with you for the rest of your life still is there to seek kill and destroy! I think what she did was wrong by all means not condoning what she did but until you are faced with addiction or someone who is addicted you can't judge her nor call her names! I pray for all these criminal/addicts for the ability to over come this addiction and be able to be able to say this is who I was and this is NOW WHO I AM!


Heroin use is a choice.. you choose to be a junky! I choose not to be. no one forced you to stick a needle in your arm or snort the crap so your right.. I don't know what its like and I never will. I don't feel sorry for addicts cause it was there CHOICE. Now go pray and stop blaming others for your own CHOICES.


I personally think we all need to call a spade a spade, every time we use a soft word for a bad choice we make, which leads to bad actions, we somehow make it not look so bad. We are told alcoholism is a disease (soft word), and I disagree IMO it also is a choice you choose to drink. Ohgeeze I applaud your faith, if not for that I would probably not be reading your comments, but a article about you. As far as this young women going to teen challenge we can only hope the seed they sowed in here will grown. all seeds need time to germinate.


This women is bad news always has been always will be! I get great joy out of knowing her face is plastered over the newspaper for prostitution. Wonder how her grandparents will cover this one up!!!