Autopsy finds victim shot 6 times, stabbed twice

Man found dead early Sunday morning in apartment; girlfriend's estranged husband suspected of being the killer.
TNS Regional News
Jul 16, 2013


The man found dead in a West Toledo apartment Sunday morning suffered numerous injuries.

Michael Jackson, 20, was shot six times, stabbed twice, and beaten about the face, said Lucas County Deputy Coroner Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett who performed an autopsy on the victim.

The gunshot wounds, which were the fatal injuries, were concentrated in the victim's chest and arms. The victim was stabbed once each in a hip and thigh.

The victim also suffered blunt-force injuries to his head and face, presumably from the butt of the gun.

Mr. Jackson, who was sleeping when he was attacked, did not appear to have any defense wounds.

He was found dead at about 3 a.m. at 1605 W. Central Ave.

The victim's girlfriend, Amber Hayes, called police and reported that her estranged husband, David Zielinski, shot Mr. Jackson.

Police have charged Mr. Zielinski with murder, but he remains at large.

Anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts is asked to call Toledo police at 419-255-1111.


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I'm just curious. When a newspaper- whether the Reflector or any other- runs a murder story from the wire, how do they pick which one? I have seen stories from Toledo to California. I guess my point is, if there are probably 100 murders a day in the U.S., why are certain ones printed in out of town papers and others aren't? Can't be distance or family connections, they just seem way to random. Like I said, just curious.


This one? Probably the name Michael Jackson grabbed attention, just speculating with a narrative toward that of RACE, GUN, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Perfect liberal agenda. America sooo Bad mentality. All media seem to only pick up the one's with such narrative.


Actually if you see the Toledo news he has been captured and is in custody.


that wasn't the point wasp was trying to make. he just wants to know, of all the cases. why this one? wasp, thats actually a good question, what makes them decide to publish this case from toledo instead of a case maybe from columbus? or dayton? who picks which articles and why, considering it has nothing to do with norwalk. i personally would prefer NOT to hear about this stuff from toledo! my brother and his wife live in toledo, attending UT and when i hear about this it makes me nervous!! lol

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Guess wasp missed the part where it says: MCT Regional News


I guess you missed my point when I asked how they pick a story to run in the paper. Such as this: If there are 100 murders in the U.S. in 1 day, then how does a small paper, such as the Reflector, pick which to put in the paper? Whether it is off MCT or some other wire. Now do you understand the question? Or should it be broke down for a third grade education instead of fourth grade? And by the way- MCT runs 100-150 THOUSAND stories a MONTH so how does the Reflector choose which one to use. See if that helps you out any. And thank you coolstorybro- that was exactly what I was saying.

Cliff Cannon

I really enjoyed " Wasp71's " question , as well as find it very relevant. For far to often I believe the general public simply says " the government " did this or that as well as " the paper " should or shouldn't run these stories.

Of course,the truth of the matter is just like the Wizard of Oz there is a real live breathing person behind the curtain making decisions for " the government" or "the paper".

And quite often, they should not be hidden behind the curtain. For example personally,I'd ---LOVE--- to know who picks all those stories on perverts that dot these pages.

Obviously,someone knows " sex sells" so we get stories on men mutilating their privates or other men getting oFF with pool toys. But who chose's these beauties ?

I always told my kids " If you can't take credit, you shouldn't do it" So I for one would love to give ' credit' to the person who chooses all the pervert stories. Wouldn't you ?