Deputy bitten by female teen at hospital

Woman also accused of trying to kick nurse in the face.
Cary Ashby
Jul 15, 2013


A domestic violence suspect is accused of biting a Huron County sheriff’s deputy while hospital staff were trying to get a blood screen from the prisoner.

“That was a a prisoner they brought in on third shift,” Maj. Mike Cooksey said about Briana Grizzell, 18, of 4749 W. River Road, Wakeman.

Lt. Chris Stanfield reported being assaulted at Fisher-Titus Medical Center about 1:45 p.m. Friday, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

Earlier, Grizzell was charged with domestic violence in connection with an incident involving two relatives, Cooksey said. Deputy Shannon Lyons, after arresting the suspect, transported her to the Huron County Jail.

“That wasn’t the assault (in the report); the assault was on Lt. Stanfield,” Cooksey said.

While Grizzell was at the jail, a mental health professional evaluated her and then she was transported to Fisher-Titus to be medically cleared. Cooksey also said while hospital staff members later tried to do a blood screen, Stanfield and the staff were holding down Grizzell.

“She bit him (Stanfield) in the forearm. It bruised him up pretty good. It didn’t leave teeth marks,” he said.

“From what Chris told me, she (Grizzell) tried to kick one of the nurses in the face, but missed,” added Cooksey, who hadn’t seen Stanfield’s report as of Sunday.

Stanfield was treated at the Fisher-Titus emergency room and released.

Cooksey said authorities transported Grizzell to a Toledo mental health facility.



Why were they holding her down to do a blood screen? Regardless whether she is in the custody of law enforcement or not, she still has the legal right to refuse ANY type of medical care/procedures that she chooses to and furthermore; the only time a patient is to be restrained is if they are a threat to themselves or others. I do realize she was accused of being the perpetrator in a domestic violence incident, but if she wasn't attacking the staff or the deputies at the hospital and the only reason they were attempting to hold her down was for the purposes of forcing her to allow them to obtain a blood sample that she was refusing them to take, then it sounds like the deputies and the staff at FTMC were violating her rights as a patient of that facility. The medical staff at FTMC should know better than that. I am beginning to be very concerned about the conduct of our small town good ole boys.


Oh my.. you haven't obviously been paying attention much lately. Johnny law, medical advisors, government employees, elected officials can RECOMMEND (by force) anything they want as they see fit. There have become so many laws and "rights" with loopholes in them YOU really are NOT free anymore. 1st before you answer this. Take a moment look around, is there anything you can do considered "different" without a looksey from some organization or law enforcement, everything is under the "it's for your own good" clause. Can you build anything on your own property without an approval? permit (which is nothing more than a payoff) to pay for some gov. employee's wage and guaranteed vote. There has always been a small town ole boys gang, but with the major cities controlling their schools, factories, stores, CITIZENS. The control grab is now filtering into smaller suburbs and soon rural.. then GAME OVER. Heck in constitutional terms, DUI check points are against the law. Guilty before innocense. but society has excepted. etc. etc. Say they want people to quit smoking, but then scramble to come up with new ways to make up for the lost tax revenue. Your state has to give up all your tax money to the fed, then beg to get some back for local needs. Of course if they act accordingly. That mentality has gone viral. The end. Man i could go on..



funky.not a junkie

you're dead on truckin. It's disgusting the way our country is instilling the new world order in all the ignorant schmucks who, like you said, are manipulated into thinking "it's for your own good"


@Godhelpus44857, I see you must have received your Cracker Jack Law Degree because you obviously have no clue what the laws actually are and what the details under which she was transported to the hospital.


Judging by her facebook page, this fine upstanding young woman has a bright future ahead of her. Today pole dancing in some filthy, cluttered room, tomorrow THE WORLD.


and really who are you to decide pole dancing makes this girl wrong. Maybe different? maybe not a job you would seek? but who are you?. Alot of ladies have made it big after their playboy centerfold, after their Vegas pole gig. Alot of cash goes thru the hands of strippers, that is a given. Sure most end up blowing it up there nose. But we can't figure everyone who strips are bad. Heck look at most college towns.. Young ladies working thru college. So once again, who are you?

David Deerest.

They don't graduate to become a stripper/pole dancer. Girls who do that are mentally ill and need help. It's a legal form of I ask you...who are YOU to defend this type of pornography?


who are you to say they are mentally ill? H@ll i would tell ya to WANT to drive a truck you would have to be mentally ill! But then again i would not want to push a button or press a machine all day on some line.. Factory work is so highly skilled that people graduated in hopes to get a job at the local factory? or did they do with what they could get. Atleast a young chick is not robbing while pole dancing. Unless of course, it's your husband slippin' her the dollars from your bank. Many of intelligent women have used their bodies for a better life. Why do young hotties marry older financial men? Never seen a fat ugly women make it in the fitness instructor industry.


And did you see the filth in the background of the picture? A dog in a kennel lives cleaner than that...


That was exactly my point, until Truckin stepped in and twisted it all around.


Do you people have nothing to do all day but look up others facebook profiles? It's one thing to read the online paper, make a few comments from time to time, but then to take time to look up others facebooks and read/ or should i say, judge there facebook pictures.. WOW we need some jobs in this area to get some of you back to a real life of work and play, not sit, judge and internet search.


It gives 'us people' something better to do than pole dance in filthy rooms, bite law enforcement, or shoot heroin.


I'm cracking up here...I mean really....a pole dancer with a filthy house, who's been arrested bc and doesn't know how to behave....I'm sorry but this doesn't seem to be the case of someone trying to put themselves through college by stripping or that she has any chance what so ever of being a playing bunny...(that was a laughable argument!).....nope seems like someone in need of a lot of help!! I hope she gets some help and can turn her life around!! It is a very sad situation!

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Thinking about buying a dance pole for your home?


1st off: We probably aren't getting the full story here on the newspaper website, 2nd : A mental health care professional came and evaluated her and evidently determined she needed to go to a mental health facility. She had to go to the hospital to make sure she was okay to be transported. That is what medical clearance means, That involved seeing if she had drugs in her system, and if she did what level they were. The nurses were only doing their job to make sure she was safe and those that transported her would be safe. What would have happened if they didn't try to get a blood panel and because of something she took, she either died in transit or caused an accident, then everyone would be blaming the hospital for not doing their job. Good job FTMC, you keep doing the job you are suppose to be doing!!!


I'll tell ya some of these comments are just fanasic, I love how many different degrees one person must have knowing the law, the rights of someone whom has been arrested, peoples jobs and how to do them. Oh yea all dancers are drug users or mentally ill to funny! I love living around all these proud, upstanding, judgemental people who hide behind screen names lmao! Wow goooo Norwalk and all the surrounding areas


Its called protocol. Obviously you are misinformed.


Student loan have doubled, collage tuition's has gone up. Maybe her parents cant afford to pay for her collage. I know a few exotic dancer that paid for nursing school swinging on a pole. And it look like the pole in in a garage. I'm not so sure I'd be to willing if they wanted to take blood without my consent. It sounded like she was already having a bad day. I'm sure there's more to this story we're not getting


hoping my child never does this for a living but I will save my judgement on others. I do laugh though because there are a lot of you out there sitting at home, watching COPS and your hubby is paying these girls. The story is about her biting an officer. Not about what she does for a living.


I haven't seen COPS in over a WEEK, thank you very much.


I handle all the money, I know hubby is not paying paying to see a pole dancer, the only dancing he gets to see is when I watch dancing with the stars.


I just love how the cops are always violating these "citizens" rights! Come on, they are criminals, and as soon as they break the law, all rights should be relinquished! The police are here to protect and I'm tired of everyone bashing them. Get a life.


BUT police are Not judge and jury. We are a nation of laws, with a innocent TILL proven guilty provision. and without that.. Welcome 3rd. world dictatorship many forget that or fail to realize the outcome of their desires..Imagine without our laws the way they are. You might get locked up simply because an officer doesn't like your haircut???


besides no one is bashing officers, just keeping all in check, as they are our employees


What a joke Cooksey as jail administrator. Chris deserves and knows the jail better than anyone else. After all the hard work Chris did for Dane, Dane rehires Cooksey from retirement and SLAPS Chris in the face with that move.


hey, at least the cop didn't shoot and kill her LIKE A DOG.