Postal worker threatened by Greenwich man brandishing bat

Woman ran to her mail truck and contacted police.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 14, 2013


A 54-year-old Greenwich man was convicted of menacing for charging after his postal carrier with a baseball bat.

Earlier this month, James Row, 28 Pierce St., pleaded no contest to menacing in Norwalk Municipal Court, according to Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

The substitute mail woman wasn’t able to understand what Row was screaming at her on June 28 when he stepped inside his trailer on the northeast side of the village. But, she clearly understood that he was coming after her brandishing a baseball bat.

The woman ran to her mail truck and contacted police.

“She said he scared her,” Dorsey said.

Row’s motive for the attempted attack remains unknown, according to police.

Due to hearing and speech disabilities, the investigating officer couldn’t understand Row during an interview, Dorsey said.

“I don’t know why he did this. Nobody knows,” Dorsey said.

Row has no prior record of violence in the village, the chief added.

As part of the plea agreement, Row must submit to two years of probationary sanctions which include having no further convictions. He was also forbidden to have any contact with his mail carrier, according to court records.

Row must also pay $255 in fines and court costs within 30 days as part of the agreement, court records stated.

Twenty days jail time was suspended as well as part of the plea, the records stated.

If Row complies with the terms of the plea agreement, a further hearing for sentencing scheduled for September will be waived, the records stated.



Any takers that Hunters Brew will some how be involved?


Maybe he just wanted to mail the bat and needed postage


But Greenwich isn't a bad town yea right


GREENWICH A NICE PLACE TO LIVE, it's true it's on the sign lmao


And if it's on the sign, it has to be true! They can't put anything on a sign that isn't true! That's what it says on the internet so it has to be true!


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Property values dropping like mad in the big "G" town! If they could drop anymore!


This is crap, this man is deaf and because he speaks loud and holding a bat seriously there is other crap in this greenhole going down then you to charge a deaf man,here's a thought if the officer couldn't understand his side of the story get someone who knows sign language duhhhhh


This is all crap! Deaf man getting ready to mow, picking up sticks in his yard. First day postal worker in the area, lost in the big town 3 times. LOST in Greenwich! The mail is put into a mail box by the road and the worker did not get out of her little jeep. In fact no mail was going to his address that day. He does not talk plan, but he talks loud. The postal worker changed her story 3 times at the post office, after the crack police force got in on the case. Got a ticket on Friday hung in court on Monday by a judge that "Didn't have time" to look the man in his face so he could read his lips. Justice my A##!


You make some good points here sounds like the mail lady freaked out. I'm going to say Greenwich PD dropped the ball once agian. They should take a little time to get to know there residents a little better. This all could have been handled without a citation. The Village of Greenwich needs to take a close look at there Police Dept and perhaps change directions with it




I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking the GPD has been dropping the ball all over the place recently.The fact there not hiring the right people for the job or getting there pay scale up to where they can get the quality people they need falls on there shoulders. I doubt one person could make a difference it would take a community as a whole. And my guess is the community is tired of bad story's in the paper and change is coming.


The last time there was a tax levy or a safety levy on the ballot did you vote no? If there is NO money they can only do so much. You can NOT get a pay scale UP where it needs to be when there is NO money to use. You cannot get the quality if there is no money to get new equipment or new cars. The quality you are expecting takes $$$$. $$$$ MONEY $$$$ takes taxes and levies. It takes experience. You are not going to get that on the salary that Greenwich is going to pay. If you want that, you better start passing some safety levies. I am sure you would LOVE to head that committee and take it to village council! There is so much a few guys can do. A few guys that get paid a few bucks. A few guys that get used stuff with a few hours. Like the other post said. Join village council, go through the academy get your Ohio Peace Officer Training, do something, but to just sit and complain, well, that does NOTHING to help.


That was kind of my point the community has to want it and support it. I don't live there so I don't know if they voted the safety forces Levies down or not. I think most community's pass police and fire levies.


I'm not taking anything away from the wave of crime in Greenwich but why, if this happened on 6/28, just now make the paper?


I know this guy he worked at the landfill for many years. He had an excellent work ethic , they had to force him to take his vacations and talk him into retiring. He worked with the public and coworkers for 30 plus years never had any problems with anybody. He is Deaf and very hard to understand , big and somewhat scary looking but gentle as a lamb! He seems to get frustrated when people can not understand him and gets loud and takes things into his own hands so he can keep moving on . I understand how the substitute mail woman would perceive him to be scary but this is plain stupid! The woman didn't understand him the officer didn't understand him and I bet the judge couldn't either! So how the hell do you pass judgment on a person who can not get his side of the story out?


From what I've experienced with the postal service in Greenwich it's understandable. They don't treat your stuff very well if they have to go farther then the mail box, they just throw it by your door five feet away. You can complain about it but nothing gets done.


I was talking with a co-worker who says they regularly deliver mail to the wrong houses, too. Good grief, Greenwich is the Mayfield PD of the USPS!

chelsea kimble

If this guy is deaf then I can completely understand how things can become difficult and he get frustrated when others do not understand him. My own sister in-law is considered deaf and I know she gets pretty ticked off when others do not understand what she is trying to say. If this guy worked for a landfill for over 30 years and never had a problem, and dealt with people daily. I am sure that the postal service needs to think about the needs of those they deliver to and try to find understanding in everyone. If a person is deaf your first instinct should be to find someone who is also deaf or knows how to sign in the lest to help with communications. Not think of this person in a horrible way just because you can not understand them. Even the deaf have to protect themselves, maybe just maybe, he felt threatened by the mail carrier and that's why he was threatening her. Did she ever stop to think about that? Probably not!
Why should this guy be punished for possibly defending himself?


I did not see anything in the article or the comments if this man knows sign language, He must have a way to communicate if he worked for years at the land fill,and if "Greenwich officers know their residents quite well". as stated, they should known the man cannot communicate well. was anyone trying to find a way to understand him, or was it just easier to ignore him and charge him ?


Being deaf and being dumb are two totally different things. I don't know the man personally but I know a few deaf people and although they get frustrated with the miscommunication problems they've never charged anyone with a bat. He was probably having a bad day while the mail lady was being a typically mail person (rude). Either way this is a perfect example on why its important to be slow to anger and keep a level head.


Pillow must really know the police well. How one runs plates at the gas station with no cause. How one only moves 12 miles a night. and how one is relation to all. And the cheif, but they all have their own car to sit at their homes while off duty?