Rapist sent to the slammer

Man gets 12-year term for five sex crimes
Zoe Greszler
Jul 12, 2013


A former Norwalk resident was sentenced to a dozen years in prison for five sex crimes.

During his sentencing hearing Thursday in Huron County Common Pleas Court, Norvell T. McIntire, 45, of Sandusky, could have received as many as 20 years in prison and at least $25,000 in fines for the five felony convictions involving minors.

Assistant prosecutor Jennifer Deland asked Judge James Conway to impose the maximum sentence.

“This man has been convicted of the most serious of crimes known to man, that of rape, rape against a child,” Deland said. “He has caused serious harm, serious psychological harm to all of these children. One of them is still seeking help. … These children have to live with this for the rest of their lives. And they have now been stripped of their childhood.”

She added that McIntire never seemed moved to remorse in any of his previous trials or cases.

“He has many previous felonies and assaults, some of the same nature,” Deland continued. “Each and every time he gets out, he continues to commit crimes. He has never shown any remorse for any of his victims nor the crimes he has committed.”

Following a jury trial in May, McIntire was convicted of five crimes, including rape — a first-degree felony that carried a prison sentence of three to 11 years. McIntire received 10 years for the offense.

McIntire received one year each for separate counts of gross sexual imposition and attempted gross sexual imposition, both fourth-degree felonies.

He also received two years in prison for the count of the third-degree felony of importuning and 60 days in jail for the second-degree misdemeanor of public indecency.

Conway said that not all of the terms would run consecutively. Conway said the count of rape, importuning and public indecency would be served together for a total of 10 years, and then McIntire would have to serve one year each for the counts of gross sexual imposition and attempted gross sexual imposition “to emphasize that they were different victims.”

Conway also required that McIntire register as a tier-three sex offender. McIntire, however, refused to sign the papers.

Conway advised McIntire that by signing the paper, it could be said that McIntire had been cooperative and would have a better chance at receiving approval for programs that could help him. McIntire still refused to sign.

“I refuse to sign,” he said. “I just decided not.”

Conway told the defendant he would mark the document as “Refused to Sign” but that he would still have to go to the sheriff’s office and register there as a third tier sex offender. If he refuses to cooperate there, it would result in another felony charge that could result in a conviction and more prison time. McIntire said he understood, but added: “I’m not going to sign. You can mark it. I refuse to sign.”

On Thursday, McIntire was acquitted of a pair of importuning charges following a bench trial. The case involved a pair of teen girls.

The victims in the May trial also were girls, ages 11 and 14, and they both testified.

The 14-year-old girl was upstairs with McIntire when nobody else was home in August. When the victim walked away from McIntire, he grabbed her arm, pushed her onto a couch and fondled the girl as he held her down, DeLand said.

“He told her, ‘You like it.’ He told her, ‘Don’t tell anybody,” DeLand told jurors.

In the other incident at the same house that same month, the 11-year-old girl was sitting on a couch with McIntire.

The victim testified the man untied and pulled open his gym shorts and tried to get her to look at his private parts. The girl said she flexed her arm and pulled away when McIntire grabbed her arm and tried to get her to touch his penis. She then left the couch, had two of her friends come to the bathroom with her and she told them what happened.

Before the incidents, McIntire approached both girls, who are best friends, and asked them if he could touch their butts.

“We said no and walked away. When we walked away, he smacked our butts ... with his palm,” the younger girl said.

On Thursday, Conway ruled McIntire will receive sex-offender counseling while in prison, as the prosecutor requested.

“I feel sex offender counseling would be appropriate because he does not face a maximum of enough years that would be sufficient to keep him away for life,” Deland said. “He would be let back in society and I think he would continue to prey on young victims.”

One of the victims’ mothers, who attended the hearing, agreed.

“In my opinion, as soon as he gets out, he’ll do it again,” she told the judge. “He hurt my child. … I don’t want anyone else hurt, and the longer he is away, the less likely that is to happen.”



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Oh my. 12 years is not long enough. They should have sent him away a lot longer than that.


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Oh, I'm right here. He'll win it on appeal. Nothing he was accused of constitutes a charge of rape. I think it's funny how he used the Public Defender at a jury trial and was found guilty, then he goes Judge alone, defends himself and gets acquitted. I wonder if the Jury was instructed that they could find him guilty on a lesser charge? He'll either remain free pending the appeal, or be out within a handful of years with an overturned conviction.


you are right about that... he wont stay in for the whole 12. not even close. 3 tops.


It depends how back logged the higher courts are. 3 - 5 years perhaps. Maybe 2, if they hear his case right away. The deal with a Bench trial is that the Judge has to go by the evidence and the law, a Jury has free will and does not know how to interpret the law. It was Dave Longo's job to make the Jury understand the law and how to appropriately interpret it. I honestly thought a Jury trial would have been in his best interest, but it all boils down to a black man and white girls.


I am curious as to what errors you think the Judge made during the jury trial which would cause the Court of Appeals to overturn the convictions.


I am sure the papers have not reported the entire facts of the case, but. From what I have read, to include alleged victim testimony. The 12 year old never saw his penis, in fact she never even looked at it or in his direction (as per her testimony). Two females claim he smacked them on the buttocks, not rape. Nor is allegedly showing your penis. So, lets go with fondling. Still not rape. If this behavior did occur, well then a**h*le deserves a fathers justice (not cops or bullets, ropes or guillotines). Nothing he was accused of constitutes rape. We have become a society that sees boogymen around every corner. We are taught that any one friendly is a pervert. He'll win it on appeal based on the reflectors account of testimony and legalities. If, this is accurate. The first article said he was a trouble maker with numerous NON-sexual involvements with law enforcement. Then closer to trial the Reflector reported that he had numerous sexual involvements with females prompting law enforcement involvement. I got sidetracked; The appeal is not errors with the Judge, even though he could have tossed the rape charge, but rather, the evidence and testimony do not support rape.


Since most appeals are about alleged errors of the Judge the lack of those makes for a problem here. Since we don't have the discovery or a trial transcript (which the Appeals Court will have)only inadequate and perhaps inaccurate newspaper stories it is hard to tell what type of rape (there are more than a few types in Ohio law, only 2 of which involve a penis) was alleged or evidence was submitted on. Without knowing this a prediction of a successful appeal is at best premature.


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People plead "not guilty" not to delay their sentence but so they can get discovery from the prosecutor and find out what evidence is going to be used against them and then make appropriate decisions about how to proceed in their case based on that evidence,


And, guilty people take plea agreements.


Yes they do after evaluating the evidence the prosecutor has and deciding that it is in their best interest to do so.


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I am a little confused, is there more to this story then what is being reported, because this article does not describe a rape. I am in no way defending this man...I think anyone that touches a child inappropriately should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but the punishment should most definitely fit the crime. I pray for these children that they find the help they need to over come whatever happened to them and I pray that they can lead productive, positive lives. Also, where was the parents of all of these children? I do not care if the parents knew him and trusted him or not, as a mother of young daughters, I would never leave them alone with any man except for their father. Our children are our most precious gifts in life and I have never and will never put them in a position with anyone that would have me sitting in a court room testifying against a predator or finding myself begging the Judge for leniency in my own trial for killing some SOB for touching my child.


The Prosecutor claims "one (alleged) victim is still seeking help". I guess they weren't that traumatized if it only took 8 weeks for them to "get right". What happened to "their youth was robbed"? Or "They have to live with this for the rest of their lives"?