Woman brutally beaten at Greenwich bar

Husband held down and beaten while trying to help her.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 10, 2013


A Greenwich woman was brutally beaten at the Hunter's Brew bar while her husband was held down and beaten while trying to help his wife.

The woman's husband told police he wasn't interested in pursuing charges against his own assailants. However, the man said he would take matters into his own hands if the suspects who beat his wife weren't charged, according to a police report.

During the brawl that included more than eight people, the woman suffered chipped teeth, split gums and lips and her glasses were destroyed, the report stated. She told police she was knocked unconscious by the final blow she remembered delivered directly to her mouth.

The case has been sent to Greenwich's prosecutor, Steve Palmer, for review, according to Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



greenwich is off the hook these days. What's up with that bar all the sudden? Maybe someone got beat down for saying stuff on nr about their the girl that skank that was apparently missing. lol lol


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maybe it's time to close the bar, someone died on their way home from there, the granddaughter is...well I'll leave it to you to decide what words for her, and now this...


Again... that's like saying McDonalds made you fat.


Not the first time someone was brutally beaten there, and the owner did nothing. in fact that guy never did get barred even. G let's anything fly, as long as people are in there drinking. Underage or not. Unless it has changed a whole heck of a lot since i was in there last. But sounds like it us getting worse. After Dom's last stunt, and now this...


Is the owner/manager at McDonalds suppose to take your big mac away and bar you from the premises of McDonalds because you weigh 500lbs?


Weighing 500 lbs is not illegal, gross but not illegal. Brutally assaulting someone is. Your angle on this argument is invalid.


No, I think it's a very valid point. Because ALL of us would love to see the McDonald's owner TRY and take a Big Mac away from a 500-pounder!


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omg lmao! ^^^ that is the best comment ive seen all month! hahahaha! im wondering if it was dominique and her husband that got beat up?


Couldn't have been her... Or the other 8 people would be in jail already...gram and family would make sure of that!


hubby no longer at the bar, seems when you bust one of the h**s out like that, they put you out, go figure. They're trying to keep him from seeing the kid now. Don't know who it was getting their tail whooped this time. Hopefully one of many that deserved it and not an innocent passerby. and just when I was tired of commenting on these greenwich people along came another opportunity *sigh*


IM shocked anyone goes to that bar with all the bad news its been makeing! im not familiar with the bar is it mostly trash that hangs out there?


That's why people r going because of all the stuff happening it is excitement for people


It's better than watching cans rust . . .


You people have nothing else better to do than to hate on greenwich and its bar how bout you talk about charlies in norwalk where guns get fired or better yet all the drug users and so on oh wait thats normal how about we pass judgement and assume that zack being hit had anyhing to do with that hoe who ran off yeah thats cool low lifes act like whatever town u are from is any better pathetic you all are

the bull

Not one period in this entire rant. Impressive! That being said, Greenwich sucks. It's a terrible little town.


The bull....it wasn't her time of the month lol


...lol..good one!


The bigger the town the more trouble at the bars. Suprising how much is going on here for the size of the town.


The problem is lack of management at the bar and the police dept.


Just wait to see the names when they are released.


Wow really the fact that I didnt use a period in my rant as you called it just goes to show how lame you really are........... Oh wait no one got shot.... No one arrested for drugs.... No one killed....intentionally that is... No one killing babies... No stabbings .... Guess that makes greenwich pretty boring but you pathethic a**** need something to talk about


No, just the bar and town where the wife left to screw someone other than her husband, left her baby, and to get high...then cried she was "drugged, kidnapped, and raped", ( not the first time saying she was drugged inside grammas bar)...later to return and finally admit she lied. You are right though, noone discharged a firearm (hubby should have). No stabbings, but more than 8 people beating someone unconsious... Where was the owner when they were fighting and beating her? Why didn't someone, or she herself call for LE? She couldn't tell something was wrong, even if she was upstairs, with her little cameras? Not tomention the other 5 times Greenwich has been in the news this month.


Sweetheart, don't get your knickers in such a snit. Heroin County in itself is a bad place to be anymore, and Sandusky is quickly becoming the murder capital of cornville. The episode with the Greenwich ho(pefully someday a better person) just spurred a lot of attention because of the deceit. While it was still getting that attention, a few more things happened at the very same bar in question in the very same town. I'm not hating on Greenwich, however I am beginning to see a pattern with hostile posters from that area to which may have less than a high school diploma. I welcome you to prove me wrong with a civil tongue. You're not the school superintendent are you? Just curious.


Greenwich is the turd stain on the underpants of Huron County

Yall Make Me Sick

Sounds like an this bar has a few episodes that need to be on well.... Say it with me.... JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY!


And the chief keeps making excuses.


No not the superintendant. And also have a highschool diploma along with a college degree have been doing same job for 17 years also have 2 children which both have diplomas one whom works full time and one who is in college just think there is way to much focus on petty things as we should be focusing on much bigger and worse thingsw


Meh, it's news. It'll blow over with the next bigger, better headline. If you're a resident and things are cool there, good for you. You'll be forgotten with "Willards meth lab" (or whatever is coming tomorrow). If it does happen to be Greenwich or their bar again though can you really fault us for commenting on that kind of coincidence?