Woman brutally beaten at Greenwich bar

Husband held down and beaten while trying to help her.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 10, 2013


A Greenwich woman was brutally beaten at the Hunter's Brew bar while her husband was held down and beaten while trying to help his wife.

The woman's husband told police he wasn't interested in pursuing charges against his own assailants. However, the man said he would take matters into his own hands if the suspects who beat his wife weren't charged, according to a police report.

During the brawl that included more than eight people, the woman suffered chipped teeth, split gums and lips and her glasses were destroyed, the report stated. She told police she was knocked unconscious by the final blow she remembered delivered directly to her mouth.

The case has been sent to Greenwich's prosecutor, Steve Palmer, for review, according to Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



Holy crap. You have a college degree? It certainly must not be in English. Please learn to use punctuation, it would make your posts at least appear to be coherent.


Old saying. "where there is no wood the fire goes out"

chelsea kimble

This really comes as no shock. There is constantly fights going on in or around the bar. Charlie's bar is not in the paper, or I am sure everyone would be talking about it also. Just remember though this is a smaller town than Norwalk, so umm yea this is going to get people talking, not to mention the fact that one person is dead after leaving the bar, and another "claimed" she was drugged right there at the bar. These petty small things is what leads to the bigger issues. Yes tomorrow will be something new for everyone to talk about and the bar will quickly be forgotten, unless they are what the news is all about again tomorrow.


Hey ,that is where the Kennedy Nephew killed Martha,oh that was the sister city,Conn.This would still make a great movie !Small town in Ohio goes wild !


Nice. Knew my area before others. Akron Standard Mold. Fishbaugh Mayor. Brown's lived @ the corner of 224 & Edward's Rd. Remember all the gravel roads too. Remember hearing the screams & scum screaming, " Git him offa me - he's a-hurtin me." We always had good dogs. Nobody ever stole gas from us. Saw all the changes because of trash.


sounds like greenwich and it's surrounding area would be a good place to scout for upcoming episodes of 'cops' or 'the first 48'.

i don't care what the circumstances, whoever was beating on whoever would have been pulled of the other person by the nape of their neck, tossed out or better yet held in a full-nelson until the cops arrived.

whatever happened to the just plain morality of the people of ohio?

20 - 30 years ago this stuff would have never happened. sounds like to me a lot of people got elected into official positions and just hired a bunch of goobers to work under them.

they should have all been arrested (even the owner) and the bar shut down for a week. maybe once they realize they've got no where else to go that they better behave themselves or they might lose their little watering hole for good.