Huron County jail guard fired after relationship with inmate

Sheriff discovers woman had been exchanging letters and placing phone calls with inmate.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 10, 2013


A Huron County corrections officer has been fired after having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

Lindsey Miles, who had been employed at the sheriff's office for about 10 months, was terminated late last week by Sheriff Dane Howard.

"She was exchanging letters and placing phone calls with an inmate which is a violation of policy," Howard said. "This information came to me early last week that she (Miles) had been conducting this relationship with the inmate for almost two months."

The sheriff said Miles was still a probationary employee because she had been at the HCSO for less than a year.

"I interviewed her myself and felt it necessary for the security and sanctity of the jail to let her go," Howard said.

Howard said these types of events don't take place too often.

"There have been other things over the years and I can't really speculate what happens at other people's facilities," he said. "We do our very best to monitor it."

Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said Miles had placed money in an inmate's account so he could call her on her friend's phone.

"That is against our policy," he said. "She funded those phone calls."

Patrick added inmates cannot receive phone calls.

As to how Miles' supervisors learned of the relationship and if any other officers knew about that relationship, that still is under investigation, Patrick said.



another re run story..


You people don't even know the whole story and you are making up crazy theories about what you think she has done. They exchanged letters, that was all, they were not dating. I understand that the sheriff has policies in place but I believe it is pretty harsh to get fired for writing a letter or having a phone call. There was no physical contact made, she acted very professional on the job and still performed her duty as a deputy. It's not like he received any special treatment! Why is it anyone business who she chooses to date? Last time I checked once someone was released from jail they aren't an inmate anymore and as long as they didn't have a relationship while he was incarcerated then why does it matter? I seriously think you people need to get a life!


Again, look at their facebook pages, it was more than letter writing.


Having known her for a while my issues are with her behavior more than anything. If you were to take a look at her Twitter feed and see all the judgmental, insensitive, self-entitled things she would post on a daily basis scrutinizing and belittling the people she encountered in the courtroom and on the job, then you'd maybe have a change of heart. It's hard to keep respect, especially for someone who's supposed to be a model of authority, when they live tweet from the courtroom with such audacity as to labeling everyone an idiot purely on their situation in life. If anyone needs to know the whole story before having the clearance to judge someone, it's her.


Hmm...interesting. I follow her on Twitter, too...yet have never seen her post anything inappropriate. And furthermore, her Twitter account is private. If you're seeing her stuff, you're clearly not a friend. Please feel free to delete yourself, hater.


I've seen the same things, Pete.


It sounds to me like she got a little too "involved" with her work . . .

Yall Make Me Sick

According to HIS Facebook he loves her & is thankful she's BEEN there for him. So they are NOT dating right? Let me guess that's NOT her in the picture with him either? Omg here we go another "She didn't do it case" PLEASE stop trying to tell us it's all lies!!!! You prolly are "HER" on here trying to defend yourself! How about YOU get a life & wake up reality is about to hit ya!


Reality will hit pretty quick when he goes back to the Heroin and she realizes she just threw away her career for a loser. She's a cop, she if anyone should know that the vast majority of heroin users are back on it within a year of "getting clean."


they are all clean til next time they are caught..


They were not dating?? I don't know to many people who write letters, talk on the phone or add money to an inmates account without having some kind of relationship, especially when the one who is doing so is a correctional officer!!! He didn't receive special treatment??? Of course he did, Wake up!! It's also funny they publicize their relationship after she got fired.
I doubt anyone cares who she dates. The issue is she was supposed to be a person of authority and there was some type of relationship, regardless if it was a sexual or not.
It does not matter if they didn't start dating until after he got out of jail. The fact is it started while she was an officer and he was an inmate. How is this case any different then a teacher getting fired for dating a former student? It's not!!!


so the ???? what he was in jail i i guess he should only be with girls that been in jail like him self what the ???? wrong with u people on here i heard u people cut down people that sold a pill but the gov doses it every day im sure half of you people are with someone right now that been in jail you hipacrit you people got nothing better to do than get on this page and cut people down go get a job or play with your kids dont forget about the norwalk npd that beats his gf with pop bottles and she's a corrections officer the guy in jail didn't have a npd badge so he's wasn't as lucky


I'm pretty sure I lost a few IQ points just trying to read your post! And I'm sorry but my husband has never been in jail, nor have I. So that takes care of your "hypocrite" theory. Now as far as us not having anything better to do, I'd be happy to give up some of my computer time and teach you proper English. Did you proof read what you wrote? You seriously lost me after the first question mark!


Good Lord! I too was questioning the illiteracy of the comment. I bet they don't have a high school diploma. I've seen better spelling and more properly composed english and sentences out of my 9 yr old nephew!


Haha Wildbunch3, I had to reread their post several times and still didn't understand it. I was lost after the first question mark as well. Be careful, you don't want to donate that much of your time to teach proper English; it could be a full time job plus overtime.


You wouldn't be J.Cory that was just busted for selling drugs are you? If so- I can see why you would be defending both of them.


You know it is with a OHN. He will be in there soon his self.


Maybe find him a Deputy Girlfriend, too!! Probably better than he has now! Or maybe he knows her and is jealous that she was taken from him!


BeckaJ- Some of us are tax payers and for that reason alone this situation is our business!!! We pay to house, feed, provide medical services, treatment and prosecution of offenders we also pay correction officers to supervise and control these criminals. This activity was done on our dime. She failed to provide the service we as the tax payers pay her to do by having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.
How to you not think this inmate did not receive special treatment??? So did she write letters to all inmates?? Did she put money on all the inmates accounts? I guess that is a possibility!!!


Got a point there BJ


like i said i dont make excuses for her but cops in this area have done lot worse then her let a murderer loose beat there woman


I agree cops have done worse but it doesn't make what she did right!!!!


i agree love1610 just in my opinion punishment yes there should be some but fired i think is extreme in this county cops domestics cops see blood on arm let a murderer go not fired


If she wouldn't of been fired people would be complaining then as well. Not only that but if she was suspended from her job for a short period of time instead of being fired that would like allowing or telling others who hold a job of authority that this behavior was acceptable and if the consequences was only to be suspended for a short period then "why not"??
As for the Greenwich officer, I too agree that letting someone go who has blood on their arm is questionable but you have to remember at the time the suspects were pulled over it was not known that there had been a murder. Also being in that situation and seeing a small amount of blood on on someone's arm you don't instantly think it due to a murder. The officer had no other reason at the time to believe anything other then what the suspect told him the blood was from. The officer that was accused of hitting his girlfriend with a bottle might have been charged if her story didn't change so many times. How can you charge someone when the victim had multiple stories of who and where this happened at. I'm sure she was scared to tell but lying to cover up only makes her look like a liar, not a victim!!!


Girls still falling for the bad guy, they will reform? She is asking to have a very bad life.


Out of all the people who have commented here, how many of you actually KNOW Lindsey Miles? For one, I promise you she is most likely at home laughing at those of you who are speculating about what happened. It is also highly likely that she doesn't care what any of you think. Let me guess: you all live perfect lives, do everything by the book, have never gone against society or what others feel is right? hahahaha She lost her job. Now, for some reason, someone is also trying to destroy her life by rubbing salt in the wound and publically humiliating her. I think the loss of her job was enough. Leave her alone.


I guarantee we are the ones sitting back laughing about someone who threw their career away for a scumbag!!! Don't blame the people that comment on this story for trying to destroy her life or trying to humiliate her!! She did that on her own!!! There wouldn't be a story for all of us to comment on if she would of acted professional while on the job!!! There's always someone trying to play the victim and blame others!!!


I sure hope she isn't laughing about this.....if she is, then she obviously deserved to be fired!!!


Oooh look at me!!! I have exclaimation points, too!!!



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