UPDATE - Woman who was reported missing could face charges

Police say wife confessed to having an affair and was not missing or sexually assaulted
Scott Seitz2
Jul 9, 2013


The case involving a Greenwich woman who was reported missing for about 24 hours over the weekend took another turn late Monday.

Dominique Stephens, 20, was last seen outside the Hunter’s Brew bar, which is located in the village’s downtown late Friday night.

Her husband, Mark Stephens, reported her missing Saturday and a massive search was conducted by family, friends, law enforcement and through social media.

Between 10 and 11 p.m., Dominique returned home.

Mark Stephens said late Saturday Dominique was last seen with a man who might have gone by the name, “David or Doug, from Shiloh.”

The husband also indicated online his wife was possibly the victim of a drugging of her non-alcoholic drink while at the bar.

Late Monday, Greenwich police chief Steve Dorsey said Dominique was not kidnapped.

“The missing woman has confessed to her husband that she had an affair on him and was not missing or sexually assaulted,” the chief said. 

“The police reports will be sent to our prosecutor to review for making a false police report,” Dorsey said.

Earlier Monday, Dorsey had said Dominique would not cooperate with police.

“The victim did return home,” Dorsey confirmed. 

“She does not remember all that occurred while she was missing. All she remembers is that she went to New Haven to get a pack of cigarettes, then waking up at an unknown location in Huron County and drove home,” the chief said was the woman’s initial story. 

“She has been asked numerous times to let an officer interview her and she has declined so far. Until we have better cooperation from the victim we cannot proceed forward with any type of investigation,” Dorsey then added.

Mark Stephens had provided this message via Facebook Sunday.

“Dominique Stephens is home safe now! She is in bad shape, but Legend (the couple’s 10-month-old son) and I will make sure she has a full recovery mentally and physically,” husband Mark Stephens said Sunday via Facebook.

“If anybody wants to stop over and give her some cheering up, you can. The small things count,” Stephens added. “I appreciate everyone spreading the word. After seeing a community get together to save a mother/wife, it really gives me hope for humanity. You guys are awesome and thank you.”





All i can say is wow to all of these comments most are pretty hilarious and right where are her sisters now who swear she was raped and beaten and cant remember and doest need these mean comment blah blah blah whtevr good to see the truth came out and noone was sent to jail for not raping her


its scary for both sexes now days!! you got sickos who dont know what no means then you got sllezy women like this 1 who can make it very scary for a man falsely accuse them. it is pretty funny the sister and the husband ere sitting playing her as the poor druged victim seems they disappeared


She won't be charged it's Greenwich.


What does that have to do with anything? It's not GPD's decision whether she gets charged or not, or whether the charges stick. GPD, as well as all the other departments, can only do so much....it's this ridiculous judge that Huron County has who lets all these criminals loose with a slap on the wrist! I'm so sick of all of the negative publicity the Greenwich police department has had lately. These are a fine group of officers and all you people who constantly put them down - I'd like to see you put up with all the junk they have to deal with. People are so disrespectful of police nowadays! SMH...I mean honestly...let's start dogging the military because of stupid decisions that Obama makes!! Makes about that much sense!! And I don't want to hear the old verbiage that "Oh, they chose this career so don't get mad when people complain...." because you know what? So did military members. They get paid to do a job too. And before someone slams me for this, I am very thankful for all military and countless members of my family have served or are serving right now. Just a comparison.


Not sure how she could be charged, since she didn't file the police report.


If nothing else, it is still lying to LE, child neglect, child abandonment, underage drinking, narcotics/drugs, she told hosp staff she was raped and even had rape kit done. Then says she was drugged in her grandmas bar again, that should help grandmas business. But u are right...she will most likely get nothing, and her behavior will continue as it has in the past.


Does anyone know if she is friends with a woman who hangs out at Charlie's in Norwalk named Heather Harlow? This whole scenario sounds like somethings she does on a regular basis-go to the bar and hookup with a random guy while somebody(usually her boyfriend) watches her kids. Then when she is confronted with the truth-she makes up lies


my daddy once told me "you can't fix ugly" and i'm not just talking about looks here, because we ll know she's probably the cream of the crop in that neck of the woods.

some people need to get out of their town, county or state and stop the cycle of being some dumb kickin the can dirt farmer and actually do something with their life so they don't find themselves in situations like this.

tragedy to all.

meanwhile if he were to just 'take' the kid he would be the one arrested.


Marks a friend of mine, and let me just say, that b**ch deserves everything coming to her. He's a wonderful guy and deserves ahell of alot better than that trash. :) love ya buddy


The thing is Mark knew her way before he married her and knew how big of a wh%$# she was.. or should I say still is.. I cant figure out why he got with her to begin with.. shes been like that for years. I know people who have been to prison/jail over her. Shes bad news.. he needs to divorce her sorry a$$ and get custody of that kid.