UPDATE - Woman who was reported missing could face charges

Police say wife confessed to having an affair and was not missing or sexually assaulted
Scott Seitz2
Jul 9, 2013


The case involving a Greenwich woman who was reported missing for about 24 hours over the weekend took another turn late Monday.

Dominique Stephens, 20, was last seen outside the Hunter’s Brew bar, which is located in the village’s downtown late Friday night.

Her husband, Mark Stephens, reported her missing Saturday and a massive search was conducted by family, friends, law enforcement and through social media.

Between 10 and 11 p.m., Dominique returned home.

Mark Stephens said late Saturday Dominique was last seen with a man who might have gone by the name, “David or Doug, from Shiloh.”

The husband also indicated online his wife was possibly the victim of a drugging of her non-alcoholic drink while at the bar.

Late Monday, Greenwich police chief Steve Dorsey said Dominique was not kidnapped.

“The missing woman has confessed to her husband that she had an affair on him and was not missing or sexually assaulted,” the chief said. 

“The police reports will be sent to our prosecutor to review for making a false police report,” Dorsey said.

Earlier Monday, Dorsey had said Dominique would not cooperate with police.

“The victim did return home,” Dorsey confirmed. 

“She does not remember all that occurred while she was missing. All she remembers is that she went to New Haven to get a pack of cigarettes, then waking up at an unknown location in Huron County and drove home,” the chief said was the woman’s initial story. 

“She has been asked numerous times to let an officer interview her and she has declined so far. Until we have better cooperation from the victim we cannot proceed forward with any type of investigation,” Dorsey then added.

Mark Stephens had provided this message via Facebook Sunday.

“Dominique Stephens is home safe now! She is in bad shape, but Legend (the couple’s 10-month-old son) and I will make sure she has a full recovery mentally and physically,” husband Mark Stephens said Sunday via Facebook.

“If anybody wants to stop over and give her some cheering up, you can. The small things count,” Stephens added. “I appreciate everyone spreading the word. After seeing a community get together to save a mother/wife, it really gives me hope for humanity. You guys are awesome and thank you.”



Of course her mother is making comments about the hussys husband now.. she cant blame dominique for anything just like shes done all her life.. its everyone elses fault never dominiques. im suprised this guy isnt in jail just like many others in the past have been over dominiques little runaway escapades.


To place some of the blame on her daughter may mean having to face some facts concerning her parenting skills.


To place some of the blame on her daughter may mean having to face some facts concerning her parenting skills.


A song, instead:


"Your cheatin' heart
Will make you weep
You'll cry and cry
And try to sleep
But sleep won't come
The whole night through
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you..."


everybody sing!!


Please, enough. This poor girl had temporary amnesia. She was told by some guy she hardly knew that he was her husband. Under her fragile condition, she didn't know enough to contest. When she recovered (thank god she did) she immediately came back home. We should hope for a full medical recovery and no further relaspes, why is everyone so cynical?


??? Sounds like your the one with amnesia? Have you been following this story at all??? Or were you being sarcastic and I just didn't pick up on it...?


You're not saying it can't happen are you? Same thing happened to me. Wife caught me with some skank from the bar, had no memory of it until I was confronted. Come to find out I was blacking out a couple times a month. I didn't even know, my wife kept bringing it to my attention. They even made a movie out of the condition. Don't tell me I've lived it. Hoping for a speedy recovery and some understanding.



chelsea kimble

This does not come as a shock at all... How many times can you cry wolf? I am with who ever it was that said all the past cases should be opened back up. I know personally one of the people who she lied about in the past. I am also not falling for no temporary amnesia either. She just needed time to make up her story, but in the end realized no matter what she came up with it didn't make sense. So she knew e had to confess.
No one should even try to defend her for this, because that makes you just as guilty as her in this mess.
I sure hope Mark gets custody of that little boy. Though I don't see that being so hard to do.




@ Don'tcare- are you serious??? I sure hope not!!! This is the most ridiculous comment on this story that I've seen yet!!! You obviously "dontcare" about how stupid you sound!!!


Your comments are hurtful, mercifully I will not retain the memory of your comment for long, go ahead and make fun of a medical victim. Oddly enough you could also be afflicted and not know it. Be thankful and live each day as though it is the last one you remember.


All these comments and no Lilly or Ali come on u 2 where is your defense on it now!!!


Amnesia are you serious!!! yeah bc Justin trotter looks so much like her man yeah yeah yeah we're you raped or was it consensual were you kidnapped or did you leave I mean these sound like the same inconsistent story's that were told on innocent men I. The past! Suck it up you lied got caught and now everyone knows what kind of person you are!!!


Amnesia is real and can happen to anyone, now what was I saying, yes I hope you never have an episode it's not fun to be accused of things you don't remember ever happening, especially the second or third time. Let the evidence speak for itself.


Leave Justic Trotter out of this, he did nothing wrong.


dontcare- you get the prize for making the most people believe you have amnesia. I think all the ones that think you're actually serious need to stop commenting. If they can't see your sarcasm then they are really blind to everything else. Good lord people- read dontcare's comments. If he was serious- do you think he could remember his screen name each time? (That was sarcasm, also) I can't believe you all keep going with it. Wow.


Where are all the racist comments or the entitlement comments or the welfare comments? SMDH!


put that card away. its no good here.


I knew it... I see no comments from her dear sister on here.... I hope she gets sent away!!


Amnesia... That was funny! "My wife caught me in a bar with a skank" Maybe you should have been home with your wife and not in a bar with a skank. Weak attempt at coming to this cheater's defense. Speaking of defense, it is funny that her sister isn't on here now blasting people for speaking their mind and not knowing her sister like she does. Seems like several people nailed this story and the bs behind it real quick. My advice to her husband... get a paternity test done and file for a divorce.


This is newsworthy?


I am not saying anything about Justin trotter it was said that she though he was her husband and left with him! I was just stating They looked nothing alike! He was obviously in the wrong place around wolf cryer at the wrong time!!! I hope he was the one that called the cops and said she was lying honestly! i just feel bad for all the Dave's in Shiloh that almost got questioned bc she wanted to have a affair On Her husband could have got a lot more innocent ppl in trouble!!!


High entertainment and well worth my tax dollars. Bravo, keep it up Huron County residents.


the sad part of this whole thing is no matter how much she gets fined no matter how much time she serves someday this kind thing will really happen to a woman and nobody will believe her cause of trashy women like this lady who make up false storys! anyone know her husband the way he defended her claiming they have such great faithful relationship honestly makes me wonder if he should have custody of the child either!!!ITS very sad that a baby has a mother like this and its very sad real rape victims abuse victims arent believed cause of lieing trash like her!

Call Me Crazy

what a skank!


I'm sure the family is very proud.

Yall Make Me Sick

O Lily Lily Lily where are you your sister needs you right now. She went to the family bar had a "ruffle" (as you called it) in her drink now she's a DD & she gave a ride home to the "guy from Shiloh"! Now she takes him home while feeling a little loopy & don't remember how she got these bruises. Her family & friends & husband is all out looking for her while she's having fun with the real guy from "Shelby" in a hotel & she's not caring about none of you while she's getting her fancy tickled. She finally comes home from being "raped" & "drugged" don't want to talk to cops cause she's been through so much (she's tried from the fun night before) & she don't remember what happen. Then the TRUE STORY comes out & guess what???? SHE LIED TO YOU ALL!!!! Bet she wasn't thinking about any of you while she was out NOT BEING a mother, wife, daughter, or a sister she was out doing herself & her new fling!!! Tsk tsk! Lily please correct anything I've said!!!!!


we need some new news, not this. there's nothing else going on around here?