UPDATE - Woman who was reported missing could face charges

Police say wife confessed to having an affair and was not missing or sexually assaulted
Scott Seitz2
Jul 9, 2013


The case involving a Greenwich woman who was reported missing for about 24 hours over the weekend took another turn late Monday.

Dominique Stephens, 20, was last seen outside the Hunter’s Brew bar, which is located in the village’s downtown late Friday night.

Her husband, Mark Stephens, reported her missing Saturday and a massive search was conducted by family, friends, law enforcement and through social media.

Between 10 and 11 p.m., Dominique returned home.

Mark Stephens said late Saturday Dominique was last seen with a man who might have gone by the name, “David or Doug, from Shiloh.”

The husband also indicated online his wife was possibly the victim of a drugging of her non-alcoholic drink while at the bar.

Late Monday, Greenwich police chief Steve Dorsey said Dominique was not kidnapped.

“The missing woman has confessed to her husband that she had an affair on him and was not missing or sexually assaulted,” the chief said. 

“The police reports will be sent to our prosecutor to review for making a false police report,” Dorsey said.

Earlier Monday, Dorsey had said Dominique would not cooperate with police.

“The victim did return home,” Dorsey confirmed. 

“She does not remember all that occurred while she was missing. All she remembers is that she went to New Haven to get a pack of cigarettes, then waking up at an unknown location in Huron County and drove home,” the chief said was the woman’s initial story. 

“She has been asked numerous times to let an officer interview her and she has declined so far. Until we have better cooperation from the victim we cannot proceed forward with any type of investigation,” Dorsey then added.

Mark Stephens had provided this message via Facebook Sunday.

“Dominique Stephens is home safe now! She is in bad shape, but Legend (the couple’s 10-month-old son) and I will make sure she has a full recovery mentally and physically,” husband Mark Stephens said Sunday via Facebook.

“If anybody wants to stop over and give her some cheering up, you can. The small things count,” Stephens added. “I appreciate everyone spreading the word. After seeing a community get together to save a mother/wife, it really gives me hope for humanity. You guys are awesome and thank you.”



Oh hell lmao that's all I can say to this post!


Ferball I feel you need to write for the Norwalk Reflector, I found your version of events more interesting LOL. it made for better reading

chelsea kimble

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I know you're only joking, but this is not funny to the people who loved Zach. He was a wonderful person and we will miss him so much.

chelsea kimble

I could not agree more with you family44837. This was no joke to anyone who knew Zach. Zach was a hard worker, friend to everyone, and would have gave the shirt off his back to anyone.


I agree. Ferball was just trying to be funny. As he obviously never knew Zach. If he had he would of never thought of saying that. I went to school and played sports with him my whole life. He was just an amazing person. I don't think I have even one negative thing to say about the person he was. He will truly be missed by it of people.

chelsea kimble

Since my first comment got taken down. This is all I have to say. Zach was a good guy would have never been with this garbage. They may have been in the same bar, but that's as far as it went. Who knows if Dom was part of the robbery, but she possibly could have who knows?
If you knew anything about the people in this town, you would know there are lots of lies wrapped around that bar. Many people who have been hurt from the lies.
Zach was just a farm boy out having a good time, after a hard days work. He had plenty to drink and decided to walk home. Better than driving? Maybe it could have been had a train not of came, maybe not. This was just a tragic accident that happened to him. He could have just as easily been killed walking the sidewalk that time of night.
You can not compare or place these two people together.


As her husband sits at home with their baby hoping his wife is alive, she's out cheating and doing drugs. I hope like h**l this guy gets full custody of that poor baby. Way to go girl. You sure do make yourself look like a great mother.....


I couldn't of said it better myself


I for one do not know this person but I do know ppl who's life has been affected by her lies and corrupt ways of thinking! I know that families have suffered humiliation and shame that they should not have had to go through!! I think what should be done is open all the cases that involve her and her families lies about rape and finally give the people that she wrongfully accused some justice bc she does not deserve nothing and I think the prosecutions office greenwhich pd and the family owe these innocent men an apologies! Look at what she has caused and still investigating but if she would have said oh this man raped me he would be right now sitting in a too being drilled for questioning this girl needs help and be out in jail for as long as the men she accused!!! I hope that this girl gets it 10 fold bc I don't care she deserves it!!


Why would the prosecutors office and Greenwich pd owe anyone any kind of apology? They were doing their job and investigating a CRIME that was reported!! Do you not realize now that since the truth has came out that she will be charged with something?? For cryin' out loud people - give the cops a break!! They get criticized when they do their job ("oh...blah blah blah give Johnny a break, he's just being a kid....") and when people don't think they do enough they get criticized. Or would you rather the next time a rape or abduction is reported that police sit back and wait for the victim to appear and say "SURPRISE!! I made it up!"??? This girl has ruined a few people that I know - given them a bad name because she wanted to be the center of attention and make stuff up and it's about time she pays for all she has done.


...just another useless tric draining societies recourses that got caught!


useless? don't know about that. now I know where to go with my outdated meds. it sure beats throwing them away. i'll just have to make sure I can disappear for a night & i'll find a use for her!


I feel so bad for that poor baby. His father who 'supports' him lives rent free in her grandmother's place. Exactly how long do we think that situation is going to continue if he tries to take custody away from her granddaughter?
And the grandmother? I am sure that she didn't beg to have to raise her grandchild and then to have her turn out like this. SMH. What fool in their right mind would visit her bar after all of the drama that started there in the last week. Obviously, they serve people to the point of being so drunk they can't step out of the way for a train (and trains are loud people!) and then the allegations of drinks getting drugged multiple times in the establishment. Either that poor woman has to publicly admit her granddaughter is a pathological liar or that her bar is full of people looking to slip you drugs at any chance. And then there is the pesky inevitable lawsuit for their hand in the death of that kid they over served....she might as well close the bar now.
Fact is, both of that baby's parents were too immature and not ready to become parents. I'm not saying the dad isn't doing the best he can, but where I am from, providing for your child means putting a roof over their head that isn't on someone else's dime. Is he the better parent? Sounds like it.
And, as for the Dominique's mother's accusations (on Facebook) that the father is abusive himself....isn't that just convienent? AFTER, the truth about her daughter comes out he suddenly is an abuser. These kids both need to grow up, man up, and figure out some way to give that kid a life that doesn't involve him growing up in a bar, above a bar, and tossed between two parents that obviously have ill feelings about each other.


For the record trains aren't as loud as u think.... I work on them everyday. The noise is behind the train (after it starts to go by you) unless the engineer is on the horn. Not making excuses for a bar over-serving someone. Just stating an honest opinion about something I'm around every day


That kids death can't be blamed on the bar, or the situation with Dominique. Dominique's situation is all her own. She did it, and as far as the kid goes. He was the one walking the tracks. No one told him to do so. I feel bad for his family and that they had to lose someone so dear to them, and that the kid lost his life so young, but he was the one who decided to get that intoxicated and then walk the tracks home. Bartenders only cut people off if they get rowdy, or are causing problems. Such as trying to start fights, or being sexual with someone that doesn't want them to be. That goes for all bars, not just that one. Quit blaming the bar for any of it. I used to go there all the time and it's actually a really decent establishment with a lot of good people just there to hang with friends and wind down from a long week of work. The name of the bar is Hunters Brew, but most people just call it The Brew. At the time when I used to go there I was a single woman who would drink by myself, and I'd set my drink down on a ledge by the door to go out and have a cigarette, and never once did my drink get messed with. A lot of people that go there don't watch there drink 100% of the time because they know they don't have to worry about it, but as the public knows the first story wasn't true anyway. So that shows that this has nothing to do with the establishment or the grandmother. Who I know very well, and she is an outstanding woman. People need to quit putting the blame on her and her establishment!


Well said. Its like trying to say McDonald's made me fat. YOU made yourself fat. Don't blame the establishment. That bar gets a bad rap because of the choices that people who go there make. The bar didn't make them do it... The owner is a very nice person.


All I can say is ....Justin Trotter.....seriously?.....gross


"But she wouldn't just leave her 10 month old son for more than an hour. She loves him."


There is so much wrong with this comment on a social level I don't even know where to begin. Obviously she doesn't work if she can't leave her son for more than a hour. So I'm busting my a$$ so she can go engage in illicit behavior on my tax paying money. Once again I wish the choices I would have made would have been better. Who knew I could sit home, party, do drugs, be promiscuous, and all on someone else's dime. Instead my day starts a 5:30 where I go to something called a job...by the time you get home... and you do this 5-6 days a week. Your too tired to do all the other stuff. Maybe she needs a J~O~B!!!!

chelsea kimble

She loves him so much she "confessed" to leaving with some guy to go get high... Yea she just loves him so much don't she?


Where are all those supporters now for this girl? they seemed to have disappeared.

Everyone is fam...

As someone who worried, prayed, posted, ect for the safe return of this young lady, I am disappointed in this turn of events. And although I do not condone or agree with her actions, I do however hope she gets the help she needs. She has her whole life ahead of her. What matters the MOST is the innocent child who is trapped in the middle of this situation. Ideally she will get her mind right and this baby will have both parents in his life. I know sometimes that isn't the best for a child, but I hope this is a wake up call and she works hard and fights to turn her life around for the sake of this little boy.

chelsea kimble

Hun, we all prayed and everything for her, but the sad reality is that she has done this many of times before, and now its all catching up to her. Sadly her family wanted to believe she had changed this time. Clearly she did not. You can not get help unless you want it. She could go to counseling, be put on meds, that doesn't mean she will change. Personally you would think if she was any kind of person she would have put her child first and not left this time.


Poor kid. Sounds like someone else needs to take care of him. WHERE are all those people that said she was a victim? BABY is the innocent victim,period.


Honestly, who didn't see this coming?

chelsea kimble

Only people who are blinded by her actions would not have seen this coming..


She should go and work for Norwalk's Water Department. Sounds like she has the experience they are looking for!!!


Get over it about the water dept., THED0N. Whatever hope you held before, that you would be hired,is awash.


About this situation? Wow..."As The World Turns". Just another soap opera.