Greenwich woman found!

Dominique Stephens had been missing since late Friday
Scott Seitz
Jul 7, 2013


Twenty-year-old Greenwich resident Dominique Magen Stephens, who was reported missing late Friday after last being seen outside the Hunter's Brew bar, has been found, according to Greenwich police.

Specific details on how and why she was missing have not yet been released.

Keep checking back for more details.



We don't need the details, especially printed in the paper. She is home, leave her alone now.


Sure we do. Let's have an update.


Let's hear the truth about why she ran off


Brass man please close the orifice from which you are spouting your inconsiderate ignorant rantings...dang! Just because you think you know it all doesn't mean you do!

Even IF, and that is a big if because we don't know that she did, she ran off with someone if at any point she said NO then whomever she was with should have stopped. No means no. Not maybe...not she is not allowed to change her mind...not anything BUT NO.

If it was consensual then she will deal with whatever happened but your ranting helps nothing so please stop.


I agree with brassman. They reached out to the public for assistance in locating this missing girl. Now we the public have a right to know all the ugly details. Didn't Mommy ever teach her to never get in the car with strangers. Or let strangers in the car with her.


Well, well, well. We all knew it was coming. HAHAHAHA!


I agree with CJW. She has been through enough


The public that was involved in looking for her and wants to know what happened. Drugs? Left her husband? Rape? If she has nothing to be ashamed about, then she shouldn't be ashamed.

Yall Make Me Sick

You can't just post a story in the paper like this & NOT expect people to ask questions it's human nature for Pete's sake. That's why you shouldn't go to a bar even a family owned bar IF you can't handle your liquior! If you don't want people to know the story or your business then don't call the paper & ask them to help you get the info out. I'm not saying a married person shouldn't go to a bar without their spouse I'm just saying learn to hold your liquior.


It's none of the publics business what happened. A girl was missing and the family asked for help finding her, the public was informed that she is now home- PERIOD. That's all the public is entitled to know- Period. However, her husband, sister, and family HAS told the public what happened in their own posts on this forum, I am grateful that the public is being informed of the crime in Greenwich-it's been rising higher and higher and getting worse...the public should know that!

BlueAngel its no ones business what happened, the call the papers and chew them out...They are the ones who printed the story and asked for help.. so stop being so uppity uppity!!


Excuse you, we HAVE called the papers! & you know what... They're closed Sundays! Quit trying to pick a fight where one is not welcomed. Thank you.


@Lily42094.. Excuse me?? Excuse you... one said to call them on SUNDAY.. wasn't trying to pick a fight, thank you... geesh.. your the one who has your mouth running!!


Haha and BlueAngel strikes again. The paper printed a story of a missing girl and a family asking for help to find her. When the girl was back home, the paper informed the readers of the same. The paper did their job. The nosy population wants all the details, it's none of their damn business. Individuals are entitled to privacy rights.


....and not one person on here wanting to know these "details" helped at all. Nosy nosy nosy people.


Thank you!


Well I guess if you didn't have to write up a missing peoples report to get that Ska*k back to her husband and child, then people wouldn't be asking questions. So don't use a public service for help and then bit*h when people start talking. ITS PUBLIC!! People know about this girl and what she does. And trust me... nobody would need to waste a date rape drug on this floozie..


I am a family member she is traumatized and going through a lot right now..It's very heartless for people to be saying the things they are...She came home after being beaten and drugged we are lucky to have her back...Right now is a very difficult time for her she needs to heal in the comfort of her home with her family...When a tragedy occurs everyone wants to jump to conclusions and wants answers and as her family we all want answers and want to find the person who did this...If you have no idea what is going on there is a reason for it...Right now she needs to rest and try and get back to her life with her husband and child...And many of you do not know what she went through or what it was like so to be telling everyone how she should feel or what she should do is bull crap...Everyone deals with trauma differently we appreciate all of the help...But I am sure if this happened to your family you wouldn't want everyone hounding your family member and saying such harsh things so please respect the situation for what it is we have domino back and that is all that matters....


I am praying for her recovery in every form. No one had the right to harm her. I am sorry that someone obviously did.


She has been a troubled girl for some time. Maybe she needs to find a way to learn to make better choices. You put yourself in a ugly situation... Something ugly could and sometimes does happen.


happycamper.. no one said anything about her running off with someone, so what info do you have? feel free to share. and obviously she said "no" to whomever she left with. my question, why is she out at the bar hanging all over dudes when she SHOULD be at home with her BABY and HUSBAND. she goes out, doesn't come home, husband gets worried thinking shes missing, when the truth of it is she went home with some guy and couldn't come home the next day without her husband finding out what she did so instead she stayed gone for an extra day so people would think shes missing.


she wasnt out she lives over there and that is her grandmothers bar!!!


You don't have to defend her right to be at a bar. Everyone has the right to go to any establishment and feel safe, be it a family member's bar or not. Blaming the victim is nonsense. It is exactly why women (or men) who are raped or violently attacked stay silent and don't report because people are always waiting with reasons to blame and make them feel ashamed, like they asked for it. That is wrong.


Also she was taken and beaten and drugged she didnt run off!!!!!She was out her grandmothers bar where her husband was too!!! She loves her family more than anything her son is number one to her always!!

Yall Make Me Sick

Here ya go COOLSTORYBRO.... This is from last nights Norwalk reflector paper that someone in her family called & asked them to do this story..... Here is about the other man....

According to reports, she was last seen with a man, about 5-foot-10, with full-sleeve tattoos and blue eyes, outside the bar. The man might have identified himself as "David, from Shiloh," though, that is unconfirmed.


brass said something about her running off and I was responding to him...reread it...I have no idea what happened. Blaming the victim is wrong and anyone has a right to do what they want as long as it is legal. Now I see from people who know her that are posting on here she was traumatized and victimized by someone and that is so wrong and I hope she recovers and heals physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Where's Hunters Brew Bar, sounds like a place I might want to go.

David Deerest.

I thought the same...only, don't set your drink down and leave it unattended...somebody might slip you a Mickey.


Not like this would be the first time she has "not come home" or been "drugged" while in the bar. First, at 20 she shouldn't be partying in a bar that states 21 and over. As far as I have heard of, grandma has said on 3 different occasions that she was "drugged" by someone. Always have underage in there drinking...her friends and husbands friends too. Greenwich cops do nothing. Owner does nothing about it. Also who takes there baby into a bar for all the drunks to pass around and hold? If she really was drugged and beaten, the I hope she gets the help she needs, and can get over all this. But if it is another case of her just taking off again, she herself should b charged. Now for all the comments and rants...go ahead everyone has their own opinions, ecspecially people that know her and who she is...and what she has done before.


have to agree. For the record... the Greenwich Cops have done something on several occasions of which she was a juvenile...and it cant be posted because of the age thing. Do the words Habitual Offender mean anything?