Greenwich woman found!

Dominique Stephens had been missing since late Friday
Scott Seitz
Jul 7, 2013


Twenty-year-old Greenwich resident Dominique Magen Stephens, who was reported missing late Friday after last being seen outside the Hunter's Brew bar, has been found, according to Greenwich police.

Specific details on how and why she was missing have not yet been released.

Keep checking back for more details.



Yes that is true she should want to talk to the police but as a female it is probably very hard to talk about a situation like that i dont know her past nor do i care to but i do know if this indeed did happy no woman should have to go through that


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unknown user

im so glad she is home and i hope they find the guy and i pray she gives the cops or family answers on wth happened and hope she can still move on from this tragedy and be with the family and her husband and baby and hope she has a speedy recovery because i personally knows hows it feels to be rape i been down that road 3 times already and i still get flashbacks and im in counseling for it so dominique i pray for u girl


honey, I'm sorry for your trouble but I have to ask - what situation were you in that you were raped 3 times? Was there a family member that is hopefully now doing time? Do you have a drinking problem resulting in playing rag doll at parties? Where were you hanging out?
I'm actually very concerned for you. No means NO. Stop means STOP, but after the first time of being in that situation I would expect you would be VERY cautious of your surroundings. I'm glad you are in counseling and working towards a better and safer future.

unknown user

i wasnt at no drinking parties and whatever and i was 2 and 10 and 16 and all the guys who did it has life in prison and i told the authorities right away and the reason im also in counseling when my cousin died in a accident it brings flash backs and i have really bad depression


Raped 3 times? See. Sounds to me like you would have to put yourself in that situation to have been raped that many times. And I never believe the b.s. stories of "I couldn't say anything because I was scared." If you were really raped and had nothing to do with it. You would go to the police asap and tell them everything. Not go back and get raped again.

unknown user

i was scared to tell but i tld right away and i was raped when i was 2 and at 10 and about 16 and the guys who did it is in prison they were 3 different men

Kottage Kat

do u kiss your grandmother with that mouth?


Was wondering the same thing myself. Shes not making herself look any better than her sister. And shes only giving away more clues to her sisters real character by the things shes saying.


the kids just had each other. I hope they kiss that grandma every single day. I understand the extreme defensive for her siblings especially so with mom abandoning them for her own party time. The vulgarity though leaves you wonder if that's from being raised in a bar and what other side effects such a lifestyle may have had on them.

Yall Make Me Sick

The way Lily is throwing stuff around about the "maybe case" if the sister ever talks to the police that is. Just throwing stuff around like she is won't be looking good if this so called case goes to court. Then again if its made up the case could be against her for making this whole story up. Good luck with that.


Some of Huron Countys finest. The end of the begining.


Since the article is in the paper, the public is going to want details. Sadly these kinds of attacks will happen when the forum is open. I understand your hurt, but responding to the attacks is just fueling the attacks further.I speak from personal experience. Speedy recovery to all involved


If gramma was babysitting her when she was young, and had to go to work with her, that's one thing, at 20 and she LOVES her child so much, why isn't she home reading bedtime stories? But she is in a bar, doesn't matter who owned it, leaves with some dude she don't know, gets "drugged" drives half way around d the county, and comes home to her loving husband with a story! .....WOW! What a ho!
Get real !


Don't know the girl, but I'll bet she doesn't have a highschool education, but she is "working" on her GED!


She was with her husband but left with a guy she didn't know? Yeah, that's believable.


Many headlines centered around the activities occurring at Hunter's Brew bar.Maybe the chief should pay a little attention to the bar instead of explaining the actions of his finest.


A lot of my comments have been removed. Im only speaking the truth about her. The people who know her know what the truth is.. its the people who don't know her that are on here saying oh you poor girl you were traumatized.. well her family does that also. The fact is shes a hussy and she left with some dude she doesn't know to go be the hussy she is and then had to make up a story about being drugged and beaten and raped or whatever.. shes done this more than once. Her husband is too much of a lame to open his eyes and see what she really is.

chelsea kimble

Well I will say this, I got a head full last night about her making claims about a friend of mine a few years back. I know this person well and they did jail time over her. I know this incident was a lie, however, I pray to God all mighty that she is telling the truth now, because it will come back at her. As well as anyone who will defend her.
None of us know for sure what took place Friday night, but I do know a thing or two about drugs and I know if she was drugged there is no way she was able to take this guy anywhere. If he did drug her first, why would he even consider asking her for a ride home? Just doesn't add up. Like I said though if we weren't there we have no idea what exactly took place. Anyone who DD's however should know not to take someone home they do not know alone.
I am a firm believer that kids do not belong in bars. I get all these kids were raised in a bar because their grandma raised them as well as owns and runs the bar. However, being in that you would think you would not want your own kid in the bar setting, instead be home taking care of them like most moms are.
Its a small town and no matter what everyone's business gets around.
The best thing she can do is get some help now, instead of letting all of this build up. Counseling would do her some good now.
She should at least let everyone know the location in which she woke up at that way they could search for evidence of a perp...


Ujagoff... If you don't know her then why would you speculate like that? Are you that easily influenced by other people? How sad!& Korrupttown88... Why do you feel the need to "educate" readers on here of this girls wrong doings in the past?? I'm sure there are things in your past that you would not want aired!! You were not put on this earth to judge others there is only one who has the right to judge, and you my sweet will be judged as well! I don't know this young lady, but this situation is hers to deal with not yours or anybody else! Everyone of you who are talking trash about this story should be ashamed!!! The family asked for help, not for ridicule! If you folks are so bored with your life then so be it, but show that you are a good person and keep your nasty comments to yourself! If they are true or not, it is NOT YOUR PLACE to put it out there! Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Who am I judging? im stating facts about this girl! Shes been doing these sorts of things for years now and anyone with a brain knows her story is not adding up. So go sit with your eyes shut like her family is doing and continue to be blind to the facts.


Like I said... true or not is NOT YOUR PLACE to put it out there! I don't sit with my eyes shut but rather sit with my eyes and heart open! It's a shame more people don't do that! The fact that you feel the need to continue with the negative comments (true or not) saddens my heart! Instead of all the negative, why not just wish them well or just not say anything at all?

swiss family

wow... well as for me, I am glad that she is home and safe, and protected we have all seen and heard too many stories similar to this that have ended tragically and fatally.

I am amazed at so many of the comments.. she was at a bar...OK if it is OK with her husband than to me it is OK...I have personally seen two times when someone put something into someone else's drink. so this is feasible and does make sense.

To all of the people who feel that they have a right to hear every detail, because the Police put out a notice of her being missing, you need to go way back to your kindergarten year, and remember what your adviser or teacher taught you about giving.When you give something it is without strings attached.. if you do not give freely, then don't give at all.when you give it should be without any expectation or reward... so in this case, the Police sought help in finding her, and I am glad that they did... now she is safely back home.. that should be enough for anyone who "gave" their time and concern for her..the Police asked for help, and miraculously she is home safe, so they gave us the information that she is safe.. that should be enough if you think you need more information,or deserve it because you did something to help ( which I have to believe was merely to gossip about the situation)you might want to get a hobby, because , just like Gladys Cravettes on Bewitched,where everyone thought she was odd and weird for sticking her nose into other people's lives, maybe that is what People now are saying about you... personally I am glad she is home and is safe, they can deal with the details.. it is really NOT my business


@Swiss family........blah blah... if its not really your business..then why did you even bother to make a comment! OMG!


Ok...I think I had enough of this story. She is safe and its her problem not anyone else's. Let her and the family b for now. It will come back 7 fold so sit back and watch it happen..its not anyone fault but hers and hers only and if she was drugged it would of show up in a test at the hosp that she stayed in and date rape drug its a fast actin drug so if that tells u anything. I love how liars get away with so much and if that was me I would want him or them charged and if she woke up at a house she should b able to take the police to the house or maybe it happen in the car. Well that's evidents so the police need to take the car in and do DNA of the car.she can't say she can't remember because how did she drive home...hmmmm...well hope everything works out but one more thing it would b nice to have thiss guy arrest because I don't want this happenin to me or anyone...just saying....

Yall Make Me Sick

I agree this story should be done with. She is now home where she should have been but decided to be a DD for someone she didn't know. Yeah I do it all the time I go to bars to be a DD then I take strangers home after they put a drug in my drink. Blah blah blah. Just like most of you would say about a man... He should have kept it in his pants.... Ya well so should she. End of story.

Kottage Kat

Do rapist give "hickies " ??


that one did.

swiss family

I don't think there is an actual handbook for being a rapist.... I think that they do whatever their twisted minds want to do to please them, which by the way, is about you would have to actually ask him if "hickies" are his thing...Oh Brenda if you want to bring it..... do it!!OMG

Everyone is fam...

Small town = big mouths. A lot of bitter, angry, and sad people on here with nothing better to do than spew gossip and hate.