Greenwich woman missing

Dominique Magen Stephens last seen 24 hours ago
Scott Seitz
Jul 6, 2013


(EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated with information about the woman being found. Here's the LINK to the update.)

Dominique Magen Stephens, who is 20 years old, has been missing since late Friday night.

Stephens, a Greenwich resident, was last seen at the Hunter's Brew bar in the downtown area.

Her vehicle, a 1998 Ford Taurus, is also missing.

The car's license plate number is FLQ 1828.

Stephens' maiden name is Chandler. She is 5-foot-7 and weights about 180 pounds.

Anyone with any information should contact Greenwich police at (419) 752-2681 or Stephens' husband, Mark Stephens, at (567) 224-4748.

Stephens has red hair color and a small scar on her forehead.

Mark and Dominique have a 10-month-old son.

Dominique Stephens' family owns the Hunter's Brew.

According to reports, she was last seen with a man, about 5-foot-10, with full-sleeve tattoos and blue eyes, outside the bar. The man might have identified himself as "David, from Shiloh," though, that is unconfirmed.




I pray for a happy ending and want the family know my prayers are with them!

tell it how it is

She's been found


Is she okay?


Was she found? Come on reflector...

tell it how it is

She's ok, not in great shape. Wont talk to anyone, even the police. The paper probably can't release anything until the police give the go ahead, and with her refusing to talk to or even look at anyone they won't do that yet.

Something was definitely done to her..

Her mom is on my fb and giving constant updates.


Thank you for the update. I'm glad she was found. I hope that she will be OK.

Yall Make Me Sick

Praying for her & her family. Please update us NR.


It is great news that she has been found. I hope she has a fast recovery from whatever injuries she may have sustained. Good luck too you and will keep you and your family in my thoughts.


I love how you all assume she didn't leave of her own free will. The truth will come out and I doubt anything was "done" to her.


brassman she is in the hospital. she was beating I have seen it on family members facebook pages.


Brassman shut up...sorry needed to be said...I hope she will recover both mentally and physically from whatever happened to her. Even if she left with someone of her own free will if at any point of time she said "no" then I hope her attackers are caught and brought to justice. No means no.


Thank God she is alive and home.Pray for justice and healing.


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Why would you detail what happened to your sister on a public forum? This won't help your sister cope... you've just caused her more embarrassment. Way to go SIS!


Brassman you obviously have issues. Are you stating that in general if a woman leaves with a man at a bar or anywhere else on her own free will that she deserves abuse, rape or worse? If so I think you need to be analyzed by a psych and taken into custody. You are obviously a huge part of America's white trash society. Your ignorant comments are disturbing to say the least. Please do us all a favor and check yourself in to a mental facility. Thanks in advance!


1.I am Mark Stephens, the husband of Dominique.
2. I want to thank the author Scott Seitz (real nice guy) for placing an article on the website to help find her.
3. Dominique is safe and sound and she is grateful for everyones efforts and she needs time to heal.
4. Dominique was a victim of a date rape drug slipped in a non alcoholic drink.
5. Me and Dominique have a faithful relationship and we trust each other completely, this experience only brought us closer and made us more thankful for each other.
6. There is a predator known as a Doug or David that may be living in Shiloh, although both unconfirmed.
7. Stay safe and if you go to a liquor establishment please watch your drink, even if your not drinking alcohol, we have a dangerous predator on the loose in this area and he needs caught!


Lily, don't give brassman or anyone like him/her the time of day. People like this hide behind their screens and tap out their opinion like they know something when they know nothing. You dont owe anyone any explanations- don't waste yor time and energy. Take care of your sister, my thoughts and prayers are with her.


Thank you!!! :')


Mark,it's brave of you to tell the public what happened! Though, none of our business, I sincerely thank you for letting us know what is going in Greenwich- the public should know that these crimes even hit here and that we're not safe. My prayers are with you and your wife. I am very sorry that this happened.


She's up to her same old "tricks"