Meet-and-greets set for new M’ville superintendent

Ralph Moore takes over Aug. 1
Scott Seitz
Jul 5, 2013


School district residents will have the chance to introduce themselves to new Superintendent Ralph Moore at three meet-and-greets this month.
Moore officially takes over  Aug. 1, but is working on a consultant basis in July for Monroeville schools.
“This is a chance to introduce Mr. Moore to the community and vice versa,” said Nancy Brown, school board president.
The meet-and-greets are scheduled for 5:30 to 8 p.m. July 12 at the American Legion fish fry, 6 to 8 p.m. July 16 at Pean’s Pizza and 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. July 20 at LynMarie’s Coffee on Main Street.
“People can feel free to stop in for a handshake,” Brown said. “This is a chance to make a quick stop and meet Mr. Moore.”
Brown said the three different meet-and-greet venues were chosen to try and catch “different folks at different times.”
Moore, of Port Clinton, comes to Monroeville schools from the Race to the Top program.
Brown said Friday she felt confident in saying the school board is excited to have Moore on board.
“I believe we are excited to have someone so enthusiastic and who will also provide a fresh pair of eyes so the school can continue to make improvements and strive toward excellence,” Brown said.
Brown said the collective input from the school community has been good.
“People are excited and I’m hearing good things,” she said. “I’m only hearing good feedback.”
Brown said Ken Schafer, from Janotta & Herner Inc., will also be in attendance at the meet-and-greets to answer any questions about the current building addition.
Steve Reer, school board vice president, also spoke highly of Moore.
“I’m very excited and looking forward to working with him,” Reer said. “Ralph brings a lot of energy to the table and a wealth of knowledge in education.”
Moore also has coached and served as an athletic director.
“His leadership skills are strong,” Reer said. “He has two boys in high school at Port Clinton and is a very active parent.
“Ralph has a good, strong personality and likes to be involved,” he added. “He brings a lot of positives and has a very strong resume.”
Moore replaces David Stubblebine, who accepted the superintendent’s position at Clyde-Green Springs schools.
Reer said the school district is at a critical crossroads.
“We have five or six new teachers, a new cafeteria supervisor, a new transportation supervisor, a new superintendent and new building addition,” he said. “We have a lot of fun, interesting and positive things coming up and Ralph will take us through all of these in a positive manner.”
Reer said Stubblebine did a great job setting the district up for success.
“Now, Ralph will step in and keep us going in the direction we are going,” he said. “The people in the school district deserve all the credit because that’s where it all starts. They believe and keep things moving. I think this little school at Route 20 and West Street has accomplished a heckuva lot. We need to keep moving ahead.”


swiss family

Monroeville will just not be the same without Mr Stubblebine...... well at least he got the levy to pass and save the school while he was here...


"I think this little school at Route 20 and West Street has accomplished a heckuva lot. We need to keep moving ahead.”
I'm waiting for the next levy attempt. Why so much new? Maybe teachers retired due to age, but maybe they got tired of the wonderful direction you are heading. Why'd the bus garage guy leave? Get sick of something there? Income tax levy passed on second try. Pay to play fee of $25 stayed. Were the three tax levies that were supposed to not be renewed not renewed, or did you up and pass even another one? You'll never get my support until I see you are clean. But like your ruining of athletes, you're too backwards to go forwards.


A null and void article. He already quit. No air in his brain hole. Just gray matter.