Patusky Norwalk’s new safety-service director

He'll start new job July 17
Scott Seitz
Jul 2, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan announced Tuesday that Robert Patusky, of Norwalk, has accepted the position of safety-service director for the city.  
Patusky will begin working for the city July 17. 

Currently employed at Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Patusky holds a master’s of business administration degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash.
Patusky, who is originally from Connecticut, earned his undergraduate degree from Case Western University.

He has lived in Norwalk since 1992.

The safety-service post is a mayoral appointment.

Patusky, who has also worked at Sunrise, said many of his duties there are similar to what he will do.

“The safety-service director plays an integral role in the administration of city business,” Duncan said. 

“In addition to many other tasks, the director plans and directs activities of parks and recreation, sanitation, police and fire from an administrative level, meeting with superintendents and police and fire chiefs to discuss and resolve operational problems,” he added. 

“The director also oversees the issuing of licenses and permits as provided by law, regulates parking within the city as well as attends council meetings to express concerns, provide information and recommend measures,” Duncan said.

The mayor is excited about Patusky joining the city.

“Bob is bringing experience, a varied skill set and notable cognitive reasoning abilities to the city. He also possesses excellent communication skills with both employees and the general public. I am looking forward to Bob becoming a part of our team,” Duncan said.

Patusky, 55, is an active member of the Norwalk community, coaching youth sports, participating in United Way fundraising and teaching at the Norwalk Alliance Church. Patusky and his wife of 30 years, Patti, have four children and two grandchildren.

“We think Norwalk is a great place to raise a family,” Patusky said.

“I’ve known Bob for almost 20 years,” the mayor said.

There were 32 applicants for the position.

“We had an excellent group of applicants,” Duncan said.

Patusky replaces former safety-service director Mark Schloemer, who resigned, effective June 19, to accept a position with the Westfield Group insurance firm in Lodi.

Patusky was narrowly defeated (52 to 48 percent) in the 2010 Huron County auditor race against current auditor Roland Tkach.



Mr. Patusky's credentials and work experience reads like the caliber of individual that should have originally occupied the SSD position as opposed to the previous inexperienced neophyte.

Reads like Mr. Schloemer's resignation may potentially have been a positive.

Maybe a future mayoral candidate?

Best wishes for much success in helping to get control of the community's looming fiscal issues Mr. Patusky.


@contango without his usual cynicism?

Schloemer did a fantastic job at SS director so not sure why you feel the need to take pot shots.

As the reflector said, Patusky has big shoes to fill. I know all Norwalk residents wish him all the best. He will need it.


Re: "Schloemer did a fantastic job at SS director,"

Opinions vary.




Not sure what that means.

Re: "Opinions vary."

Whose is different? I've yet to see you offer anything concrete. On the contrary, I've heard many in this City agree with my comment that he did a fantastic job.


Re: "Not sure what that means."

Read this s-l-o-w-l-y:

It would appear that Norwalk has someone in the position of SSD with much more competency and experience than the previous political hack who merely used the position as a stepping stone.


@contango: this coming from the anonymous parents' basement dweller who has yet to offer a sliver of concrete evidence?

Read this s-l-o-w-l-y... The previous guy who had no affiliation with Duncan and was from Willard but who you feel was a political hack compared to the guy who was Duncan's campaign treasurer who you feel is apolitical?

IMO, you are more than a little jealous of Schlomer's young age and accomplishments compared to your own apparent old age and inability to move beyond your Mom's computer screen. It's alright, I get it, I wish I could be young again too.

Here, we still wait for something more than platitudes from the weak-minded @Contango.

Your move high school graduate. Let's hear what the previous guy did wrong and what the new guy will do right.


Re: "...what the new guy will do right."

The "difference" is in their respective bona fides.

"Schloemer is a 2004 graduate of Willard High School who earned a political science degree at Ohio Northern University. He currently lives in Columbus but said he plans to move to Norwalk 'very soon.'"



@contango: You conveniently skipped the jobs he held in the US Senate, Ohio Senate, and State of Ohio. I would submit that few in this area have experience coming anywhere close to that, Patusky included.

Besides, you're dodging my point. I've heard from many in the community who say he did a fantastic job. And I can point to examples, the Reflector's Editorial Board being among them. What examples do you have to the contrary besides weak platitudes?


Re: "you're dodging my point."

And you're belaboring another.

Mr. Schloemer is GONE.

Obviously it's your opinion that he adequately performed $60K plus worth of taxpayer financed compensation in his short-term on-the-job training program.


@Contango. Indeed it is my opinion, an opinion shared by many, that Schlomer performed more than adequately. Again, as the Reflector stated, "he will leave big shoes to fill."

Where, praytell, is your evidence to the contrary? All 4 people who read these comment sections would still like to see you back up just one of your statements with any kind of evidence.

Alas, I guess we just have to keep waiting.


Re: "...that Schlomer performed more than adequately."


Got it - high salutatory words all around.

Norwalkian progeny will be singing of his bureaucratic accomplishments for hundreds of yrs.

Any truth to the rumor that he "dropped the ball" on the following which led to his leaving, or was the timing JUST coincidental?


So you mean to say that he was "let go" for a higher-paying, better job three months after a water plant employee was arrested, even though the SS director does not oversee the water plant?

I remember my first conspiracy theory.

Try again, amateur.


Re: "SS director does not oversee the water plant,"

"The employee, Wesley Mills, 30, of Roseville, works as an operator for the water department, according to Mark Schloemer, safety-service director."

And he was the "spokes puppet" why?

"three months"?

Better re-check your chronology.

Right, Mr. Schloemer said that everyone was "fantastic," the Mayor said that he was "fantastic," Dept. heads said that he was "fantastic," and the NR said that he was "fantastic."

And so he resigns?

Reads like Duncan Admin. political CYA "fantastic" caca.

Tell me, exactly whose head "rolled" over the Mills incident?


@Contango: I'm delighted that you found the quotations "key" on your "keyboard".

I'm sorry, "two and a half months" between the Mills incident and Schloemer's resignation (June 22 I believe).

He resigned to take a better paying job. Good for him. If I were his gae I would do the same. We've been through this. Repeating the same drivel over and over does not make it fact.

Is it possible to believe that no one's head "rolled" over the Mills incident? And if someone's head had "rolled," would it be done quietly months after the incident, and would that someone be offered a higher paying job? I think that logic would point in another direction, though, we all know you're lacking in that department.

The real conspiracy you're missing is, why would Patusky give up a high paying secure FTMC job for an average paying, not-secure job with the City?


Mr. Patusky may do a fine job, time will tell.
But this is a purely political pick. Always has been, and always will be.
I'm willing to bet than not a single Democrat was even considered for the job.
And yes, I'm a registered Republican.

Kottage Kat

Congrats to Robert, excellent choice



Awesome. Here is one of your first jobs. Fix the sidewalks all the way around Eastwood Drive that are so pushed up from the giant, overgrown city trees that the people in wheel chairs that live in the area have to use the road to get around. I really don't understand why the city in all their wisdom plants trees in so called tree lawns just so they ruin side walks and streets causing more money to be spent in their repair or they just ignore the problem and make the citizens that live in front of the tree replace the side walk. I can see a lawsuit in the works from one of these individuals because the city has made the path through the woods inaccessible to handicapped because they won't fix the sidewalks.

Cliff Cannon

Congrats to my old friend " B.P." No doubt, he will do a very good job. Just hope the public & politics doesn't drive him crazy.


Yeah always a lot of resident experts.

Kottage Kat

Usually the party of the current mayor.

Hey TJ. Does the one fit your criteria????


I Can Read

Wasn't he Duncan's campaign treasurer?


the most qualified and most integrity of any officer that I have seen in this city in 33 yrs.that i have lived here

Now The Rest of...

Don't know the gentlemen but he certainly deserves a fair chance to prove himself. I do find it ironic that during the last mayoral campaign Mr. Duncan's two biggest slogans were how political the last mayor was, now he makes two highly political appointments for safety service director and his other one was "jobs, jobs, jobs", how is that working out?


Upstanding guy...sure he will do a wonderful job...and do it with integrity. With that being said...AVERAGE GUY is right. Does anyone remember back to the day when Mayor Cochrans' SSD was his brother? He did a great job from what I remember. That position has always been more of a "who you know", rather than a "what you know" appointment. Good luck Bob!

Kottage Kat

LEROY SHAMPLE. Car salesman.


All politics aside, Rob Duncan could not have found a more highly qualified person for this position. I know Bob very well. The article barely touches on his qualifications. He has been comptroller or chief financial officer of three corporations. He is experienced at managing personnel, preparing budgets, purchasing, and selecting and negotiating employee health insurance plans. Rob mentioned Bob's "notable cognative reasoning abilities". I know people in high levels of leadership who call on Bob for his wisdom in handling difficult situations. He is a person who can see any problem from different angles. Bob is a "people person" who will treat every member of the public with respect and caring regardless of whether or not he agrees with them. He has coached several dozen athletic teams ranging from early elementary through high school. He is a person who truly has the community and its people at heart.


Re: "...Patusky, who is originally from Connecticut,"

One of the last of the CT settlers of the Firelands? :)

High tax CT is one of those good "places to be from."

For THAT alone, the man should potentially be given credit for his “smarts.”


Coming from you guess that is a compliment.


Off-topic. And YOUR on-topic comment is....