Ratings up for Fox News, CNN and HLN and down for MSNBC

High-profile news stories help
Joe Centers
Jul 2, 2013


Several high-profile news stories, including the Boston Marathon bombing, Edward Snowden's national security leaks, the conclusion of the Jodi Arias trial and the beginning of the George Zimmerman trial, lifted ratings at Fox News, CNN and HLN.
According to Nielsen, CNN saw its prime-time audience jump almost 50 percent for the quarter to an average of 666,000 viewers compared with the same period in 2012. In the 25-54 demographic, CNN was up 77 percent.

Fox News continued to dominate overall, finishing first in prime time with an average of 1.9 million viewers, a gain of 5 percent. However, the network was down 11 percent in adults 25-54.
HLN, which heavily covered the Jodi Arias murder trial, was up 49 percent in viewers in prime time to 518,000.

While Fox News, CNN and HLN all had something to crow about, MSNBC saw its ratings tumble. In prime time, its audience was down 16 percent to 576,000 viewers. Among adults 25-54, MSNBC's ratings fell 12 percent.
It was a particularly tough quarter for Rachel Maddow. Her show's average audience of 774,000 was the smallest since its debut in September 2008. A large part of the problem is "All In with Chris Hayes," which airs before Maddow's show and has yet to click with viewers.
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Fox isn't news. It's propaganda.


Obviously the viewing public disagrees with you. MSNBC is filled with extreme left wing propaganda and CBN is filled with mostly right wing stuff in its news part and the viewing public's response is that very few people watch either one of them. The big 3 (CBS, ABC, and NBC)put forth a mostly less extreme left wing point of view but the only non-leftist that appears regularly there is George Will on Sunday morning. Fox,on the other hand, has adopted a "big tent" approach and people of many different points of view appear on it all the time. This is the likely reason for it's continued success with the viewing public. The people are smarter than you think they are.


The people are not as smart as you think. All of the networks have shifted so far right it's ridiculous. MSNBC would have been considered very middle of the road 40 years ago. Fox is a "big tent" of far right wackos. Nixon, Goldwater and Reagan would be considered bleeding heart liberals by Fox.


So true. Faux News spoon feeds the right wing wack jobs their daily dose of poison. Anyone who doesn't agree with them is a commie liberal. Everyday they devote hours to talk about Bin Gazi, but ignore reporting on the American soldiers dying in Bush's wars, and what a truly horrible decision those wars were.

In my opinon

@truthseeker...AMEN!! I am not sure there is a truthful news program on the air. All that is out there are glory seekers that give their opinion not the facts, just for the ratings It's pitting Americans against Americans...shameful..There are no good news casters that just give the news and let us as people make the judgement what we think. And yes if we don't agree with them we are the stupid ones. what ever happened to the government "OF the people, BY the people For the people".Now its Paid by the rich, for the rich and of the rich.Also glad you mentioned the wasted Bush wars, when I did I was ridiculed as an Obama lover.


It's Benghazi smarty. Makes your point real valid when you can't even spell it right.


Not even close. The American people, for the most part, are uninformed morons that act like sheep, led around by the ignorance of Fox News. Recall how Canada won't even allow Fox News, because they have journalism standards?


Brian you are an extreme liberal idiot. Your comment proves that you do not realize the difference between news geared towards conservative view (Fox News) or News geared to more liberal viewers (CNN, HLN) and news geared to the extreme left wackos (MSNBC).


They are all geared to corporate control.


Extreme liberal idiot? Really? Because I don't need to be spoon fed a bunch of garbage and lies? The only idiot here is the fox news viewer. Even studies have shown that fox news viewers are less informed and just flat out dumber than viewers of other networks. So please, tell me I'm an idiot for being able to actually think for myself. Derp.


"studies have shown"? wow, really. Lets get a credible link to this study. Lol, more opinion, less fact = trump.


You probably would have supported Moscow and Hitler's News Media over the truth as well.What other network gives you the facts and the opposite opinion as well.


To be honest they all suck, you want to get the real truth watch RT or Al-Jazeera. Today's nightly news reminds me of Bagbad Bob, everything is fine, relax, the economy is doing well.



Re: "To be honest they all suck,"

Agreed, I find them all a bit WACKED OUT from time-to-time.

BBC can be good also.


Best thing about BBC is Top Gear.


Re: "Nixon, Goldwater and Reagan would be considered bleeding heart liberals by Fox."

You're all over the political spectrum with this comment.

Pres. Nixon WAS a liberal (RINO) - EITC, wage/price controls, et al.

Pres. Reagan and Sen. Goldwater were libertarians with a conservative bent.

"Reagan has taken to using the term 'libertarian' (or 'libertarian-conservative') to describe his political philosophy"



I'm not political, I just call it as I see it.


Only on social issues do libertarians tend to share similar viewpoints with liberals.

On fiscal issues, libertarians tend to side with the conservatives.

As a libertarian (classic liberalism), I don't necessarily care what another person does; I just don’t want to help pay for their lifestyle.


Classic liberalism is NOT libertarianism.


Derp yourself. Democrats, republicans, libertarians...the majority of them all follow classical liberalism. You're suggesting libertardians have a monopoly on the ideology. The only ones NOT subscribing to classical liberalism is the modern day ultra-conservative/tea party nuts. DERP. I suppose all the papers I've written on the subject were no good because I didn't quote wikipedia.


Re: "Democrats, republicans,... all follow classical liberalism."



Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about.

Really are you ...

MSNBC use to rock because of this one guy.

Really are you ...

Dylan Ratigan is gone now. But he had a no holds barred approach on key issues.


They all have their own agendas....MSNBC...is about the worst in my PERSONAL opinion. I cannot stand to watch Rachel Maddow. Just the sound of her voice makes me want to take an ice pick to my ears.

hit the road jack

She's a lezbo to boot!

Fibber Mcgee

What ever your view you can find it with one of the 3. As for HLN, if it weren't fer court action, they would be the same as MSNBC, what a joke
of a channel, (though I Have to admit I did watch the Jodi Arias trial). lol

JudgeMeNot's picture

The people see right through the Obama propaganda on MSNBC. FNC is the difference between news reporting and political propaganda. I’am amazed at how Obama has fooled some people.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lumped Benghazi into several other GOP “conspiracies,” including concerns about the government stockpiling ammunition.


That's because it WAS, according the Teatards.