Men steal $800 from car wash

Suspects may be from Norwalk.
Joe Centers
Jul 2, 2013


Police are hoping that newly released video surveillance footage will help catch the two men who stole $800 worth of quarters from the Wash Wizzard car wash in North Ridgeville on June 11.
Two members of the North Ridgeville Police Department were in Norwalk Monday interviewing a suspect. Patrolman Patrick J. West said he believes both suspects live in the Norwalk area.
The video clearly shows the men and several distinguishing features, including their car and tattoos.
“These gentlemen are very brazen, they’re either unaware that they are under surveillance by video camera at this car wash, or they simply don’t care,” West told 19 Action News.
To steal the money, the two bandits developed a system to efficiently and effectively extract the coins.
A $5 bill with a string attached was slipped into the automated machine. Once the change was dispensed, the bill was retracted and the quarters collected.
In about 10 minutes, the two machines at Wash Wizzard had been cleaned out and the men left with their loot of $800.
Police believe a third suspect was operating their getaway car.
Anyone with more information on the theft is asked to contact North Ridgeville police at (440) 327-2191.



Woulda thought that change machine mfgers woulda been wise to that trick.

Criminal "geniuses."


$ 800 in quarters ? must of had big pockets


as long as electronics manufacturers keep turning out crap, the pics will be terrible and the criminals will be safe.


..."ah ha ha," said the electronics manufacturer ..."They'll 'never' recognize me with 'this' camera."


just a string and a $5 bill huh? sounds easy. thanks, joe!